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Comment Re:Love, Grandmaster Flash (Score 2) 118

No, it's *worse* than autocorrect. If you look at twitter, Facebook, or any social media, you'll find that people have completely horrible spelling and grammar. Swiftkey will try to make your posts look just like theirs.

I'm sure that after replying to their boss with a "Like totally dude, sounds rad" text message, most people will turn this feature off.

Comment Re:Two simple suggestions. (Score 4, Interesting) 1822


You have a wonderful feeback loop on slashdot. Editors post an article about foobar. The article gets 437 comments; so clearly the community is interested in foobar, and might want to see more of them. Conversely, if only 23 comments are posted, maybe foobar just isn't a thing.

Of course you need to actually *read* some of the comments. If there are 437 comments, but 400 of them are "foobar sucks" and "why won't foobar die", maybe you *shouldn't* post more stories.

And, if an article gets pitifully few comments: look at the headline and description. Maybe it just wasn't written well enough to make people click. Hopefully you're already tracking editors by watching how many popular and how many stupid topics they post.

Comment Re:Has this already been done? (Score 1) 220

You make that sound like a bad thing. Being essentially maintenance-free for 100,000 miles is far, far ahead of the industry average. There are two ways to have all components fail at the same time:

  (a) measure the life span of the worst component. Cheapen every other part down to that standard.

  (b) find the worst component, and make it better, so it lasts 100,000 miles. Repeat until the entire vehicle lasts that long.

Given the choice, I'll buy the (b), thanks.

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