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Comment Re:Did He Really Just Pull That Up To His Face? (Score 4, Informative) 289

The only purpose of a hood is to keep stuff from getting in the engine bay and improve aerodynamics. If you think it adds structural integrity to the vehicle, I suggest you spend a little more time under the hood. Most hoods are attached at two points by weak hinges, real structural there. Not to mention, a common hood material is fiberglass which breaks up into shards fairly easy.

Comment Re:There is NO SUCH THING as being self sufficient (Score 2) 467

Yes, but the government can make it harder to import/export, and they can "encourage"(subsidize) companies that actively "drill" within our borders.

I'm not saying I'd recommend that or that it would bring prices down, but the government has more than enough power to make it happen if you buy the right congressmen.

Comment Re:Not so bad (Score 1) 228

For the cost of that laser printer's replacement ink cartridge alone, I can get a quality color inkjet WITH a built-in scanner. While I might not need color prints(nice to have just in case), I'd make the case that a scanner is mandatory in any house.

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