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by sumdumass (#47950105) Attached to: Dealership Commentator: Tesla's Going To Win In Every State

There is more to it than that. Buying and selling car between commercial entities is highly regulated. For instance, you need a special license to open a new or used car lot, even if that lot is your driveway. Many states even have laws that consider you to be a commercial sales entity if you purchase and sell more then so many cars in a year (5 or 6 in my state).

But you also need special licenses if you want to purchase junk cars, salvaged vehicles and so on. The regulations by the state goes well beyond dealerships getting burned by the manufacturers. Its because the public was harmed- salesman lies about condition of car or the car is a lemon- warranties voided for not being serviced at a specific location or using a specific branded product- selling car with leans on the titles so the new owner ends up getting them repossessed by third parties. There are lots of reasons, even the little old lady who only drove it to church on Sunday stems reasons.

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The law should not bind Tesla or any other new manufacturer to a business model GM and Ford designed many decades ago that puts the new entrant at a competitive disadvantage.

It most certainly should bind them. If you don't like the law, get it changed. But any law on the books needs to apply to everyone equally. Every other automobile company has to play by those same rules. think of how much cheaper toyotas would have been if they were mail order back in the day (and they were both cheaper than American cars and got better fuel economy). How about the Yugo, you saw specials of 2 for one for just $9,000.

If you do not like the laws, get them changed. But until then, anyone wanting to join the circus must erect a tent.

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You mean they will not let a manufacturer open a car lot in their state? Or is it that they will not allow yhem to act as one without a physical presence the state can regulate?

This seems a lot like Uber and Lift were people want every business regulated then are shocked to find they are subject to regulation if they act like a business or that their favorite business is regulated too.

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Because they sold the rights to sell those items with restrictions on competition (franchises called dealerships) in various areas of the states and laws have been created to both enforce those rights and restrictions and protect the consumers from the fraudulent acts of unaccountable people.

And actually, they likely can deliver right to your door, they will do it the same way 1800 flowers does business and use a local dealer as the intermediary who actually procures the vehicle and delivers it. I'm not sure how they can get around dealer markup so it will likely cost. I know there are some dealerships that will deliver purchased cars to your front door. Some will even pick up and return vehicles for maintenance and repairs ( I saw both when I was in New Jersey- Ford, Mercedes, and I think it was Audi. there may be more)

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From what I can tell, there is no evidence of a conspiracy yet. Just communications with someone who gave an order to start randomly killing people that had not been prepared for or carried out.

So I'm not even sure it's a bono fide conspiracy. Hopefully they find some evidence and clear this up.

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By the racist's admission that they don't even have enough reason to charge these men with a crime,

How does that make racism?

they are admitting that they are knowingly holding innocent men.

Not really. Not finding enough evidence does not always equate to innocent. However, incarcerating them without evidence is immoral and I do agree there. I guess a serious question needs to be answered about their threat to society and the people in it.

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by sumdumass (#47940993) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

As a European (living in NA) I get exactly what he says. Over "here" we look at that religious crap the US is doing in some states with regards to the government/education as total BS. I mean, imagine an openly atheist president of the US!? Unthinkable for most Americans. As a European atheist I'd love that.

Why would you expect there to be an openly atheist president in the US? The total number of atheist in the US compromises only about 6% of the population. A president would have to represent at least 50% of the population and the 6% number is less than the number of people who voted for Ross Pero in the 90s when he was one of the most popular independent candidates.

Hell, even in Europe, only 20% or so of the population identify as atheist. Quite a few Europeans would have issues with openly atheist heads of state in European countries as there seems to have been only one.

In my country I've heard some immigrants speak with their children on the playground. they brought home bad marks because they wouldn't answer science questions with the currently best known explanation for some phenomenon as learned in clsss but answered that god made it so. The parent told their children that the teacher was dumb and didn't know anything and should not be trusted. And they certainly weren't ISIS level. They were actually pretty nice people (until I heard that...)

That's utter rubbish. The schools do not use currently best known explanation for some phenomenon in classroom instruction. Most of it is 5-10 years old and vetted before it even hits the school books
(k12) and then they stay in circulation a number of years before being replaced. That being said, your immigrants are idiots and I would say so are you. ."They were actually pretty nice people (until I heard that...)" Are you really that shallow that nice people become evil people because they do not believe the way you want them to? I'm glad I'm not in Europe if that is the general trend.

Now this was a Koran example but in the US I can totally see how some parent might tell their child to listen on Sunday and forget about what was said in Monday's biology and history classes on evolution. I can't see how they'd forbid math though.

Almost every parent- even the devoutly religious in America wants their kids to do well in school if only because of how much emphasis society places on the earning potential of educated kids. I seriously doubt anyone would be saying ignore biology classes unless the teacher was saying that their religion was fake or something. But that's a different scenario than teaching biology. Most of the people pushing for ID in the classroom seem to be without children of learning age or without children altogether. There are those with kids but the main reason they want ID
(intelligent design) discussed in the classroom is only so the biology teacher doesn't end up saying there is no god or your god is fake. Just as a school in the US cannot say you must believe in this god, they also cannot say you cannot believe in that god or ridicule someone who might.

But in the ends, what difference does it make. If Junior gets bad grades in biology, all that means is that Junior will not become a biologists. You do not need to be a biologist to practice law, to roof a house or hang drywall or work in the factor like paw did. The vast majority of people in the US will never need the information outside of a casual understanding of the birds and the bees once they leave school.

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