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Comment Re:what are they saying (Score 2, Interesting) 149

The useless employees were disproportionately female.

It's a little more subtle.

  - Microsoft bought Nokia
  - Nokia was a company that was much more enlightened than Microsoft, and actually had some female employees
  - Now Microsoft is canning a bunch of those people

  And so - the layoffs are disproportionally female compared to *Microsoft* standards, not compared to Nokia standards, and not compared to other sane companies.

Comment Re:obvious (Score 1) 69

They sink when the power fails.

That isn't stopping the incredible growth in the marketplace for drones.

I'd expect a personal drone (i.e. one that can carry you as a payload) to be available way way before a personal hovercraft. Just watch out for the rotating knives.

Comment Re:40 pounds? (Score 1) 98

Vandalisms and theft happens, yet it is still possible to park your car or your bike in most places without getting it vandalized or stolen.

If you park your car with a portable GPS, or an iPhone, sitting in plain view on the dashboard, I bet you'll have a different experience.

The reason society works is because most people aren't assholes.

So, you've never been to New York City, have you?

Comment Compiler incompatibility? (Score 2) 129

From the release notes:

>> The code has been updated to work with newer versions of the compiler

So.... GNU broke their compiler to the point that it wouldn't compile existing code; and then their other projects need to change their sources to work? Doesn't that seem horribly backwards?

Hurd is billed as being written in "assembly and C", but evidently it wasn't any sort of standardized assembly or C, it was some private variant that only GNU understood, and only GNU could compile. Now that GCC doesn't accept their non-standard code, they had to spend months rewriting everything in standardized form..... bizarre. Great use of the limited resources available.

Comment Re:Hurd.. why? (Score 1) 129

I mean I appreciate the extreme challenges of what they are doing

You mean the "extreme challenge" of writing an entire kernel from scratch? Linus Torvalds did that in one summer, by himself; GNU have been working on Hurd for 25 years now. Seems like they've failed that challenge, no?

Or do you mean the "extreme challenge" of making Hurd seem relevant to anyone? Yeah, that's a tough one. Good luck with that.

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