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Comment: Re:10 or 20%? For what? (Score 1) 120

I was kind of thinking the same thing. Except instead of yellow pages, I was thinking angie's list. They do some subscription thing to make money but screen reviews and only allow customers of whatever services to make them. I think they are limited to home improvement type stuff though.

Comment: Re:So What (Score 1) 321

by sumdumass (#49376077) Attached to: Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains

Don't you think there is a difference between someone who can afford booze and drugs who can hold a job and someone who drinks to the point they cannot? Isn't there a difference between someone who buys a bag of weed and someone who buys groceries?

Just because we do the same things doesn't mean we are equally doing them. When you know when to stop, when you don't do it beyond your means, you do not end up losing your means, you are not the same. But that really doesn't matter because other choices play a bigger role. Choices like being a single mom or having 10 trophies (kids) or screwing up jobs so you are stuck with shit jobs and low pay.

But hey, did you know that two income families making minimum wage is not considered in poverty? Divorce them and both will be.

Comment: Re:Not sure, if this is "news for nerds" (Score 2) 120

Sears tried something like this years ago. Except it mostly dealt with connecting contractors to customers who purchased the products sold for installation. They ran into a lot of legal problems. Some areas considered them to be contractors themselves so they needed to be licensed and bonded. Some areas considered them liable for disputes that popped up. They got a handle on it but not before some headaches. Amazon will find this out too.

Comment: Re:Ballsy, but stupid ... (Score 1) 308

by sumdumass (#49374093) Attached to: Attempted Breach of NSA HQ Checkpoint; One Shot Dead

I gather from news reports that they not only rammed the gate but security cars when less than lethal attempts to subdue them were being tried. But otherwise i agree with you with the exception of reasonable. Any other way needs to be reasonable enough to not cause extreme risk to someone's life. When that is present, lethal force is warranted whether it is obvious or not.

Comment: Re:Simplr math ... (Score 1) 352

by sumdumass (#49366337) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid

I doubt that. She seems like less of a bitch than Hillary, is more media and business friendly in ways Hillary simply tries to put on a show about, and not too many people outside the tech world actually hate her.

Outside of her name sounding foreign, I would think she has just as much chance as any other woman running. I bet she would be picked as a vice president candidate too- if the primaries don't get too ugly.

Comment: Re:Seems unlikely to work (Score 1) 58

by sumdumass (#49366231) Attached to: Australian Government Outlines Website-Blocking Scheme

I don't know why it should be easier to get a conviction, the laws were either broken and there is proof of it or there isn't. I would hate to be in a court system that decides you were warned 3 times by means outside the court so you are more likely guilty on the same evidence.

Now I can see where the modus operandi is used to determine Mes Rea but I'm not sure the type of copyright laws being addressed need that level of detail. Displaying the willingness to subvert a blocking mechanism would show intent to violate the copyright.

Comment: Re: Best buy (Score 2) 197

by sumdumass (#49365027) Attached to: Best Buy Kills Off Future Shop

I expect either a level of competency in looking the answers up or level of humility and just saying "I don't know" when they do not know. But I'm not sure where the difference is in lieing to your face to sell something and ignorantly lieing just to up sell something.

Here is another great example of an experience I had with Best Buy. I was looking for a specific US robotics hardware modem and their website said they had one in stock. This was for an old linux box that served as a fax server using hylafax and was a direct replacement for existing hardware (spec'd because of local availability). After three people suggesting I use a win modem and looking completely blank like a deer staring into headlights when I explained the difference between a hardware modem and winmodem and told them I needed raw serial communications, they got someone from the geeksquad to assist. After giving him a model number and explaining why I needed that specific model, he told me not only was there nothing like that which they carried, but that modems use the PCI bus and would be incapable of serial communication. He said I would need to order one from a vendor specific channel. I called a coworker and asked him if he could find another locally on line so I could pick on up. Turns out best buy was the only one he could find so my coworker ordered it online for in store pick up. I went to the counter right next to where we were and said I was there to pick up an order for XXXX. They said it was still being pulled but would be there in about 5 minutes. 5 minutes passed and I walked out the door with what I originally came in to get an hour ago only to be accosted by some idiot at the door wanting to match my receipt to the product in the bag.

I've got lots of stories about best buy. I prefer to purchase local when possible but have such a hatred for their idiocy that I will buy online if I don't need something right now and cannot find it at one of the other stores that dabble in electronics. How others put up with it is beyond me.

Comment: Re: Best buy (Score 2) 197

by sumdumass (#49363605) Attached to: Best Buy Kills Off Future Shop

The best buy employees around my neck of the woods are complete and total idiots. Especially the Geek Squad rocket scientists or whatever they are supposed to be. It's a chore to even enter the store it seems. I've had both (the blue shirts and black shirts) try to tell me crap I knew from the start simply wasn't true. I think the funniest story was when I was purchasing some CDs for my burner and was trying to make sure I was getting the brand on sale. One of the employees saw me and tried to suggest I purchase the CDs labeled as Music because they were better qualify and would read faster. He said that was why they were more expensive than data cds (evidently making crap up is more productive than knowing about the media tax on Music labeled media).

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