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Comment Host it yourself (Score 5, Informative) 111

If you do not trust cloud providers for whatever reason, then DIY. A business class account with a static IP works best, but it can by done with dyndns, etc. Set up your server, and and a VPN to your network. OpenVPN clients are available for just about any device, and then you can access anything you are running inside your lan, UPNP, SMB shares, whatever. You can pick up a crappy firebox on ebay and load an alternate firmware in it for cheap (I got one for 5 bucks at a church yardsale). Or you can just port forward and run your VPN software on some boxen inside your router.

My total cost is about $130 to comcast a month for a single static and business class 50/10, and my own time. This setup allows me to run whatever services I deem fit, and typically keeps me clear of ISP DCMA notices. I did get one, but once I pointed out that I repair random PCs that do not belong to may, and many may auto launch a torrent app, it was quickly dropped.

Add a chromecast or two, slingTV, and a good antenna, I do not need cable TV at all, and can stream all my services out.

Comment Re:Why bother? (Score 4, Insightful) 184

This is not a Muslim concept. Christians to often say things such as "god moves in mysterious ways" or "god decided it was their time". It is simply a form of dissociation from the negative emotions generated from such an event. Be those emotions, pain, horror, shame, guilt, etc...lay them at Alah, God, Jesus, the saviors feet.

In many ways it is an abrogation of personal responsibility, and a key problem with many religions, but a part of human nature it would seem.

Comment Re:Bad apples. (Score 1) 236

Yes.. the message should be, improve your industry or the whole house of cards WILL collapse and take the good guys with it.

I use adblock everywhere. I am the member of some forums that ask, politely to not block. One of which, the one I use most (homebrewtalk for the curious), I am a paid supporting member. So no, I will not unblock the ads, even though theirs are vetted and simple. it is principle. The industry is built on deception and annoyance.

Change that industry wide and you can live. Otherwise I will promote ad-blockers everywhere I go.

I work in a small IT and repair shop. One of our number one services is malware removal. The top two ways malware gets on a system.. ads and email (often spammy ad ridden email). I will give adblock to every single one of my customers and tell them why. The shit has to stop.

Comment Re:Alarmists - wrong on global warming since 1978! (Score 1) 255

"Still might come to pass" in 2050 is far different than "5 to 10 years" from 1978. But keep moving the goal posts and you may eventually figure out a way to prove them right.

Lets not use ad hominem, lets instruct the troll:

5-10 years in 1970 was for a time to start making hard decisions, from a report with limited data by experts in 1978

2050 is current estimate of OMG this is now a juggernaut we cant stop and everyone is in deep shit (except coastal areas, they are washed clean by the waters.

They are different milestones in a progression. Cherry picking and saying someone is moving the goalposts is ignorant at best or willfully negligent at worst.
If the worst does come to pass, it should be people like you who are strung up right after the boards of companies who willfully chose to do nothing.