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Comment: One solution (Score 3, Insightful) 124

by wbr1 (#48433967) Attached to: Aereo Files For Bankruptcy
Increasingly there is only one viable solution. Vote with your wallet. Period. Do not buy anything these companies offer. No cable, no movies, no music. Nothing.

Do not feed their useless parisitism on our culture and public domain.

If you must be entertained, find alternative sources, from indie stuff all the way to pirating.

We must do this until their backs are broken.

They will fight.
There will be casualties.
We must not stop or compromise.

+ - Alleged operator of SilkiRoad 2.0 arrested by FBI

Submitted by wbr1
wbr1 (2538558) writes "The FBI announced that yesterday it arrested Blake Benthall, aka "Defcon," the alleged owner and operator of Silk Road 2.0. Benthall was apprehended in San Francisco and will be presented today in a federal court in SF before Magistrate Judge Jaqueline Scott Corley.
“As alleged, Blake Benthall attempted to resurrect Silk Road, a secret website that law enforcement seized last year, by running Silk Road 2.0, a nearly identical criminal enterprise," Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement. "Let’s be clear—this Silk Road, in whatever form, is the road to prison. Those looking to follow in the footsteps of alleged cybercriminals should understand that we will return as many times as necessary to shut down noxious online criminal bazaars. We don’t get tired.”"

Comment: Re:One sample (Score 1) 128

by wbr1 (#48209733) Attached to: Oldest Human Genome Reveals When Our Ancestors Mixed With Neanderthals
What if he is descending from one wandering group that ran into and and interbred once in their history. There would be no genetic fragmentation with this individual, however yet another find could be from a different group that interbred at a different time or times. This would result in many different, geographically isolated, groups of humans with different genetic histories of interbreeding with neanderthals.

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