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Comment: Re:Not Dumb.... (Score 1) 195

It could be likely that one or more of the employees where account holders. But i agree, the DC has about as much right to snoop through your data as your landlord has to wiretap your phone or rummage through you closets and sock drawer just becsuse it is on his property.

Comment: Re:Good question (Score 1) 195

That doesn't make a hill of brans anyways. The answer is US law does not matter in canada unless a treaty makes it matter or a US citizen in US jurisdiction is involved in violating a US law. And the later is only to the extent the US can convince Canada to enforce a warrant or extradite someone to the US or otherwise lawfully brkng the people or companies into US jurisdiction (nab them at the airport or something).

The reason it was brought up is because organized democrate trolls were marshalled to trash the republicans online in an attemp to manipulate sentiment against them in the event of a shutdown of DHS over defunding Obama's executive action on immigration. We see it rise up here every time the republicans seem to be getting into a standoff with Obama. I suspect they haven't quite called the dogs off because of israel's priminister speaking to congress without asking Obama first.

They will try to use anything even if it is absurd because it advances the narritive that X is evil. Soundbytes sell ideas even if they cannot sell products. This can be seen in the recent Oracle story where they insisted the corupt governor involved was a DINO and really a republican.

Comment: Re: Are we looking through the center... (Score 1) 135

by sumdumass (#49169357) Attached to: Astronomers Find an Old-Looking Galaxy In the Early Universe

That was somewhat my thought. Some gravitational anomally that has bent light representing of as being in an area other than its real location giving the appearance of old-young.

Or perhaps there are more than one way for the heavier metals to form or our understanding is flawed. Its not like we can easily recreate the process we think is behind this.

Comment: Re: One Word ... (Score 1) 227

Great. Now that we know you can look stuff up, and assuming there is not a comprehension problem hiding within you, where in law does it give this person the powers in question?

You did see the parts about granted by law and the provisions of this act right? Of course you did and since you posted the declared purpose, i'm sure you will be able to post the provisions in law allowing it.

Comment: Re:Sell any stock before they launch this... (Score 1) 371

by sumdumass (#49165895) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links

Lol.. i bet your teacher marked you down for not following directions quite a bit. Not only doed you logical fallacy (appeal to authority) miss the point, your hatred for christians seems to make you think christians is all religions and therefore _all_religious_websites_.

Take a deep breath and think before you reply.

Comment: Re:Sell any stock before they launch this... (Score 1) 371

by sumdumass (#49163469) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links

No, there is not. For everyone you think there is, any religion can simply claim it was created that way or the supernatural will of some supernatural being and you have absolutely no way to factually test or refute that. Note, unless it is a matter of some religion saying X and the sites saying Y, any injection of your beliefs is only your opinion not fact. Now this does not mean any religion it true, its just that you have no factual basis to say it is not.

You are simply wrong.

Comment: Re:Last straw? (Score 1) 511

Its interesting that you brought up the foreing aid aspect of military spending. Its also world security as most of Europe has demonstrated through history that whenever they have large armies, they tend to use them against each other. But your point is proven recently as Itally made a few threats against ISIS and had to walk them back when they realized ISIS forces outnumbered their own troop strength significantly. While not a permenant problem, it shows how little concern they had for their national protection because of the strength of allies.

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