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Comment Re:Question for fans (Score 1) 50

Every episode needs a lot of things -
a) writing staff and expenses
b) actors/puppeteers and expenses
c) lighting equipment and crew
d) sound equipment and crew
e) camera equipment and crew
f) director, accoutrements and expenses
g) accountant, producer and expenses
h) pay for the rights for the original movie -> in perpetuity!! Must become attached to this show. So someone licensing this show does not have to go back and also license the original
i) craft services
j) sound stage
As they mention in the article part of the problem is people were not paid union before. Typical of a small station fly by night done for love project. They want to actually pay people properly at current wages.

Comment Don't you can be detained, use remote connections (Score 1) 324

Many countries in the world require the ability to search computers brought across the border. You can be detained if you fail to provide access such as passwords.
Do not take precious data with you. Leave the data safely at home and connect securely.
Use secure cloud storage or even secure storage back at home base and connect using a secure VPN.

Comment Re:Background information, link to paper. (Score 1) 208

Have they factored in epigenetics into this? Where the gene is there but not expressed. Seems to me a lot of generation to generation adaptation can be explained by epigenetics and simply brining out already present factors.

The whole "15 years" thing in the summary should be in generations. That is like forever in botfly generations, yet nothing in land tortoise generations.

Comment Re:Would this also apply if shared by word of mout (Score 2) 86

If some famous person endorsing a presidential candidate has value then so to does you recommending a movie to a friend. There is no threshold for value only scale. Every positive or negative valuation exchanged would then have value theoretically creating taxable events.

"Nice car" -> you just increased the value of his car.
"Your lawn needs mowing" -> decreased the value of the house.
"You look good today." -> contributed to their self worth. Equivalent to time with a therapist.

Speech must always remain free. And not a value transfer.

Comment one big barrel of worms (Score 0, Troll) 86

So when everyone in the US posts for or against a US presidential candidate every single one of the posts is a campaign contribution under this ruling. It will not matter if the post is positive or negative or if it is to one person in an email or to your family or to the world. This Judge has ruled that an online comment is considered a contribution to a campaign.

So much for free speech. It now all has value and that value has been weighed.

Comment computing device performs optimization for user (Score 4, Insightful) 318

HTTP is a pull protocol. The client pulls data from the server. Bandwidth usage is a resource. The more that is required to download to render a page the longer it will take. And where users pay for usage, the more it will cost the user.
Page render time is a high end user criteria and end users should expect to be able to have the client pull only the content they want to improve performance.

The web site producers only have themselves to blame for creating sites loaded with massive visual and data bloat.

Using a computing device to perform optimizations for the benefit of the user is normal usage. Nobody should be surprised by the use of ad blockers.

Comment Fine with Homeopathy (Score 1) 414

As long as all treatments must pass the same double blind studies as all other drug treatment plans before they can be claimed to be effective and safe.
And that no treatments can be offered until they have passed the studies that prove they are both safe and effective.

All drugs/treatments should be treated equally.

Comment JJ Abrams is not that kind of director (Score 2) 485

JJ Abrams was not hired for his cultural sensitivities. The producers selected Abrams because of the type of movies JJ Abrams directs. Either the producers were not aware of the cultural commentary Star Trek presents or wanted to ignore it. In either case it shows the current holders of the Star Trek production leash do not really have a concept of what the show embodied.

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