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Comment Re:Give me a dumb tv (Score 1) 139

Yeah, unfortunately, you can hardly find a "dumb" TV anymore with decent features. I had to buy a smart TV the last time I upgraded only because it was the only model I could find with a decent set of inputs and outputs. But I've found that it's a lot less "smart" and intrusive when you don't plug it into the router or give it your wifi password.

Google commercial display TV. You will find plenty. Not as cheap because they are not subsidized by apps, tracking and adware.

Comment Re:Lightning? (Score 4, Informative) 94

I have seen lightning travel through 200ft+ of rg6 coag, much of it buried. Al the way up to the house where it had a ground tap, saving the house. The cable had blown itslef out of the ground, 6 inches deep, making the dirt into glass. Without proper supression/grounding the current will find its way down ethernet and FUCK SHIT UP.

Comment Re:I wonder if there was a "satellite" TV outage? (Score 1) 196

Most dishes do point to a geo-synchronous satellite.
However in the 90s there was a thing called Wirelss Cable.
I worked for a provider. They could get a smallish set (15-20) channels out to places where the cable company would nto run cable, much cheaper than satellite at the time. It was quickly overtaken by true satellite and expanding cable networks with larger and increasingly digital offerings.

Interestingly we were the first high-speed internet provider in our area. It was one way cable Internet. 1 QAM Docsis 1.1 channel broadcast wirelessly downstream. Upstream was provided by a dial up modem, and some funky split routing.
The company I worked for was also an ISP and regional telco/mobile provider. I did cable modem installs and maintained the headend equipment, then promoted on to their NOC. Soon ater I went to the NOC, thet started launching DSL and the wierd split cable internet went away. That same POTS upsream was also often used in regular cable plants until the local provider switched their amplifiers to pass upstream traffic.

Comment Re:They used only two years to call this a spike (Score 1) 372

The uptick (however small) we are seeing in crime is more likely correlated to the economy and the increasing difficulty to live in poverty. It has nothing to do with a war against cops except that blatant police brutality will move the culture to one more prone to fear and violence. If you treat people like enemies, they will respond in kind.

Comment Let me get this right.... (Score 4, Insightful) 372

"Please don't watch us do our jobs, because when we are watched we cannot accost and brutalize the dregs of society into submission, therefore you should be scared as those dregs will come after you!"

Sorry, but do your job withing the confines of the law (including the constitution). You get no free pass. If you cannot do your job within those confines, then press to have those laws changed, in an open and democratic manner. If you do not, you are little (or no) better than the thugs and gangsters you wish to imprison.

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