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Comment: Re: Garbage (Score 1) 143

by Grishnakh (#49605503) Attached to: NASA Gets Its Marching Orders: Look Up! Look Out!

You're not a "Christian conservative" if you're Catholic. Catholics aren't even Christians. (Don't believe me? Go find some Southern Baptists or some fundamentalists and ask them if you're a Christian; they'll say no.)

Here's some litmus tests for you:
1) Do you believe the Rapture is going to happen soon?
2) Do you watch Christian movies starring Kirk Cameron?
3) Are you a fan of the "Left Behind" books?
4) Do you believe there's a "gay agenda"?
5) Do you believe President Obama is literally the anti-Christ?

If your answer to these is "no", then you are not a "Christian conservative".

Comment: Re:I WISH he was a candidate (Score 1) 269

by squiggleslash (#49603597) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic

Registered Democrats in many areas of Florida in 2000 (and to a certain extent today) are Dixiecrats, not people to the left of the editorial columns in the Washington Post. They tend to vote Republican for everything except local politics. They may vote for a Democratic Senator, Congressman, or State Governor, but only if the candidate is a Dixiecrat too.

Comment: Re:Let's see, stranger things have happened (Score 1) 269

by Grishnakh (#49603343) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic

I'm subscribed to a bunch of Democrat newsletters and politicians' email lists. I know perfectly well what liberals want and what Democrats are pushing. I also don't even have a TV and strictly avoid Faux News.

If you think the Democrat party doesn't have immigration as one of its top issues, then you are clueless.

Comment: Re:Whatever it takes (Score 1) 269

by Grishnakh (#49602597) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic

He's doubly stupid. Not only is he stupid enough to expose his bigotry, he can't even get the correct ethnic group. The majority of H1-Bs are most likely from India. India is not known for deserts (quite the opposite in fact, it has jungles and is famous for tigers). The slur he used is a reference to middle easterners, but those aren't a majority of imported tech workers by a long shot.

Comment: Serves them right! (Score 4, Interesting) 43

by Grishnakh (#49602571) Attached to: CareerBuilder Cyberattack Delivers Malware Straight To Employers

That's what these morons get for demanding resumes in .DOC format instead of PDF. I don't need someone else editing my resume, especially an employer I'm submitting it to. So why do they want it in an editable format rather than a format which is specifically designed to be read-only and to appear exactly the same no matter what device you view or print it on?

Comment: I found it works on Slashdot (Score 4, Funny) 31

by squiggleslash (#49602121) Attached to: Researcher Bypasses Google Password Alert For Second Time

Surprisingly, with Chrome, if you enter your Google password in the Subject box of a new comment and then press the "Submit" button, the warning dialog comes up and your post won't get sent until you confirm it. Only discovered that because my Google password is (well, was) "systemd?".

Comment: Re:Motive (Score 3, Insightful) 152

Yeah I thought the summary's equation of "Protestors" and "Rioters" (headline uses the latter, main text the former, apparently referring to the same people - for the record, the number of protestors in Baltimore last week was some figure conservatively estimated in the tens of thousands; the number of rioters was less than 2,000 - probably much less, being made up largely of local gangs) was rather reflective of the kneejerk reaction against any politicial activity by "the masses" in this country.

The other day I mentioned the (thankfully debunked) neo-urban-legend about a nearby Florida sheriff saying it was OK to run over protestors if they get in your way to some people in the office. At least one was fully in favor, giving a whoop when he heard it.

I was brought up in the UK, moving to the US when I was 25. The idea of treating political protests as something horrific astounds me, it's normal activity over there, you'd expect it to be accepted and supported in the country that invented the first amendment. But apparently not.

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