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Comment: Not good, short term gain long term pain (Score 1) 183 183

Converts nice dry, but hot air into moist but cool air. Then that moist cool air circulates and gets warm then you get a room full of hot moist air and the evaporator cooler stops working because the air is saturated. So over time it converts a livable room in which you can sweat and cool yourself into a hot moist room where sweating is impossible.

Short term gain, long term pain.

Comment: Visualize and relate to their math level (Score 1) 175 175

Present the operations visually, and give them a way to visualize what thier code does.
Make all arrays/vectors visible with color coded elements based on value. Let them program and play around.

Make a 20 item slow visual of
      bubble sort
      insertion sort
      selection sort
discuss how a person would do.

Move on to
      game of life
      grass, bunnies, wolves and moose on an island
      10x10 maze creation and solving
      solving factorization problems
      converting fractions to decimal numbers
      adding fractions
      word search creation and solving

Comment: We paractice driving not emergency driving (Score 0) 304 304

Simulators are very good these days. Part of driver training and testing should include emergency driving training including accidents.
Testing of youth and retesting of seniors should include stressful emergency situations requiring quick decision making and actions.

Driving is a privilidge and not a right.

Comment: This video is not available due to geographical .. (Score 2) 94 94

This video is not available due to geographical licensing restrictions.

That is a lie.
It is available. Availibility is a technical issue.
it is just not allowed to be presented which is a formality issue.

Nice twisted use of the words there to disquise that fact that market segragation is being done.

Comment: But its cold where I live today (Score 4, Insightful) 560 560

The inability of the human species to extract itself from personal state to think globally is going to be our demise. If we can't recognize that we are responsible for maintaining our environment in a livable state we are in big trouble.

And it really is not "globally" any more. The entire planet is our personal space.

Comment: how many songs? (Score 5, Interesting) 117 117

How many songs or "incidents of infringement" did Sony claim Hotfile was guilty of? What did Sony settle for as the price per infringement. Knowing the price sets a negotiation point for anyone else in a similar situaiton.

If Sony claimed there were 800M bad files sent out by Hotfile and the settlement was $4M then when Sony knocks on Joe Publics door. Joe Public can say "You settled with a commercial infringer for 4/800 = 1/200 = 0.5cents a file. As I am not a commercial operation lets start the negotiation at 1/10th of that or 0.05cents a file."

Makes it hard for Sony to intinidate the public if the settlement cost is going to be less than an hours of lawyer fees.

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