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Comment What Security Experts Can Learn From Non Experts (Score 4, Insightful) 112 112

Any system that depends on users doing the right thing has ALREADY failed.

1) If it's difficult or complicated, users won't do it.

2) If your security organization's working strategy is, "break stuff, walk away and tell the user it's their problem," your strategies will be subverted from within so users can get actual productive work done, for which *they* get *their* bonuses.

In short, users need productivity to get their extra money. Security people need a lower number of intrusions to get theirs. These two goals are always at odds, mostly because current security strategies burden nontechnical, uninterested users.

The solution, which security people hate to hear, is to get better at installing and maintaining multiple levels of firewall, application sandboxing and/or streaming applications for all office applications, improving intrusion detection and dynamic virus removal in real time. NOT training users not to download suspicious executables or engage in fantastic feats of memory regarding passwords.

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 446 446

My guess- a converted religious person of some type, with full faith in conversion, but realized that AM's "pay to delete" was a total fraud, after trying to delete their account. Contempt for the former life and those still in it is common in certain conversion circles.

Comment The radiocentric view of intelligence... (Score 1) 208 208

is going to miss a lot. A planet full of tool using dolphins would be invisible to us. Jovian civilizations without metals to direct radio would have the same issues. A radio using civilization that had taken all of their radio digital, complete with compression and encryption would be invisible as well since all the entropy would be distributed in such a way as to make all radio traffic appear as noise. Even a zipf analysis would probably fail.

A more interesting approach would be to attempt to train current AI to distinguish natural objects from man-made objects and then point it at the universe. Mega-engineering might be quite visible, but look to us like another bright, bright, fuzzy, oddly shaped stellar thing. Ditto for the electrical "noise" of planets like Jupiter. some of Jupiter's "whistler" and other interesting radio noises might be something other than lightning. We simply can't know at this point.

Comment Deja Vu (Score 1) 5 5

I went thru that exact same argument a number of years ago. The executives liked the look of the check boxes better and demanded I "make it work". Ugh.

It was almost as much fun as the idiots who insisted on the web page layout exactly matching -- fonts, graphics and all -- their magazine page layout. They ended up doing their web page as one big GIF with polygonal hot spots. You should have heard them scream when someone used a different resolution screen, or resized the browser on their oh-so-perfect page.

I am so glad I'm not in that business any more.

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Journal Journal: CuBox Wifi Streaming Solved

I believe I have mentioned before that every bit of media I purchase I digitize and store the files on a central server. That includes over 300 movies and over 100 television episodes, plush a few hundred audio tracks. Everything is available anywhere in my home via wireless streaming, however I had been having problems with reliably streaming 1080p HD video over WiFi to my main television units.

Comment Re:Just like defense distributed (Score 1) 216 216

From the "Second Amendment" point of view- if the government has drones that can fire missiles, why shouldn't we have drones that can fire handguns?

Still, I dislike the engineering method of this. I think there's a far better way to do it, there is no need for a grip or trigger on a mounted gun, that's just extra weight.

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