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Comment Re:Did anyone actually read the articles? (Score 1) 432

Did anyone read this article? [space.com]. "Geoff Marcy ....

Yep. Summary: famous astronomer resigns because a few people accused him of stuff. Like one guy says he saw him rubbing a girls shoulders. Scary stuff.

Or how about this one? [cnn.com] "Results from a recent AAS survey ...

Yep. Summary: Incredibly low number of people in astronomy say that at some point in their lives they've heard a co-worker or superior say something sexist. Actual rates of sexual harassment remain unknown because the survey focused on compiling superficially scary sounding numbers rather than useful information.

Comment Re:-1 Self-Refuting (Score 1) 432

You can't claim that all of this stuff is so unusual that it is newsworthy and then a paragraph afterwards say that it's so common that men everywhere are actively avoiding women. Pick a story and stick to it.

He didn't say it was common, and it doesn't have to be common. Our fear of something is a combination of both the likelihood of occurrence and the extent of possible harm were it to occur. Parents are constantly telling their children not to talk to strangers, and we have a whole system of procedures which kick in when a child goes missing, even though actual kidnappings by strangers are incredibly rare.

Employees know that a harassment complaint can ruin a good working environment, as well as result in the termination of an otherwise promising career. Employers know it can cost them millions of dollars. Everyone is worried about it, even if it's not particularly common. Basically, at this point, having female employees is an unnecessary risk with severe repercussions and no tangible benefits.

Comment Re:I talk about it openly (Score 1) 308

You seem to have claimed that people who have insurance get prepaid rather than free drugs. The AC did not miss your point, he corrected you. Insurance is only prepaid if it covers the whole cost, when it does not it is neither free nor prepaid.

If there is any ambiguity it is that when you made your claim you mean "you" entirely literally - to refer only to the poster that you were responding to, and not people with medical insurance in general. That is a non-standard / unusal way if phrasing what you meant and if that is the cause then your point was indeed lost somewhere in translation.

Either that or you were simply wrong and got corrected. It does seem in hindsight there is a little ambiguity about which happened.

Comment The helium will leak out, and drives will fai(#)&a (Score 5, Informative) 175

Worked for an measurement instrument company building instruments that had to work in helium atmosphere. We tried for a long time to seal the helium out. Even to the point of filling the entire inside with glass filled epoxy to prevent intrusions of helium. In the end we gave up, and did a redesign to work in helium. solid metal seals will work, but pretty much any other seal will not.

Comment Re:Recognize them??? (Score 1) 144

Actually, incorrect. While some awards (e.g. the Bronze Star, Medal of Honor) are given for unusual behavior (e.g. heroism), the military has the worlds' original badge system. There are badges for everything.

This is true as long as you're speaking about the US military. It seems like you guys get 9 medals before even completing basic. The same cannot be said for other countries. Most Commonwealth nations are much more stingy with medals - if you end up with 5 or 6 in your whole career, you've done well.

Comment Re:Question for n0w4k (Score 2) 172

Might ve a temporary problem, but right now your paywall-free link in the sunmary goes to a nature paywall asking for $22, and your other twitter link goes to a "nature is broken right now, we will charge you later" page. Shame as your article sounds interesting, any chance of putting the pre-submission draft on Arxiv?

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