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Comment Re:BUILD (Score 1) 321

But the problem is that alienware is over priced shit, not that prebuilt boxes in general has a large margin. My local example would be a configurator like vs for the raw parts. Don't know what your local equivalent is, but it would be nothing lile the alienware outlier that you are using.

Comment Re:Total Waste of Funding (Score 1) 91

Let's say that the humans involved, and their shits, are of a regular size. What you have described is a macroscopic process. Some things work differently at different scales. If you scale your humans down to the size of CO2 molecules then you are describing a microscopic process. It is known more commonly as Maxwell's demon, and it does not work. What you are describing is an attempt to fight entropy directly. The shit would not only win, it would probably hit the fan in the process.

On the macroscopic scale the loss would not be visible in terms of the placement of the shit, but a careful observer would notice changes in the temperature of this shit, and the humans tasked with its shovelling. The heat displaced due to the recognition and rearrangement of the shits would be insignificant. The number of shits given by the shovellers at any point in time would be large. But scale is a fickle mistress and the ratio of useful work (shits given) to heat displaced would drop to zero as we approach the state described before you used your analogy: the net result of your attempt to blow this off as simple is a large amount of hot (carbon-rich) air, but no shits-given at all.

It is not every analogy that works: sometimes the detail removed are critical.

Comment Re:SDR Hardware (Score 2) 42

Or you can stabilize the temperature of the crystal yourself. We used to build crystal ovens to stabilize crystal oscillators at a constant temperature, and heat it up to 40C (or 50C depending on where you live) with some resistors. Use a thermistor and a regulator to control the temp.

Even without the oven, the R820 dongles on ebay from china gives you good stability after 10 minutes. You can listen to FM radio, Aircraft radio, old cellphones. I have one set up to receive aircraft tracking info as well as one for ship AIS. This gives me a nice map with view of all crafts in the area, with name, destination speed etc.

Comment Re:An unreadable sentence (Score 1) 86

The complexity classes are bounded by equations (well, they are the upper bounds of families of equations). There is a nice description in the comments on Scott's blog of how there is a gap in those equations (a region with no closed forms) that lies between the polynomial equatuons and the exponential ones. This result would be in the "polynomial greater metropolitan area" as he phrases it.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 674

Pointing out that AmiMoJo's arguments for majoritarianism are fascist in nature isn't an "ad hominem",

Misquoting him to make him appear facist is intellectually dishonest: arguing about whether that dishonesty is ad hominem or not is simply ducking the issue. The part of his post that you cropped from your response said:

Work to change it (good luck) or leave.

Taken together with his other line of argument this shows a basic respect for the democratic process. Hardly the stuff of facism unless you pull one part of what he said out of context. What do you think this is, Journalism 101?

Comment Re: You Are Always the Product (Score 1) 125

You seem to be under the illusion that changing the phone-number will change the profile. The profile is a mixture of location and interested based information mined from the way in the which the phone is used. If another phone is used the same way then it will generate the same profile. Switching burners is not a fix.

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