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Submission + - Valve Launches Linux Blog, Confirms Plans (

An anonymous reader writes: Valve Software has started their own Linux blog to write about their gaming client plans. They confirm in writing that they will be releasing the Steam client for Linux with L4D2 and other games to follow, they are investigating ways to help open-source, their team is growing, and Gabe Newell is interested in Linux. The Valve Linux blog can be found at

Submission + - SPAM: Firefox 9 vs chrome 16

pkkbairwa writes: "Late this week, the internet has been abuzz with shiny new releases of Chrome and Firefox, 16 and 9 respectively. We had previously organized a battle between Firefox 8 and Chrome 15, where Firefox 8 was the clear winner, in terms of "lightness"."
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Submission + - The godaddy saga continues 5

bs0d3 writes: After previously supporting SOPA; domain registrar "godaddy" has had a hell of a week. Since godaddy has withdrawn their support for sopa (sort of), the protests and boycotts continue. For the first time since the boycott has begun, godaddy has begun to loose domains starting on Christmas day. In addition to the previous P.R. nightmare, competing registrar Namecheap has accused godaddy of blocking or delaying domain transfers. Namecheap also alleges that this practice of delaying domain transfers is strictly against ICANN rules. Godaddy has responded to these allegations today and insist that their practice of rate limit Whois queries are standart pratice to combat Whois abuse. Furthermore, they accuse Namecheap of playing foul because they released a statement before ever contacting godaddy directly to resolve these issues. All in all, this has turned out to be a turbulent week for the worlds largest domain registrar.

I've got a bad feeling about this.