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Comment Re:Militarily insane idea (Score 1) 254 254

Russia still have armed nuclear ICBMs that can reach the U.S. faster than tanks rolling across the bridge. The cold war may have ended, but Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) have not. You should be more concern about the Chinese buying farmland in the Pacific Northwest.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 4, Interesting) 254 254

But that seems like a stretch given the effective shipping to ports on the west coast.

The west coast ports for North America. are maxed out and need modernization to accommodate larger shipping vessals.

The Chinese are also spending $50B to build the Nicaragua Canal in Central America to bypass the west coast ports.

The occasional labor strike at the west coast ports and the resulting backlog doesn't help either. Alternative routes may be worth the money for the Chinese to get their products to U.S. consumers.

Comment Re:Thanks for the blotched printer migration... (Score 1) 44 44

The desktop monkey told me that I needed to use the Add Printer GUI wizard to test the print driver installation. Based on his reaction to my script, he's probably not familiar with the command line at all.

While your one-line of code will install a single printer, my four-line of code will read the printer URLs from a text file and install a printer every 30 seconds. Otherwise, it would take five minutes per printer using the GUI wizard. With 500+ printers to test, the time difference between using an automated script and the GUI wizard is ~4 hours vs. ~40 hours. Gotta a love a programming language that saves you time in cleaning up someone else's mess.

Comment Cherthoff is a goddamned criminal. (Score 2) 82 82

Besides perjuring himself in testimony to the congress, he's responsible for billions of counts of felony wiretaps against innocent people. That motherfucker belongs behind bars, not shooting his mouth off about how we should all make it easier for fascist scumbags to wipe their asses with the constitution.


Comment Re:Local CO2 (Score 1) 64 64

Again, another far right winger that refuses to accept science. Not only does science show that man-made CO2 is far more than 100x nature, but ppl ARE falling over due to the pollution. As to CO2 killing them, it continues to get thinned out so that it does not kill them directly. However, elevated CO2 causes faster heart beat and breathing, which will make ppl living in CHina (or close to any coal plants), breath in many more pollutants.

You know, I am convinced that it is extremists on both sides, like you on the right, and others on the left, that are killing America, if not the world. Neither of you accept science. How many on the left refuse to accept that nuke plants are safe? None. How many accept that the numbers prove that AE can not be done in time to stop CO2 (therefor we NEED nukes)? None.
There there are fools like you that refuse to accept the science about AGW. Hell, the fact that you think that nature spits out more CO2 than does mankind makes you even more foolish than the far left. It is PURE FACT that we are putting out more Co2 than does nature. I mean this is directly measured.

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