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Comment: Re:AI is not human intelligence (Score 1) 582

You're assuming that the first AIs will be grown via a GA-like process. This is *one* strategy. They may also be reverse engineered from existing intelligences like ourselves. They may be incrementally built over time by computer scientists. They may be constructed with multiple technologies (e.g. growing an organic neural net on an artificial substrate optimized for I/O).

Moreover, human-like AI is only one goal. Swarm intelligence in bees and ants is constrained by the natural environment. Take away those constraints, and swarm intelligence might grow much more complex than anything seen in nature.

As in nature, of course, intelligence and awareness are separable issues. As swarm intelligence or an enhanced GA might be significantly better at solving problems than we are, with nothing resembling human awareness at all.

Comment: Re:Well, to be fair... (Score 2) 978

Well.... Philosophy, specifically epistemology, is the basis for scientific method, so I would concede that much. Still, there's a lot of ... speculative philosophy that touches the physical world nowhere.

Music, at least touches physiology and mathematics.

Economics. To the extent that it generates reproducible results and has both descriptive and predictive power, I'd say it has a scientific basis. That's not how it's taught in Econ 101, nor does that appear to be the way it's practiced. In educational institutions, start talking about complex systems theory as applied to money to some tenured faculty and they look at you like you've grown a third head.

Comment: Well, to be fair... (Score 1) 978

Universities teach scientifically baseless things all the time, F'rinstance:

1) Economics
2) Philosophy
3) Theology
4) Psychology for dummies (i.e. psychoanalysis).
5) Political "science"
6) Art
7) Music
8) Theater
9) Sociology

I could go on, but science isn't a prerequisite for being forced to pay to learn a bunch of nonsense.

Comment: AI is not human intelligence (Score 4, Insightful) 582

Human intelligence is tuned for self preservation, continued survival, reproduction and food acquisition. It is a result of genetic algorithms in the chemical domain, whose only "purpose" is self replication.

An AI, developed by conscious processes, will have NONE of this. All it will be set up to do is process information. Any other motivation it has will be one we give it. It will not inherently love us, or hate us, or even necessarily be aware of our existence. It won't be a threat until we weaponize it, which of course, we will. But at the same time, other AIs will be defending us against weaponized AIs. The real danger is being caught in between.

Comment: Re:triggering you don't know what you're talking a (Score 4, Insightful) 424

by gestalt_n_pepper (#48236465) Attached to: Law Lets IRS Seize Accounts On Suspicion, No Crime Required

Every business is guilty of structuring under these rules.

Yes, that's the beauty of it. Everyone can be stolen from. Right now, it's happening in small increments. If there's a real financial crisis, I can foresee every small business in the USA losing their money on the same day.

Comment: Government again sells security to highest bidder (Score 4, Interesting) 95

That started with Reagan, who was happy to buy Saudi Oil rather than try and change the USA's energy picture. Sure. No security issue there.

So now we're selling our chip-making infrastructure. But what's one more attack vector? We're already dependent on chips made in China and software coded in India. I guess having our supplies cut off by Abu Dhabi couldn't be much worse.

It's all about moneyed interests. Countries are an illusion designed to keep the little people from revolting, which will continue to work until there's not enough affordable oil to keep cheap food, entertainment and drugs coming down the pipeline. After that, all bets are off.

Comment: Let's cut to the chase here, shall we? (Score 1) 839

by gestalt_n_pepper (#48161985) Attached to: Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right


Political power. Economic Power. Personal Power.

Transnational, trans-generational money is the biggest power on the planet right now. Within that, there are factions, rivalries and competitions, but like a bacteria colony, collective decisions happen which benefit the colony and completely disregard everyone else.

If you want a real, effective, democratic capitalist society, that benefits the largest amount of people, you put limits on power at the top, which means limits on the amount of money any one person, or organization is allowed to possess, or control.

The founding fathers assumed that government was corruptible, and put in checks and balances. This didn't go far enough. Everybody is corruptible. Everybody. That includes businesses and individuals. The damage they can do can be limited by checks and balances. In the case of individuals and organization, it can be limited by putting an upper bound on the wealth of individuals via taxation and the size and scope of commercial organizations. Antitrust laws were an excellent first step - if only they were enforced, which they would be, had the legislature and individuals responsible for regulation not been purchased by the wealthy.

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