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Comment Re:I prefer Google TV! (Score 1) 133

Chromecast all but requires another smart device running (continuously) to control it. You can't control it directly.

The Amazon Fire Stick is pretty much identical to the Chromecast (but nicer), and comes with a remote control. For the intended market, the Amazon product is far superior.

The Chromecast works perfectly well with some apps (e.g. Netflix), but stutters badly on others (e.g. Hulu). I wonder how much of this is a questionable WiFi connection, and how much of it is poor software buffering design? My bet is that a hardwired connection will make Hulu performance better, but not perfect.

Comment Just block them (Score 2) 130

One basic problem seems to be that repositories are providing downloads of known vulnerable components.

Once a bit of software has a known vulnerability, it should *immediately* be deleted from all repositories. Responsible developers will post a fix in a timely manner; hacks will wait weeks/months/years to update, Eventually people will move away from the badly written bits of software - because they aren't available. Problem solved.

Comment Re:Not compatible with my Nexus 5 (Lollipop 5.1) (Score 2) 173

C++ for Android is an interesting challenge, because there are multiple processor types out there.

Remember when Apple was shipping MacOS for both Intel and PPC processors? C++ programs worked just fine. There's not much in computer science that hasn't already been solved.

Comment Other reasons (Score 5, Insightful) 306

Seems like the biggest reason not to pick your career based on the economy is this: you'll probably won't like the job. So, instead of doing something you enjoy, you get to spend 50 years doing a job you hate. Now, if you guessed right, maybe you'll hate your job, but at least make some money. But if you guessed wrong - you'll have huge student loans to pay, and a lifetime of misery, all because you' placed money above your happiness.

Comment Re:WTF are you trying to do, exactly? (Score 1) 99

"I use a laptop, but I rarely do local compute on it, only cloud-based stuff; so I'm willing to spend $400+ on a device that arbitrarily limits me to ONLY doing cloud stuff, and can never do any useful local compute if I need it".

Car analogy: I only use a maximum of 63 horsepower in my daily commute, so I'm going to go out and buy a brand new car with a 63 horsepower engine.

Comment Free Car (Score 1) 290

So once I did the accounting system for a car dealership..... in short:

if ((firstname == EASTER_FIRST) && (lastname == EASTER_LAST))
        discount = EASTER_DISCOUNT;

and hey presto, if I bought a car there, instant 15% discount.

Bad news: It was a GM dealership. In other words.... it was *still* better to buy a Honda.

Comment Define "harmful app" (Score 1) 91

An app that you don't want, is completely useless, that consumes storage space, but is not removable - that, to me, is harmful. By that measure, 99.9% of Android phones contain harmful apps.

Just wait until one of the cannot-be-uninstalled apps comes up with a major security vulnerability. That's going to be fun to watch.

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