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Comment Re:I'm not a panicky guy but... (Score 5, Interesting) 423

If you can use Linux, you can easily disable any feature you don't like on Windows

For those not using the corporate version please share the steps for disabling telemetry. Another Slashdotter posted an interesting video that captured packets when programs, such as calculator, were opened. This was with the settings as private as they could be made: Cortana off, smartscreen off, bug reporting off, everything he could find turned off.

Comment Re: Now I won't feel guilty about using Adblock (Score 2) 394

I'll second uMatrix, I enjoy the granularity it offers and don't really mind the added steps of managing whitelists, it's well worth the trade off in my opinion. The uMatrix developer also makes uBlock which is a comparable adblock whatever sans the paid exceptions list. With TamperMonkey running in addition to that I've got a pretty sweet client side setup - bring on the JS for my debugging pleasure.

I'm awaiting Operas return, hopefully once the kinks with the browser engine have been sorted out it'll be smooth sailing for features around it. I used to use Firefox a bunch more and now I seldom find myself using it.

Comment Re:Deserves the protection of law and order? (Score 1) 80

Thanks for the reference I'll have to take a look at the book.

The wars on abstracts (drugs, crime, terror) has made our society more violent and less safe.

Violent crime has been dropping for several decades any way you slice it, America is at 1970s levels. What metrics are you using to that show an increase in violence? Even between 2013 and 2012 there's been a decrease.

Comment Re:U mama (Score 1) 90

There's a restaurant called Umami Burger. They have amazing burgers, arguably the best I've had, the truffle burger made with wagyu beef (if you eat beef) I'd highly recommend starting with. The burgers are a bit pricey so it's more of a once in awhile place. Hopefully there's a location near you, it's really good.

Comment Re: Speed v.s. reliability (Score 2) 114

AMD spends more time fixing nvidia sabotage than anything else. If nvidia would actually fight fair they likely wouldn't stand a damn chance. Hell nvidia became #1 by cheating benchmarks...how quickly everyone forgets.

AMD sabotages themselves more than anything with their drivers. It's not new.

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