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Comment: Re: Here's the solution (Score 5, Insightful) 577

by sunderland56 (#48042629) Attached to: Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?

You should be able to install 1000 programs, uninstall them all, and your system should be identical to what it was before. Anything else is a failure.

The very existence of the registry is wrong. Operating systems like Unix, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, etc. don't have a registry, and don't have any significant "OS Decay".

Comment: Re:Transformative Platforms! (Score 1) 182

by sunderland56 (#47905753) Attached to: Oculus Rift CEO Says Classrooms of the Future Will Be In VR Goggles

List of transformative, disruptive, game-changing, paradigm-shifting technologies that have changed education forever:

9) Eight-Track Tape Recorders

I hesitate to ask what sort of an education you got that involved eight track tapes..... did it also involve the back seat of a 1970 Camaro?

Comment: Re:Damaged reputation? (Score 1) 191

by sunderland56 (#47161889) Attached to: Intel Wants To Computerize Your Car

Several reviews of Ford and Cadillac models I've read, particularly models with older versions of SYNC/QUE, have been overwhelmingly positive with the exception of the infotainment system.

Every review of BMW models is overwhelmingly positive.... except for the *bleep* infotainment system.

All car owners want entertainment along the journey. Some get their entertainment from music, maps, and the like. The others get their entertainment by hitting the cloverleaf at 90 MPH. Intel can help the first group; Intel can do nothing but frustrate the second group.

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