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Comment: Re:My Plans for Firefox (Score 1) 65 65

I've switched to Palemoon. The thing I worry the most about with that decision is that retarded UI changed in FF might sneak its way into Palemoon just because it is bothersome to maintain a branch with too many differences from the main one.

Valid fear. With luck that will be a no, but if it does they'll simply be shooting themselves in the foot people will also say 'fuck it' and move to something else.

Comment: Re:huh (Score 1) 201 201

Slashdot's moderation system has been taken over by the MRAs.

Up next, person who doesn't understand culture outside of their little fiefdom screams "racist" at milk duds. Is there a world shortage of soup? Is Gamergate to blame for it, or have they opened a new salt mine. Find out when parent poster gets his news from Gawker etl.al.

Comment: Re:My Plans for Firefox (Score 2) 65 65

Why this is marked troll I have no idea. I've dumped firefox myself, most of my 'tech' friends at work have done the same. At work the only person still using firefox is our web dev guys to make sure there's compatibility. Most have switched to chromium, palemoon(FF branch), or Opera. I honestly believe at this point, there's a group of people inside mozilla that are just going out of their way to destroy FF, the decisions have been braindead for the last 4 years.

Comment: Re:Austerity fails again (Score 1) 1225 1225

When the article starts off with stuff like "elites all across the western world were gripped by austerity fever, a strange malady that combined extravagant fear with blithe optimism", you know you're not going to be getting an objective analysis.

Actually that's a pretty fair summary of the irrational behavior of the austerity fans.

You should have a look at the graph showing the degree of austerity (using a generally accepted metric) and the rate of recovery.

Note that austerity goes beyond cutting fat, it cuts to the bone and it does it without allowing time to adjust. It's a bad idea the same way it's a bad idea to unload a large stock holding all at once.

Greece has been cutting it's public sector quickly. So quickly that it has damaged recovery.

Comment: Re:Lame duck (Score 1) 201 201

That's hindsight. It was still a minority position when Obama "came out" in favor of it, and he was handing a huge issue on a silver platter to all the folks who hate him. However, his statement immediately made it a partisan issue, which brought around a large amount of Democrats who were on the fence about it. Overnight it became a majority opinion. Perhaps it looks obvious in retrospect, but he was going out on a bit of a limb when he did it.

Among people who would likely be persuadable to vote for Obama, the issue already polled well. He tested the waters by pushing his VP out first. It was clearly a political calculation.

Comment: Fun, But Useless (Score 3, Funny) 78 78

This is a fun device that can show you what can be done with 3D printed plastic. That said, it's useless. It would be really cool if I could apply 1 pound of force to the crank, turn it a Million times, and have it apply a Million pounds of rotational force at the other end. But it's made of plastic, so it won't do that. Indeed, the fast-rotating parts would wear out before the slow-rotating part made a single turn. So it's not even good as a kind of clock.

All that said, it's a good conversation piece, and probably worth the price for that.

Comment: Re:Austerity fails again (Score 1) 1225 1225

Look at the Guardian link I provided. Many of your comments and questions are answered there. It looks at how the degree of austerity measures has affected the rate of recovery for various countries.

Remember, not all public servants are equal. Privatization will cut the count of "public servants", but can actually increase the cost of the service for a net loss to the economy.

Comment: Re:Austerity fails again (Score 1) 1225 1225

Actually, once they have once and for all ceased even trying to pay back the loans, they will be running at a surplus. A bit of currency devaluation will be a boon to their significant tourist trade.

I'm not claiming it is the best possible solution, but since the IMF et. al. won't quit flogging the dead horse that is austerity, it may be the only option open to Greece.

Comment: Re:pardon my french, but "duh" (Score 1) 176 176

Why should an old person learn to use (in rapid succession) CompuServe, AOL, Yahoo, LiveJournal, Myspace, Facebook, Flicker, Pinterest, Instagram (and so on and so on), instead of his relatives putting a little effort into hand written letters and face time?

Because those handwritten letters and face time are going to become a chore very soon, and chores have a tendency to be "forgotten", especially when they only exist in the first place because their benefactee is too lazy to invest into learning modern communication methods.

If you make it hard for other people to stay in contact, they probably won't bother.

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