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Comment: Re:Valid science isn't the only yardstick. (Score 1) 134 134

by C10H14N2 (#44023361) Attached to: Proposed Rule Would Drastically Restrict Chimp Research

And sapience is pretty much the only thing we can point to when trying to claim humans are "better" than other animals. Take away that yardstick and we may as well be experimenting directly on humans.

Rather telling that the same vanity is used to both support and oppose the act in question...

Comment: Re:The Big Lie (Score 5, Informative) 205 205

by C10H14N2 (#43321491) Attached to: Why Bad Directors Aren't Thrown Out

Warren Buffet is the son of a four-term congressman who owned a stock brokerage and gave him his first job. He graduated high school in Washington, DC while his father was a sitting member of congress, then was promptly enrolled at U. Penn to study business.

Please stop spreading this "started from nothing" bullshit. It is a myth.

Comment: Re:It's so ... wrong (Score 1) 106 106

by C10H14N2 (#42973107) Attached to: Why My Team Went With DynamoDB Over MongoDB

No, no, no, you let your tedious "DBAs" think they're right and do all that "normalization" and "tuning" shit they keep yammering on about (whatevs), then get the new shiny so you can blob the whole fucker up and never have to worry about anything but said "SELECT * FROM FOO." It's great because our developers no longer have to talk to our DBAs about "optimizing" all that dynamic SQL our webforms were generating. The DBAs are now screaming about resource utilization, but, HELLO, they're the ones who insisted on building all those freakin tables in the first place when everyone knows you just need one to throw in all the XML. Idiots.

Comment: Re:Mitnick is a script kiddie (Score 4, Interesting) 85 85

by C10H14N2 (#42930189) Attached to: Kevin Mitnick Helping Secure Presidential Elections In Ecuador

The fact that he nearly single-handedly got the entire world to stop calling people "con-men" and start referring to them as enviable "social engineers" is his most staggeringly astounding accomplishment. That he now seems to have parlayed that into /actual/ social engineering is frightful.

Comment: A better idea. (Score 1) 226 226

Get elected, actually READ legislation before voting on it, actually WRITE legislation you submit, abstain from or vote no on anything where neither of the above are possible.

The "horse and buggy" model isn't just because of distance. It is because even the most well-informed voter cannot possibly have the time to comprehend every piece of legislation that comes up, so they vote for someone who generally aligns with their interests who's f'ing JOB it is to know how to analyze and vote accordingly WITHOUT a f'ing poll of the consituents, who honestly might as well be your cats. You risk voting "NO" on necessary, well thought legislation and "YES" on outright insanity at the whim of easily manipulated ignoramuses responding not to measured reason, but irrational frenzy.

This sort of crap is NOT being responsive to your constituents, it's being willfully lazy, actively incompetent and easily used.

Comment: Re:No, you can't (Score 1) 314 314

by C10H14N2 (#38782289) Attached to: Study Analyzes Recent Grads' Unemployment By Major

Okay, now I know you're full of shit. I did computer programming for rather large multinationals in college and I have a social sciences degree, ffs. If you were going CS/EE with any level of actual skill at a school of the slightest repute, "Pizza Guy" is the job you'd get to pay for beer while on scholarship or trust fund (I'd even find it eyebrow-raising then), not what you'd get if you were actually paying for school as you went. Apart from only paying enough for living expenses, it would just be a bizzare move as you could get absolute crap IT work paying several times as much, with less stress (that sort of food service is fucking maddening and exhausting) even as dumb-college-kid-#5546778.

As for astroturf, it's perceived because your examples are rife with convenient stereotypes. Community college in precisely two years with precisely the transferable courses to your chosen university in precisely the right order with not a single failed wait-list? You know how I know you've never taken a single course at community college? Because that's NIGH FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE.

I actually might suspect you ARE a North Korean spy with the oh-so-humble "Pizza Guy" story and the glorious advantages of our wonderful COMMUNity colleges. It's a caricature that just doesn't add up.

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