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Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 0) 292 292

If you have free speech, yes you have that right.

Speaking of gluten free - i tried it once. Turned out either i have a mild gluten allergy or consciously picking the food I ate based on nutritional values made a significant difference in my disposition. I was more pleasant to be around, more energetic, had less ailments, was more regular in bathroom breaks, and overall felt better.

Of course that was not a proper study and it just as well could have been a placebo effect moving in. I'm back to my old ways again with a few exceptions and do not see much of any reversal though.

Comment Re:Raising questions about freedom of speech? (Score 1) 298 298

There is no grasping at all here. If they permit you to hold an event in a park, i am not free to have a touch football game at that time in that same space where i could otherwise.

The line is clearly drawn at a fugitive speaking. A Polanski film wouldn't be the same unless it was Polanski himself making a speech. His music played by either recording or cover band would be the same.

What is at play here is whether or not government has the right to restrict fugitives from special uses of public property. Seeing how they can suspend a fugitive's license, It is clear that they can.

Comment Re:Raising questions about freedom of speech? (Score 3, Insightful) 298 298

You are correct.

There is also nothing in the constitution that says any entity must allow you to use their property at the exclusion of others in order to express your speech. That's what this is. They want to have a concert on public grounds that will in essence restrict other from freely using the same said grounds and the city said no if a wanted criminal and fugitive from law would be a party of it.

Comment Re:Yep, keep searching (Score 1) 434 434

It doesn't matter. You are trying to correct a political spouting BS to see if people will believe him.

Here is a couple of facts which you should know but got lost within the technical of the sequestration.

First, the Benghazi happened September 11, 2012. Second, the budget sequestration, while becoming law in 2011 under the Budget control act, did not sequester anything until March of 2013. It was supposed to kick in of a budget reconciliation was not passed by January 1 2013 but they extended it in the American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012.

So while you are technically correct, you simply do not need to be. A fucking calendar and the ability to count is all you need to show how much of a clueless moron looking to justify itself the guy is. The sequestration could not have been the cause of something that happened 7 months before the sequestration. Even if you do not count the delay to march instead of January, we are looking at almost 4 months before the sequestration. Numerous requests for more security was supposedly requested and rejected. The rejection was not in any way due to Sequestration.

Comment Re:Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified in (Score 2) 434 434

No he didn''t..lol..

Libby was charged and convicted for crap surrounding the investigation not outing plame. That wa Richard Armatage and it was known from the start of the investigation.

FFS, it's all over the internet and any reference site you wish to pick. Wikipedia, for all it's worth, even cites references. I cannot understand how in this day and age anyone would get this so wrong when it's so easy to do a cursory investigation into the matter.

Comment Re:Not a factor in actually secure environments (Score 1) 227 227

Were they open to the network or open to VPN into the network?

I've never trusted wireless access. Could never get the funding to really secure it. The answer for those places that just have to have it was a separate network in front of the firewall and VPN everything through. From a user perspective, It could be an open access point but they didn't have access to the company network.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 227 227

Lol.. if you think this guy is a moron, you know nothing about securing a network. One of the most basic principles is to not allow devices and access you do not directly control. The fact that he was detecting a MAC address at all means he was using it with the company network.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 227 227

You have basically three choices if he doesn't supply the phone. Either do without a phone, do with a different employer, or allow the insane policy.

Working somewhere else won't fix the policy because there will always be someone desperate for employment who would put up with it. But it is a pointless policy because you can copy everything from the comfort of home before it gets to the point of wiping the phone. About the only good use for something like this would be if the phone came up missing and you cannot trust it anymore. I think there are already services you can use to wipe phones (some may even brick them after the wipe) if they became lost or stolen. Not an unreasonable request in my opinion. That is if you are going to keep credentials that allow access to company resources like email or VPN services on it.

Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 1) 232 232

Is your google finger broken? No Dianne Feinstein does not have a CCW. She may still have the pistol but has publicly claimed she got rid of it too. She wasn't a big gun control champion when she had her CCW either. The only reason we know about it is that she admitted having previously had one when trying to institute an assault weapons ban.

But hey, as long as you can say someone else is wrong- amiright? Oh, and you may have failed the reading comprehension, I certainly did not. Try reading the rest of my post. Perhaps it is above your level and you should ask you mom to come into the basement and help you understand it or something?

Comment Re:Audio Needed (Score 2) 49 49

There use to be software or a process with a human that would listen in on tech support calls while the person was on hold. It would try to detect key words like cussing and so on to determine the level of upset the user was. It would then transfer the calls a little sooner than if they stayed in original queue.

I used to just start spouting random swear words in hopes of going to the front of the line. Had an employer catch me doing it once and was about ready to fire me until he found out why. Sometimes it appears to work, most of the time it just relieves some stress.

Comment Re:If Apple owns the patent (Score 1) 133 133

Well, technically he has. There used to be an ice cream shop right on base. It sold burgers and shakes and stuff too. It was named Guantanamo. He shut it down and now the servicemen have to go into Cuba proper in order to get ice cream. That is why normalizing relations with Cuba was so damn important.

Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 2) 232 232

I think you are ignoring reality in order to press whatever ideology you want to be true.

With the exception of the democrat in California who was running guns and creating his own little market niche by championing and passing gun control laws, almost all prominent gun control advocates do in fact have armed security around them the majority of time they are in public. They do no arm themselves unless you consider hiring armed thugs or having armed police provided by the state to be arming yourself.

BTW, intelligence does enter into it. How else do you compensate for or explain the "I won't arm myself but pay others to arm themselves for me while actively trying to stop others from protecting their families" mentality and pretending it somehow makes them better than everyone else.

Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 2) 232 232

You might be on to something. Now if you just add that the smart people end up hiring the stupid people to be armed and around them to protect them while decrying the evils of guns, you might have a solid theory on your hands.

Oh and no, I wasn't being sarcastic. I think it's stupid for people to arm themselves and put their life in danger in order to protect some rich asshat or politician or whatever that seems to have pissed enough people off that they fear for their lives for the pittance of salary a lot of these people make. It seems like all the largest mouth pieces against guns sure have a lot of them around in the hands of hired help to protect them.

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