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Comment: I'm shocked. Shocked! (Score 1) 126

To discover that one of the USA's middle eastern client states might have been provided with the materials for nuclear weapons just in case the USA had to throw a bomb or two at a particularly stubborn oil producing country without making the USA itself an immediate target for nuclear retaliation.

Comment: Vegetarianism and dinner at Uncle Harry's (Score 1) 293

by gestalt_n_pepper (#46797059) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

When I was a student, I discovered that if you restricted your diet to grains, vegetables, eggs and cheap cheese, you could get through a week very cheaply. Crock pots were your friends.

When I was in school, the Hare Krishnas were still a thing. Free vegetarian dinner every Sunday (We called it "Sunday dinner at Uncle Harry's"). Hilarious mockery thrown in as an extra added bonus. They may be loonies, but the food was awesome.

Comment: Re:Do you have to inflate it before use? (Score 1) 70

by MichaelSmith (#46796697) Attached to: DARPA Developing the Ultimate Auto-Pilot Software

Yeah but the problem with human drivers/pilots is that they send SMS messages, update facebook, phone their girlfriends or go crazy and decide to kill their passengers. The engineers who build the vehicles do all those things too, but in an environment where their work can be checked and peer reviewed.

The best mass transit system I have seen is in Kuala Lumpur. It has no drivers. It is faster and more reliable than any other system I have seen.

Comment: Skynet target mode (Score 1) 96

by hessian (#46796117) Attached to: Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field

When Google finally reveals its true name, Skynet, this is the technology that will allow its T-1000s to exterminate most of humanity.

But don't worry, they'll be sure to take an instagram of your death and post it to your Google+ livestream so your friends and family can mourn.

(There will also be ads for bereavement-related products. Neither Google nor Skynet are monopolies, honest.)

Comment: The problem with Political Correctness (Score 2) 317

by hessian (#46795779) Attached to: Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon

I get the whole general protection of the average citizen from crimes, but we really need to shrink the reach and scope of these bastards.

That's the reason for political correctness: to expand the scope of government past immediate risks to ideological risks. It's a power grab.

The correct way to deal with this is not to be anti-politically correct, but to stop being politically correct. That deprives government of its justification for its new powers.

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