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Comment: Re: No AI is a Wizard (Score 1) 148

by sunderland56 (#49134171) Attached to: Artificial Intelligence Bests Humans At Classic Arcade Games

Well, that would be the point. Things like driving a car and performing surgery need both (a) computing capability and (b) a real-world interface. It would seem that taking a pinball machine, a handful of linear motors, a camera, and some compute power would be a much, much more useful real-world learning exercise.

When playing an electronic game, the exact same input will produce the exact same result; but on a mechanical pinball game, there will always be a slight variation - which makes the whole thing far more realistic.

Comment: Hire decent people (Score 2) 101

by sunderland56 (#48962499) Attached to: Building a Good Engineering Team In a Competitive Market

There is really no way you're going to get the people you want based on perks, salary, benefits, and the like.

However: virtually every company has some insufferable ***holes on staff, either in engineering, or management, or both. If you're lucky, you get to meet one during your interview process, and strike that company from your list. In other cases you think you're golden - only to meet the offending employee(s) during your first week or two. Then you have to restart the whole job search thing once again.

I'm not saying that everyone needs to be perfect. Everyone is a jerk once in a while; but the fewer loud, arrogant, sexist/homophobic/prejudiced/intolerant people on staff, the happer everyone will be. If I'm going to spend 10 hours a day with people, then they should be people I'd choose to hang out with anyway, not people I'd avoid.

Comment: Commission (Score 2) 238

by sunderland56 (#48858373) Attached to: Google Thinks the Insurance Industry May Be Ripe For Disruption

So commissions are $50/$481 = about 10%. In other words, a fairly minor factor; you can usually save that by switching companies. Sure, it would be nice to chop 10% off your bill; but that is hardly a "major disruption". Even a caveman can chop 15% off your bill; who needs technology?

Most major carriers are moving towards online services already. If Google enters the market, their efforts can quickly be matched, leaving no net advantage for Google.

Comment: Re:Who knew? (Score 2) 62

by sunderland56 (#48427009) Attached to: Google Maps Crunches Data, Tells You When To Drive On Thanksgiving

If Google really wanted to help out, they would scan their database to find your blog/twitter/facebook/etc. postings about your family; then they could make much more useful suggestions, like "Hey, Uncle Norm is a real pain - why don't you relax and stay at home this Thanksgiving?"

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