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Comment: Just not fond of his work or attitude (Score 1) 277 277

Lennart is professional programmer who has had great success. You sound jealous

Yes to the first, but why did we have to be subjected to them for so long when they were still alpha quality? The second, no, I took a different path so cannot compare myself to him even when he's done stuff I would have considered utterly stupid at the age he did it at despite not being so much of a professional programmer.
Pulseaudio mostly works, which is about what you can say about computer audio on most platforms so that's a shining success. NetworkManager is a good fit for laptops, servers not so much but apart from odd glitches it works, which is more than can be said for MS networking so it's a success. Systemd - still not as good as what it is meant to replace and the non-professional bits of Lennart's behaviour mean it's deployed where it shouldn't be and many valid bug reports are discarded as if they are irrelevant.

Comment: Re:Apart from in very rare cases, yes it does (Score 1) 415 415

Do you have something reliable to back up that statement?

I've been using the ganglia monitoring suite on clusters for a bit over a decade and on several hundred occasions I have noted that eventually cached stuff ends up in swap even if there's still some free memory. It's part of what it is for, getting stuff out of the way so you've plenty of memory to use.

how the fuck will a swap file/partition get written to ... if there's no power

WTF? Is this some sort of game where you NEED to win and are prepared to go beyond the far side of crazy to do so? If so just play with yourself and leave me out of it since I'm having a discussion not a game.

The default setup for modern Linux servers running on SSD (of which there are millions in production use) is no swap files or partitions.

It has always been an option and not bad for desktops but the default on servers - no that's just stupid since swap is often the difference between eventually getting something done or a complete crash leading to possibly hours of downtime.

Comment: Re:You brought up Argentina not me (Score 1) 74 74

The Russians HAVE to because they do not have control over a lower latitude launch location does not make it an advantage, it makes high latitude launch locations (& thus ISS orbital inclination) a necessary evil

Which then OBVIOUSLY means that if you are going to keep sending stuff to that location for years on end then there is a NEED for such launch sites. Did I use small enough words or should I try again? Which race card are you going to play next as a distraction to hide your lack of understanding of this topic that makes my limited understanding look like expertise?

Comment: Re:Did you even read my post? (Score 1) 74 74

Ah, so it's your honor as a Kiwi that I impugned

Trying the race card TWICE?

Clearly your "The claimed advantages of launching "deep in the Southern Hemisphere" are bunk" is bullshit because you have descended to aggression, name calling and playing the race card on someone merely asking you a question to avoid answering it.

I think I get it. I think you know so little about the topic that you didn't know about non-equatorial orbits and didn't know the ISS, the thing most rockets are going to recently, is in one. All this aggression is just to try to cover that up.
It won't be hard to prove that wrong - just answer the question if you can. It's looking very much like you can't and that some computer network guy with a one dimensional understanding of orbits is bluffing to try to look important when nobody cares whether you really know your shit or not so long as you are honest about it.

Comment: Last three their own horse (Score 1) 277 277

NetworkManager, PulseAudio and systemd were internal Red Hat projects run by a guy called Lennart who will tell you that they are all far better than linux itself, which he would apparently have done himself only far better if he was only a little bit older. Red Hat didn't pick them from a list, they did them and were stuck with them.
The others were surrounded by the most noise.

Comment: Re:Did you even read my post? (Score 1) 74 74

you keep mistaking my popping your pie in the sky bubbles for ranting

Considering that I don't give a shit either way about rocket labs and have barely heard of them there is clearly no mistake. Are you going to keep on attempting pathetic bullying or are you going to back up or abandon your words above? Let's hear something that actually justifies your rubbishing of my mostly forgotten classes in orbital mechanics. Are you going to answer or do I just file you under clueless windbag who knows fuckall about the topic and just likes to verbally attack strangers?

Comment: You brought up Argentina not me (Score 1) 74 74

So your mention of Argentina was a setup for your current avoidance tactic, so little trap in some game or something? How weird.
As should be obvious by now I'm only on this thread to get some clarification of this statement:

The claimed advantages of launching "deep in the Southern Hemisphere" are bunk.

You've given me nothing to support that. I didn't mention the RL's Electron - you did as an avoidance tactic.

Are you someone who is prepared to back up their statements or are you just a fool shouting into the darkness attacking anyone who asks the meaning of what you are shouting about?

"the only bit of the question that actually matters"

Since I'm the one that asked the question what is wrong with that? I'm not dragging you away from some sort of prepared script, I'm asking you what you meant by the quoted words above.

Comment: Apart from in very rare cases, yes it does (Score 1) 415 415

Well that is the very rare ideal situation of enough memory for the system in all cases and turning the machine off before it has cached much so I really don't get why you are mentioning it. What is your point exactly? That you've completely forgotten that cached stuff sometimes ends up in swap unless you take steps to make sure it does not?
If the system knows it has swap it will eventually use it unless you tell it not to.

Comment: Re:Evangelicals in a very Christian country (Score 1) 250 250

The really sad thing is that is both cases, more so with the one that robbed it's flock blind than the other, there was plenty of community opposition but they had friends in high places until the end.
After the fact one was called a "cult". The other still has some sort of functioning assembly of people now the monster than founded it is dead so not yet.

Comment: Obvious design feature (Score 1) 415 415

(linux's swap partition is bonkers).

It's so you can put it on a different hard disk than the one you want quick access to.
And a swap file is very easy and has even been an option on install with most distros for close to a decade. Fedora Core 1 had that option FFS, now we are up to Fedora 20+.

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 2) 415 415

What obviously happened is that you got your panties in a bunch when you saw that metro screen and weird start button

And then found the controls were hidden off the side of a screen on a touchscreen - yes - unbearable and I had to hand it back before the urge to smash it took over.

Comment: Re:I seriously would like to know (Score 1) 47 47

why NASA is relying on private companies to build the next-generation spacecraft

Politics. Same reason Skylab was thrown away when there were enough working bits of Saturn V to keep it up there. The people who didn't want the ISS in the first place are calling the shots.

Comment: Evangelicals in a very Christian country (Score 1) 250 250

Evangelicals in a very Christian country are bound to be a bit weird for the sake of product differentiation.
Forgive my cynicism since a founder of one very large group of that type near me has been revealed as being a pedophile on an industrial scale, setting up his group is such a way that he could get away with it on hundreds of occasions, and another group concentrated all of the wealth of it's members into the hands of one of the founders before they ended up in jail for it. Sometimes it's just about money and power with no room for Jesus.

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