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Comment Re:Gosh!!! (Score 1) 318

I used the word “country” in a parenthesized paragraph, because it wasn't essential to my message. (In my country, btw, voting isn't just allowed; it's obligatory for almost everyone of age; so now I know something about your country and you know something about mine. Let me get back to the issue at hand.)

My reply to your post was that the percentage of the total population is irrelevant to a quorum; it matters only what the percentage is amongst those who care: they care to vote, they care to run a company, they care to run and get elected for congressmen or senators or whatever they are called in each democracy. A fraction of votes over total population is useless (the .1% you mentioned), it's always votes over total voters (the 100% I mentioned).

Comment Re:Gosh!!! (Score 1) 318

AC: So there's over 7 million of us who do? That's a quorum, let's get this happening!

KGIII: That is like .1% of the population.

Does it really matter what percentage of the population it is? 100% of those who care is a quorum. Whatever the percentage of the remaining population, they don't care; ergo they don't get a vote since they never asked for one.

(A different take: a country might have 100 million population but you don't need more than 50 million votes to win an election with more than 50%.)

Comment Re:IMHO - No thanks. (Score 1) 238

> The x86 addressing modes are so powerful that they even created an instruction to leverage the addressing generation logic without accessing memory...

I don't know which instruction they created, but it sounds dangerously close to the LEA instruction that existed on the 68008 my Sinclair QL was using, and it was neither Motorola nor Intel that originally came up with this idea.

BTW: 68k assembly was a pleasure to write.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 599

24 fps from a high-speed shutter camera (usually digital these days), can be disturbing. 24 fps with low-speed shutter (older analog cameras), where there is motion blur is ok; motion blur approaches what we see with a naked eye.

24 fps from a video game, which is a sequence of stills, typically without motion blur as it requires more CPU time, is awful.

Assuming Jackson used digital cameras, 48 fps should be an improvement.

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