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Comment: Inaccuracies (Score 1) 57

by sunderland56 (#48250817) Attached to: Taking the Census, With Cellphones

So, they're saying that the obvious under-reporting (for low-income households, the homeless, and for babies/young children/seniors) is balanced by the obvious over-reporting (people with both a work and a home phone, and people who's line of work involves several "burner" phones) ?

Constitutionally - this is not a fair accounting method, since there is an income requirement to be counted.

Comment: Re:Let's shit all over the customers (Score 1) 129

For a 3 year old device this is quite good support, I'd say.

Would you say that about any other consumer device? Heck, the *warranty* on a new car is usually longer than that; and US laws mandate that the manufacturer support the car with parts and service for at least 10 years. If a major flaw is found, the company has to issue a recall and fix it for free. Your phone/taplet/computer? After a year you're on your own, and any updates - even for massive security flaws - is totally at the whim of the manufacturer. And this is considered good?

Comment: Re:Domestic sourcing required? (Score 1) 95

But the foundries will still be in the USA; only the ownership is changing. They aren't making Essex Junction a part of Abu Dhabi.

The main complaint seems to be this: "GlobalFoundries, a U.S.-based firm owned by investors in Abu Dhabi". But: IBM itself is a US-based firm owned by investors in many different countries, including Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and many others. Does that make IBM less trustworthy?

Comment: Re:Recognition (Score 5, Funny) 150

by sunderland56 (#48196071) Attached to: 'Microsoft Lumia' Will Replace the Nokia Brand

It's not exactly the name recognition, it's the name's reputation.

Nokia: well recognized, well liked brand with positive reception everywhere.

Microsoft: well recognized, universally hated brand, regular finalist in "most hated company" competitions.

Marketing 101 says: they chose the wrong name.

Comment: Why a government site? (Score 2) 120

by sunderland56 (#48195661) Attached to: Overwhelmed By Recall For Deadly Airbags

Why should the government be the main source for recall information? Shouldn't that come from the manufacturer/importer?

Pass a law saying car companies must have recall information easily accessible on the web. The extra cost for the companies (which have large splashy advertising sites already, backed by a decent server infrastructure) will be next to nothing. However, this will save the government money; they can just put up a static page with pointers to the individual manufacturer's sites.

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