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Comment Re:If I read this right (Score 1) 284

You forgot that one important factor: Islam. Of course you can't even say it because the official religion of the US is multiculturalism, the belief that "no beliefs" is the One True Belief and that all other beliefs are both inferior and equivalent. Hence, no one can ever say "just maybe, wrong and stupid christians don't go nuts because their book says "love your enemy" but muslims do because their book says "slay the infidels.""

Instead we're just going to sit around while muslims keep killing people and then tsking about how the problem is "religion."

Comment Re:I would like to say for the record... (Score 1) 284

As an engineer, once you start applying engineering principles to society, you recognize the New Testament as the greatest piece of social engineering ever. Once you start analyzing a beautiful machine, you get to understand the engineer who made the machine. Then you go "oh..." and start heading back to church.

Comment Re:iFixit is NOT unbiased (Score 1) 195

Oh please. Most people aren't that technically inclined, so places like iFixIt will always be able to survive on regular beer-swilling Joes who just want to fix their device without paying someone outrageous labor rates to do it for them. Maybe for you, disassembling the Windows laptop is straightforward, but other people will want more hand-holding. There's tons of YouTube videos showing stuff like this. Something doesn't have to be intentionally designed to be difficult for someone to make a video showing laymen how to fix it themselves.

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 2) 195

We're not unique in this regard. Most people are dumb like this. The only cure is a good education, something we don't have in this country. What makes us unique is that, unlike nations like Zimbabwe and Somalia, we have lots of money.

Basically, we're like a backwards, third-world country that won the lottery. Think about things through that lens and the actions of Americans make a lot more sense.

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 195

Well TFS seemed to talk a lot about Apple devices.

I have a Samsung phone (Galaxy S4) I bought used and there's a couple of small things I'd like to fix, so I did a little searching and viewing of YouTube videos and it seems these phones are ridiculously easy to disassemble and repair, and you can get repair parts for dirt-cheap prices on Amazon and Ebay. I need a new camera lens (mine's scratched) and probably a new USB jack, and both of these are easily replaceable (if you have a little patience and a small screwdriver) for less than $10 each.

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