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Comment: Re:Pseudocode (Score 1) 115

by CastrTroy (#47783537) Attached to: PHP 5.6.0 Released
I don't think that


is any more readable than

Z = X * Y

To anybody with sufficient knowledge of math and programming, the second is actually more readable, because it's easier to discern what the values are and where the operators are. Assuming you aren't using simple variable names, but rather more descriptive terms, look at the following.




In the first option, everything is a word, making it hard for your eyes to pick out exactly what's going on. But in the second one, you know right away that you are dealing with AREA, LENGTH, and WIDTH. You know you are dealing with an assignment looking at the start of the statement, and it's easy to see that you are multiplying.

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by CastrTroy (#47777857) Attached to: PHP 5.6.0 Released
It would be trivial to program your own function to do the same. Pseudocode shown below

function daysToEaster($aDate) {
var $nextEaster;

if(aDate <= easter_date(year($aDate))
$nextEaster = easter_date(year($aDate));
$nextEaster = easter_date(year($aDate) + 1);

return floor($nextEaster - $aDate/(60*60*24));

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by CastrTroy (#47777625) Attached to: The American Workday, By Profession
Exactly. If you work in the service industry, you should be prepared to work when the people who aren't in the service industry are not working. Shops that close at 6 PM every night are at a severe disadvantage, at least when it comes to getting my business. As are shops that refuse to open before 9 AM. If you're only open the hours I'm at work, I'm not going to shop at your store.

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by CastrTroy (#47767089) Attached to: Chromium 37 Launches With Major Security Fixes, 64-bit Windows Support
I guess it depends on where you think the bottle neck would be and where you want to optimize. Is the bottleneck in your CPU, and you want to make sure you can use all the registers, or is the bottleneck in the amount of memory you have, causing your device to swap things out of RAM more often? Running a full desktop OS with full desktop applications on 2GB of ram is already pushing the limits on the minimum amount of RAM that most users could deal with. It may make sense to conserve memory as much as possible so you don't swap to disk, because that will greatly affect the user experience, rather than run the loaded process just a little faster because you have extra registers.

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There are devices sold that have a 32 bit OS installed. For devices that will never have more than 2 GB of RAM, it makes sense to save a little bit of memory by using the 32 bit version when it is all that is needed. Granted, it won't be long before just about every device has 4GB of RAM, and we will completely lose the 32 bit build.

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I don't think Windows can't be sure whether or not a license has been paid for. I highly doubt there's a bit in the DVD drive firmware saying the license was paid for. If this was the case, Windows would be able to play DVDs as it has the complete functionality built in, but refuses to play discs simple because it thinks you haven't paid for a license.

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by CastrTroy (#47758571) Attached to: California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels
Not only that, but an autonomous car that isn't good enough to drive itself without the person having controls probably isn't good enough to be on the road at all.

The car should either have controls for a human, and expect the human to be operating them. Or it should not have human controls and do all the driving itself. Having the car do all the driving for weeks or months on end, lulling the person into a false sense of security, and then one day expect the driver to take over the controls at some random time is just asking for problems. The driver will most likely not be paying attention to the road if they haven't had to do anything with the controls for the past 3 months. The person will either be reading, playing video games, watching a movie, sleeping, doing their makeup, or any other number of things which means they aren't watching the road, and don't have their hands on the controls ready to take over. Sure the car could enforce that you have your hands on the wheel, ready to take over. But, what's the point of paying all the extra for a self driving car if you have to basically act like you are driving it anyway.

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I'm hoping that they move to more of a Mac model where they will release more frequent updates and charge less for updates. Shelling out $100 for an operating system upgrade on a $400 computer that is 3 years old isn't something I'm likely to do. Especially when computers that old may not have compatible drivers released for the new OS version. I'll just wait until I buy a new computer. Charging $30-$40 for the upgraded version every year isn't much to keep my computer running the latest software.

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The problem is defining what "third-party crapware" means. Windows doesn't come with the ability to play DVDs, because of licensing costs. So some OEMs throw in a program to play DVDs because it's easier than dealing with customers who complain that they just bought a computer with a DVD drive that can't play DVDs.

If you want a machine without an OS, you are free to buy one. It's not as though MS doesn't sell copies of Windows to install on computers that you assemble yourself.

Not to mention that MS has done a lot of rectify the situation. With the last Windows 7 laptop I bough, the Product Key included was an actual Windows Product key that would work with any copy of Windows 7. It didn't need a special OEM disk that was available only from the manufacturer. This is much better than the old way where you'd end up with an OEM product key that was essentially useless, because you could only use it with a special CD you got from the OEM which would automatically install all the third party software anyway.

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I would think that the replacement surgery would still come with some risks. Best not to undergo a transplant just because organs are available. Although It would be interesting if how this would play into sports competitions. Get a larger/stronger heart or larger lungs inserted into your chest in order to increase your physical abilities. You can't do this now because there's no way you would get on the donor list if there wasn't something wrong with your organs to begin with. But if organs could be created on an as needed basis, there's no reason why people shouldn't be allowed to substitute better organs for their own.

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Thank goodness I don't live in the US. I kind of forget how nice it is to have health care available to everyone paid for by taxes. If I'm lying unconscious, I don't want anybody making decisions about whether or not I should go to the hospital based on whether they think it will cost me too much money to save my life. If I saw somebody (especially a friend) unconscious on the street, I would call an ambulance, health insurance or not. Hell, you could probably be found negligent if you didn't get the person to a hospital and something bad did happen them.

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If they don't want you parking on a residential street overnight, then they should have a no parking sign, or limit the number of consecutive hours you can park there and enforce the limit through fines. There are streets in my neighbourhood that have cars parked on them all the time because people have 2 cars but don't have room to park them on their own property. Their garage is full of stuff and they only have space for one car in the driveway. Even without people using their houses as hotels, there's still lots of people parking on the street. If the city doesn't like it, or the residents don't like it, they should get proper rules in place limit parking, not try to limit what people can do on their own property that may or may not result in cars parking exactly where they are legally allowed to park on the street.

Comment: Re:Of course they'll downplay it.. (Score 1) 149

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Who makes sure that they "limit their selection of tenants" if they are not licensed or regulated.

They are limiting their own selection of tenants by not providing a service that some of them may want. There's plenty of brick and mortar stores that don't have any parking. Why should hotels be required to have parking? If people want a hotel with parking they'll verify that it has parking before they book a room there.

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Why not get call the police to report the crime and ambulance to get her to a hospital? Seems odd that somebody would leave their friend to sleep in a car after suspecting that they had been drugged. Sure the perpetrators may have gotten the dosage right, and she could just sleep it off, but they could just as easily have given her too much, and put her in danger.

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