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Comment Re: What's the viable alternative? (Score 1) 123

Then parents insisted that every school offer typing classes, now what was once a career option is now a basic job requirement for any white collar job.

How many white collar professionals know how to touch type without looking a keyboard. That's a skill many schools don't teach anymore. Always embarrassing to run into programmers and engineers who have to hunt-and-peck every key on the keyboard (not just the special symbols). I've learned touch typing as a kid because I thought typewriters were the coolest mechanical devices in the 1970's. A useful skill to have in the early 1990's when I submitted typewritten college papers because instructors didn't accept printouts from dot matrix printers (not even in Near Letter Quality mode), and laser printers weren't in widespread use until 1995.

Comment Re:Visual vs wall of code (Score 1) 123

In reality, they didn't solve the problem - the computer did.

I saw this quite a bit during the early days of the web. Many so called "web designers" knew how to create web pages in Dreamweaver, Frontpage or Word. But occasionally something broke, they couldn't fix it and asked me to take a look. Because I learned HTML coding with a text editor (still my preferred tool 20+ years later), I was able to plow through the bloated spaghetti code that these programs produced and fix the offending line of code.

Comment Re:If it was easy (Score 1) 123

Like engineering, like medicine, like pro football, like many other things.

My nephew wanted to be a pro baseball player. He played through grade school, high school and college. A scout sent him off to a summer baseball camp in Texas. After six weeks and 500 games later, he made the top 50 before being cut from the competition. Now he's doing PR work because he took an easy major in college. Meanwhile, a half-dozen of his friends are playing pro baseball.

Comment Re:last chance to buy quality Sharp products (Score -1, Flamebait) 45

None. Sadly, idiots like that run around screaming about Obama and how O is going to take their guns/rights.
These are the same kind of idiots that back police for killing a kid in the street for being black, but has no issues when a bunch of mental right wing nut jobs take over gov. buildings in a terrorists action, they will back it.

Comment Re:I feel so conflicted... (Score 2) 132

You have obvious stopped paying cash for goods. There are plenty of cashiers who, when the total is $18.25, and you give them $20.25, give you back your 25 cents, and then another $1.75, instead of just giving you two bucks.

If you really want to throw them for a loop, hand them $20.30 and watch them call the manager to figure out how to give back $2.05 in change. This has gotten so bad that I use only whole dollars at the stores and dump all the change into a jar at home. Coinstar does a better job counting change than these kids!

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