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Comment Re:Could Amazon, Azure, others, ever be compromise (Score 1) 55

None of this is relevant. The point is that nobody has made billions secretly hacking AWS and Azure. This is just FUD with no basis in reality.

How many businesses do you think run on AWS and Azure? Considering revenue for AWS is at $2.1 billion dollars. AWS also offers a cloud computing aimed at the Feds, which certainly wouldn't be of interest to anyone else out there.

Comment Re:Why I Am a Conservative (Score 1) 169

To have a government like Finland or the Netherlands requires pretty left-wing policies and attitudes, including paying civil servants well, which requires a lot of tax money. If you keep insisting on low tax rates because we don't have a government type that doesn't arise unless one has somewhat higher tax rates, I'm not sure what to say.

Feds earn 74% more than people in the private sector.

The Cato Institute’s Chris Edwards compared data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to show that, in his view, civilian federal workers are overcompensated. Factoring both salary and benefits, Edwards pointed to BEA data showing the average federal employee earns about $119,000 annually, compared to the private sector worker who earns $67,000 per year. When comparing just salaries, feds collect 50 percent bigger paychecks, Edwards said.

More sources:
U.S. Office of Personnel Management: "Senior Executive Service Performance & Compensation"
Congressional Research Service: "The Federal Workforce: Characteristics and Trends"
Congressional Budget Office: "Comparing the Compensation of Federal and Private-Sector Employees".

Apparently our Government is starved for cash? Here's where we tax. Look at how it's spent.

Comment Re:The real problem is Millennials. (Score 1) 402

Then around 2005 the Millennial Generation started getting involved, and things took a nosedive from there. We ended up with the debacles that I listed earlier. When three generations manage to do things right, and then the fourth royally fucks up everything, let's place the blame where it deserves to be placed: with that four generation!

Windows 8 Metro designer is Julie Larson-Green born in 1962. She's a 22 year Microsoft veteran headed to Office next. The Gnome 3 design history shows William Jon McCann (whom I cannot find a DOB for. I don't think it's strictly a generational thing, and if anything you're barking at GenX.

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