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Comment: Misleading links (Score 3, Insightful) 319

by zerosomething (#47917799) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album
Yet another /. article with links that don't actually give you any useful content. When you select the link in the text "tool to make it possible to remove the album from your iTunes library in a single step." wouldn't you expect to see an article about the tool and actually have a link to the tool? Oh no can't have that because you have to prop up what ever favorite news feed you are promoting.

Comment: Nanay boys (Score 1) 163

by mapkinase (#47898537) Attached to: Justice Sotomayor Warns Against Tech-Enabled "Orwellian" World

When I hear from time to time those wonderful thoughtful remarks by US politicians that seem to be so upfront against "reactionary" establishment, it always reminds of a 30-year old (at least) Russian meme called "The fight of Nanay boys". Basically, those Nanay folks of Far North of Russia had had this traditional entertainment show called "The fight of Nanay boys" where an entertainer would dress his lower and upper parts of his body in clothes in such a way so when he bends forward and stands on his feet and hands it appears so as if two boys are fighting each other

Here is an example:

That's what first come to mind when I here statements like the one from Mrs. Sotomayor

Comment: Re:What will it take? (Score 1) 302

by ArcherB (#47804049) Attached to: Study: Antarctic Sea-Level Rising Faster Than Global Rate

This is the comment I was responding to:
Think of it this way: Imagine the entire planet heated up by 20C, we wouldn't expect to see any permanent ice outside of Antarctica. (The North Pole might get some seasonal ice, but the much warmer oceans would melt it fairly quickly.) Now, with all of the oceans that much warmer, think how much additional water vapor would make it into the atmosphere. When the additional water vapor ends up over the South Pole, it will be cold enough for it to freeze and fall as snow. As the snow accumulates, it compacts into ice and we end up with a LOT more ice at the South Pole.

So: Less ice everywhere but Antarctica due to global warming, but a lot more ice in Antarctica due to global warming.

But the point is, when there was LESS ice, it was because of global warming. Now that there is MORE ice, it's because of global warming, per the original comment I replied to.

Comment: Re:What will it take? (Score 1) 302

by ArcherB (#47803763) Attached to: Study: Antarctic Sea-Level Rising Faster Than Global Rate

Yes. There is less ice in some areas due to global warming and more ice in other areas due to global warming.

OK. Maybe you should tell all the scientist this. Be sure to copy Algore as well.
See, they seem to think that the first thing to go is the polar ice. That's why they keep measuring it. See, a few years ago, a lot of the ice melted, and we were told that it was because of global warming. Now the ice is back and growing, and we are told it's because of global warming.

And that is my entire point. No matter what the symptoms are, it's always a symptom of global warming.

Also, if it's colder in Antarctica and warmer in Hawaii, that's not really a sign of global warming. That's a sign of global nothing because the average temperature remains constant.

Comment: Re:What will it take? (Score 1) 302

by ArcherB (#47800725) Attached to: Study: Antarctic Sea-Level Rising Faster Than Global Rate

So much freshwater from melting glaciers that sea level isn't even level anymore, and some people still don't want to believe there might be a climate problem.

(I don't mean the people who question how to address the problem - that's still legitimately an open question - or the severity of the problem, I mean the people still in denial that there's a problem at all.)

So if there's less ice, it's because of global warming. But if there's more ice, it's because of global warming.

Just curious, if global warming were not a thing, what would the ice caps be doing?

Comment: Re:Not so sure (Score 1) 369

by mapkinase (#47790333) Attached to: Islamic State "Laptop of Doom" Hints At Plots Including Bubonic Plague

The level of anti-"terrorist" propaganda is 10 times more than after 9/11, and there is no event even remotely close to that nowadays.

Notice the change in the level of dissent. After 9/11 there were Stockhausen and Maher. Granted, both of them were slapped at their dissident hands, so that contributed to deafening silence that followed.

I haven't heard a single voice that dares to doubt the propaganda.

Comment: Re:"Accidentally" (Score 2) 455

by dreamchaser (#47771283) Attached to: Should police have cameras recording their work at all times?

Slashdot cracks me up
Red faced and angry about the coming Surveillance State
Damned happy to have every cop be a walking surveillance unit
Anybody else see the irony?

Riiiight, because it's better to leave it as is. The word of the police vs the word of the citizen. They are already surveilling us. Cameras on cops is a means to at least attempt to keep them honest and provide a record when abuses of power occur.

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