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Comment Its ways nicer than current evemts (Score 1) 196

Current worldwide events and history is full of way worse stuff. Our various human cultures have all sorts of weird taboos. On US TV it is okay to show multiple people getting killed, but verboten to show 2 people making love.

We need more exposure to the pain and suffering of the world, just ignoring it and thinking it is not there is wrong.

Comment Define Free - (Score 1) 654

There is opportunity cost to extra time taken.
There is cost to additional cloths needed to stand at a transit stop in the weather.
There is the inconvenience (and risk) cost for brush up against the less savoury components of society.

Factor in all the costs and maybe.

Transit still does not run at all hours, so if I get stuck at work until 2am I would be spending the night.
You could call that the getting stuck and needing a taxi cost.

Comment Not good, short term gain long term pain (Score 1) 183

Converts nice dry, but hot air into moist but cool air. Then that moist cool air circulates and gets warm then you get a room full of hot moist air and the evaporator cooler stops working because the air is saturated. So over time it converts a livable room in which you can sweat and cool yourself into a hot moist room where sweating is impossible.

Short term gain, long term pain.

Comment Visualize and relate to their math level (Score 1) 175

Present the operations visually, and give them a way to visualize what thier code does.
Make all arrays/vectors visible with color coded elements based on value. Let them program and play around.

Make a 20 item slow visual of
      bubble sort
      insertion sort
      selection sort
discuss how a person would do.

Move on to
      game of life
      grass, bunnies, wolves and moose on an island
      10x10 maze creation and solving
      solving factorization problems
      converting fractions to decimal numbers
      adding fractions
      word search creation and solving

Comment We paractice driving not emergency driving (Score 0) 304

Simulators are very good these days. Part of driver training and testing should include emergency driving training including accidents.
Testing of youth and retesting of seniors should include stressful emergency situations requiring quick decision making and actions.

Driving is a privilidge and not a right.

"Gort, klaatu nikto barada." -- The Day the Earth Stood Still