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Comment: Re:Alternate use for this technology (Score 1) 145

by wiredlogic (#47435683) Attached to: DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets

Great way to bankrupt an enemy...

Israel's defense budget, and a good chunk of Iron Dome in particular, is funded by the US taxpayer as a kickback scheme to funnel more money to US weaponry manufacturers. Israel only benefits when they have an excuse to fire their guns every once in a while since it keeps Congress from questioning why we give them so many billions in the name of "peace". 1984-style perpetual war is great for business.

Comment: Re:That probably won't change... (Score 1) 411

by wiredlogic (#47411879) Attached to: Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

but even python 2.3 to python 2.6 can create worlds of headaches.

That's because the 2.x series went through a significant amount of churn. Part of that is the steady flux in the standard libraries to fix bad design decisions and the rest is improvements to the core language including backports of 3.x features. Those early days are over and 3.x is intentionally designed to be more rational and consistent.

Comment: Re:Correction...That you know of... (Score 3, Funny) 115

by wiredlogic (#47381041) Attached to: Use of Encryption Foiled the Cops a Record 9 Times In 2013

I prime all my drives with GNU shred since its PRNG is faster than /dev/random and good enough for creating background noise. I've considered writing a program that exhibits statistical anomalies such as Benford's law or randomized MPEG blocks for kicks. Or maybe even valid MPEG encoded noisy frames of Goatse zooming in repeatedly.

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Retransmitting analog cell phone calls was made into a crime which is why Google is getting slapped over this. Multi-band radios used to be able to tune them in before analog became essentially obsolete. The difference, of course, is that WiFi APs *advertise* their presence on purpose rather than carry the presumption of privacy but we can't expect old people to understand technology.

Comment: Don't use whole drive encryption (Score 1) 560

This is why whole drive encryption is bad. Even creating a "hidden volume" for plausible deniability is going to look suspicious if anyone bothers to ask who so much of the physical HD space is unused by a dummy OS with a curiously small amount of activity recorded in the system logs.

A safer solution is to randomize new drives with GNU shred (faster PRNG than /dev/*random) and store critical info in smaller encrypted containers that hide amongst the noise. Disable swap or use encrypted swap (with random keys) and disable browser disk caching to eliminate saving sensitive transient data to disk. Use an OS that won't record potentially incriminating info in a registry such as USB device serial numbers.

At that point it's much easier to deny the presence of encrypted data or, if forced to admit its presence, you can use the "I forgot" or "I can't regenerate the password" excuse which can't be done believably with a computer in regular use that has whole disk encryption.

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