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Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 554

Cops should have to prove self defence to the same standards...

Yes, I agree, and in some parts of the USA, they still do. Alas, having them convicted of using deadly force a year after your funeral is rather cold comfort for your friends and family. There are times when it's correct to insist on your rights, but it's probably not a good idea to try when you're looking down the barrel of an excited cop's gun.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 554

Your whole argument is a ridiculous strawman.

No, it's not. It's a simplification, listing only the two extremes, to make a point. And, by implication, it only applies after the cop has decided to draw his gun because until he's done, he's not threatening to use deadly force. As long as that gun isn't drawn, you both have a large number of options, but once it's out, refusing to comply because you're sure you're in the right can easily get you killed. And, btw, since you're talking about strawmen, listing all of the things the officer could have done instead of threatening to kill you is irrelevant, because if he'd chosen one of them he wouldn't have his gun out.

Comment Re:How many female students... (Score 3, Interesting) 340

I sympathize with you, but as a male, I don't personally consider that to be harassment because there's no threat, either explicit or implicit involved. When a professor treats a student like that, there's always the implication that the student's grade depends to some extent on what happens, but unless the student tries to blackmail the professor with false claims of impropriety, it's hard to see how it can be called harassment. ICBW, of course, but as of right now, that's how I see it.

Comment Re:Moon... (Score 4, Interesting) 37

Yes, a full moon was important, as well as acceptable weather conditions. However, the state of the tides was also important. The planners wanted the landing to take place before dawn, on a rising tide. Not only did that expose more of the beach obstacles, it meant that grounded landing craft would be afloat again sooner, making them able to bring in reinforcements sooner. And, if the landings didn't take place on June 6, the next time the tides would be right would be in two weeks, without a full moon.

Comment Re:Why did they need his passwords? (Score 1) 399

Neither my desktop PC nor my laptop has an Administrator account, and if they did, I'd have given them a password. They do, however, have root accounts and part of the installation is setting a root password. Hint: not everybody who uses a PC uses Windows; some of us install an OS that isn't designed to be as insecure as possible.

Comment Re:We often learn more from our failures. (Score 1) 440

Actually, my sister is only five years older than I am, and thought she was happy with Windows until she got her hands on Linux. Please note, BTW, that the conversion was her idea, we made sure that she had proper access to all of her old files and that if she needs help, I'm generally no farther away than the length of the condo we share. I also did a similar installation for a friend's wife, but that's because she had learned and liked Linux because her first husband used it and my friend doesn't know enough Linux to do it himself. (I did, however, have him defrag and shrink the Windows partition because he knows more about Windows than I do any more.) The one thing I won't do is force anybody to change; at most, I'll explain why I use it and let them decide for themselves.

Comment Re:Any good router suggestions? (Score 1) 527

You don't need to be a Linux guru unless you insist on doing everything from a CLI. This is why I suggested the distros I did: they don't need much maintenance, and if you go with CentOS, you won't have to worry about updates very often. The programs you need, including the firewall configuration, all have GUI front ends. And, unlike Windows, Linux doesn't demand that you download and install a special driver for almost any mainstream card unless the OEM is being pissy about providing the specs. If you're a hardware geek, or have access to one, your best bet is to buy bits and pieces and put your own server together with two NICs of the same brand. (Checking on the support forum for whatever distro you're planning on using will tell you which brands/models are safe.) And the nice thing about doing it that way is that you don't need bleeding edge hardware or a huge mass of RAM; if all the box is doing is acting as a router and a local DNS server, it won't need that much.

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