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Comment: Re:Early adopters - Glass is another Segway (Score 1) 154

What the Segway folks didn't count on was that top Segway speeds would never be compatible with walking speed on a sidewalk. What the Google folks didn't count on was that Google Glass would never be compatible with folks who don't want to feel like everyone is watching/recording them. Google Glass is going to end up s a niche product, just like the Segway.

Comment: HoPeless (Score 5, Insightful) 118

From Carly Fiorina, on, hp has been lacking in leadership, and vision. Hewlett and Packard built a great company, only to have it destroyed by poseurs. Meg Whitman is the latest one - using smoke and mirrors to drive bumps in the stock price. We all know how this is going to end - eventual parting out to companies like Lenovo, Samsung - you name it. Whitman and other insiders will walk away with millions. hp's last 10 years is perfect representation of executive and Board incompetence.

Comment: Re: FWD.US lies, just like its founder, Zuckerberg (Score 4, Informative) 365

by ebusinessmedia1 (#47995613) Attached to: Microsoft On US Immigration: It's Our Way Or the Canadian Highway

Undercover of helping immigrant agricultural workers who have long needed a break in America, the American technology sector - lead by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg - has seen fit to heavily lobby Congress to increase H1-B and other worker visa permits, vastly increasing H1-B visas at a time when very good research shows that there is no shortage of tech workers in America. Zuckerberg has so far succeeded, in the Senate. What is motivating the claim for more H1-B visas?


One of the most respected technology pundits in Silicon Valley has this to say about the H1-B worker problem and Two H1-B's walk into a Bar: More on the H1-B visa problem

One of many examples of what goes on behind closed doors: an immigration attorney and his consultants teaching corporations how to manipulate foreign-worker immigration law to replace qualified American workers.

H1-B's are only the tip of the iceberg; there are more than 20 categories of foreign worker visas.

Professor Norman Matloff's extremely well documented studies on the H1-B and foreign worker visa problem. Matloff claims that Hi-B abuse has cost Americans $10Trillion dollars, since 1975. Inc. Magazine weights in Professor Matloff's Webpage

Mother Jones weighs in:How H1-B visa abuse is hurting American tech workers

Marc Zuckerberg and other wealthy tech scions - including large immigration law firms and corporation who profit from importing H1-B's continue to perpetuate this trend

How H1-B malpractice hurts the American economy

Most of the new crop of H1-Bs is coming from one of the most corrupt university systems in the world.

Indian government officials are not happy that the universities that they collude with might have some limitations placed on the abuses that have enabled them to "sell" their product to the American IT sector.

How the new immigration bill could ignite a trade war with India

How to underpay an H1-B worker

Comment: This was one of the most interesting parts of MSFT (Score 1) 109

by ebusinessmedia1 (#47942607) Attached to: Microsoft Lays Off 2,100, Axes Silicon Valley Research
I've been there many times for forums and talks by some of Silicon Valley's smartest people. MSFT is on its way down; it's a behemoth. Balmer knew that and that's why he flew the coop. In fact, it's Balmer's crummy management of MSFT that led to this. Probably the most overrated CEO in the last 50 years.

Comment: Re:Let's do some math (Score 2) 200

Agreed. Add to this fine a special penalty for senior officers (who are living) who had anything to do with this outrage. Something like forbidding them to cash in stock options for the next 3 years; or, forbidding them to pursue work outside their current company for a period of two years (to mimic the grif they caused workers who were "locked in" via their unlawful collusion.

+ - How a Super-Intelligent AI Could Wipe Out Humanity->

Submitted by the_newsbeagle
the_newsbeagle (2532562) writes "Oxford University futurist Nick Bostrom thinks we're doomed. It's his job to contemplate existential threats to the human species, and he predicts that a super-smart artificial intelligence program will be the end of us.

His new book, Superintelligence, outlines AI takeover scenarios, discusses what might motivate a superintelligent AI, and lays out reasons why the AI’s pursuit of its goals would likely lead to our extinction. This excerpt from the book imagines a situation in which a developing AI lulls humans into complacency before making a "treacherous turn.""

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Comment: Chinese control from center is fatal flaw (Score 3, Interesting) 93

by ebusinessmedia1 (#47742729) Attached to: A New Homegrown OS For China Could Arrive By October
China has been controlled from the center for millennia; this is China's fatal flaw. Attempts to control population in a wired world is going to limit exposure to social and intellectual capital. Long run, it's a dead-end strategy. China should be most famous for wasting more social and intellectual capital than any culture in the history of humanity, entirely due to closing off possibility via control from the center.

Comment: Fatal flaw: China can't adapt (Score 4, Interesting) 115

China has always been controlled from the center. In past eras, China has had technological and exploration advantages over the West that were wiped out by intrusion and isolation commanded from China's locus of concentrated power - whether via emperors, or the current regime.

Long run (maybe, even near-long-term) this does not bode well for China's prospects, because when one is sealed off from outside ideas and innovation, one will ultimately fall behind and adapt only in suboptimal ways. What results is a waste of social and intellectual capital.

Comment: Re:And no one will go to jail - just like bankers! (Score 4, Insightful) 266

I'm a moderate, who leans a but left, but I can say without equivocation that this administration has really let people down. Little knownn is that our current Attorney General, Eric Holder, was a lawyer who defended banks prior to coming to Washington. That not ONE of the banking CEO's or their very senior staffers is in jail for what was done several years ago, is an outrage! Unless we start JAILING people who otherwise think they can scoff at the law due to wealth or political connections, we are going down a road that violates the very tenets of our nation's forming.

Comment: How much of this work has been, or was outsourced? (Score 2) 144

It would be interesting to know what % of this work was outsourced, or in-sourced, to foreign corporations/workers. Also, it would be interesting to know 1) how contracts for this work were let, and how they were monitored along the way; 2) what incentives for good work were included, or disincentives for bad work were included. Does anyone know?

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