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Comment Re:At least he still has a sense of humor (Score 1) 206

Many very, very sad people can have senses of humor. I'm not saying Snowden is depressed or whatever, but ... I have read/heard about the apparent significant rates of depression when it comes to comedians. Funny != happy. I'm not depressed, either, but I know I can be quite funny even if I'm hurting. Partially, it's a way to hide the hurt/pain from others.

(again, I have *no* idea about Snowden. Just commenting on the idea of being sad being mutually exclusive with being humorous. :) )

Comment Time to Stop with Political Correctness (Score 4, Funny) 244

Okay, folks, it is time to get rid of the political correctness and call a spade a spade.

There is one group of Americans who cause the vast majority of violent crimes in the United States. They commit a disproportionately large amount of homicides and make up a vastly disproportionate amount of the people in prisons across the country.

They are responsible for being a majority of drug offenders. They cause most fights in schools and make up the vast, vast majority of high school drop outs.

They are also responsible for a vastly disproportionate amount of DUIs.

But political correctness will not allow us to talk about this problem. If we simply locked up this part of society, we'd all be better off.

And I think we all know what group this is.


Males. Lock 'em all up and throw away the key.


Robots' Next Big Job: Trash Pickup 112

Nerval's Lobster writes: You've heard of self-driving cars, fast-moving robots, and automated homes. Now a research group led by Volvo, a waste-recycling company, and a trio of universities in the United States and Sweden want to bring much of the same technology to bear on a new problem: trash disposal. Specifically, the consortium wants to build a robot that will collect trash-bins from in front of peoples' homes, carry those bins to the nearest waste-disposal truck, and empty them. While that's a pretty simple (although smelly) task for a human being, it's an incredibly complex task for a robot, which will need to evaluate and respond to a wide range of environmental variables while carrying a heavy load. An uneven curb, or an overloaded bin, could spell disaster. Hopefully Volvo's experiment can succeed in a way that some of its other self-driving projects have failed. It's struck me, too, how the trash collection vehicles that come by my house are mostly piloted robots already; the humans are there to deal with problems and control the joysticks, but hydraulic arms lift and empty the garbage containers themselves.

Comment Re:Why not Mach 22 (Score 1) 221

Nope, you're dead wrong on all points. Flight is far more efficient than a ballistic trajectory. Being in an atmosphere is actually really great because wings allow you to lift far more weight than your engines themselves are capable of. And there's no way to 'glide' in space.

Maybe you lack some understanding here. Take the international space station. It is using almost no fuel as it moves along at Mach 22. If you lower it into the atmosphere, and add wings to it, you will use a lot more fuel to keep it flying.

Comment Why not Mach 22 (Score 4, Interesting) 221

Why not Mach 22

If you first want to go fast, why not just use an intercontinental ballistic missile? It is really simple construction (read fuel tank with orifice), uses cheap fuel, and really need no fancy aerodynamics or control system. Just aim and fire.

The whole idea of pushing a vessel through air for hours and hours, wasting fuel, when it can glide with no friction a few miles higher seems dumb. It also consumes more fuel in total.

Comment Re:as a linux user, i can explain. (Score 1) 165

So even within Linux distros, there's differences in how much they do without you "knowing." This was my point. :)

I haven't actually setup Gentoo... I played with Sabayon at one time, but that's a just a Gentoo-based distro, as I recall. I don't think I had to do the whole crazy long Gentoo installation and configuration process.

But I've installed and configured a whole lot of aix, linux, solaris, hp-ux, and windows servers for work, so I'm not unfamiliar with the way *nix works. :)

Comment Re:as a linux user, i can explain. (Score 1) 165

when he accepted the defaults in good faith

Exactly. So, the issue here isn't so much what MS is doing, but not being more up front about it. In other words - documentation and probably some better decisions (heh). But the OP said that malware was a program doing anything that he didn't *tell* it to do. Telling something to do something is active; accepting defaults is fairly passive, I would argue.

Maybe it's a nitpick, but I see it as a pretty big one. Linux distros do a lot of things that I didn't actually ask them to do. It just so happens that they do a lot less without me knowing than Windows or OS X.

Here's a good example: what does a given Linux distro do when you plug in a USB drive? I'm not sure. :) Most seem to prompt for what to do. As does Windows. Some may open the folder automatically. Some don't even mount it automatically. Offhand, I can't remember what the distro that I use most at work (RHEL) does.

Comment Re:as a linux user, i can explain. (Score 2) 165

So, you specifically told every single Linux program what to do? You actually told gdm to start? You told your web browser to cache data? You told vi to automatically make backup files?

I get your primary point. But the way you put it may be a little bit simplistic for a complex system. My Linux boxes do a lot of things that I didn't actually tell it to do. Cron runs, and I didn't tell it to. I know it does it, but I didn't TELL it to. It's default behavior. Some distros have sudo automatically setup. Some distros have ntp setup. Some automatically check (but don't install) for updates. All of that, I didn't tell it to do. Unless that also counts as malware?

Comment Re:10 Mbits isn't enough (Score 3, Informative) 280

If you have 50Mbs you will not have any problems with decent video while playing a game. If you do, the problems must be somewhere else. Your hardware or network congestion/configuration, or many of you family members is watching porn in 4k 3D without your knowledge.

Netflix bitrate for 4k video is 15.6Mbps. Games are mostly under 0.5Mbps. If you run a game server, you may need more than 0.5Mbps.

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