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Comment Re:Business (Score 1) 198

Pokemon Int'l shouldn't. They should enjoy the free publicity

The entire point of setting up Pokemon Company International was to monetize use of Pokemon imagery. The business model is a lot like Angry Birds: sure, there's a video game involved, but the big profits come from toys and apparel. Someone setting up a party with Pokemon imagery is exactly where PCI aims to generate profit. You don't want "free publicity" from a guy like that, you want payment of licensing fees.

Comment Re: O Rly? (Score 1) 107

Didn't you read quintesse's post? Apparently anything that you can't afford on a Cuban's pay which apparently really isn't all that much. Of course, exchange rate is not the same as purchasing power, but the amount of purchasing power can't be increased a whole lot more than what was stated. And even "purchasing power" doesn't tell the whole story as to what's within the realm of possibility.

Comment Re: O Rly? (Score 1) 107

The distance between various people involved in the deal has little to do with what nation is closest to Cuba. The wiring does, but that's a separate matter. Besides the United States and China did no such thing. People from various companies chartered from those countries who in turn hire people who may be from yet other countries do.

Comment Re:Bias? Or reality? (Score 1) 444

How does confronting people with problems of types they've probably never seen before avoid or counteract socioeconomic biases? Especially when socioeconomic biases affect that probability. One question on an IQ test not so long ago asked me what continent a given country was in, a problem that was even more likely to have probably never been seen before the poorer you are.

Comment Re: "Real" Names (Score 1) 129

You believe in the concept of a "real" name... How quaint. Sure there is such a thing as a legal name that you use on legal forms, and a lot of times people think that is your "real" name. But how real is it? Is it what your friends, family, acquaintances or coworkers call you? Probably not. I just put hackwrench into Bing and my slashdot page is on the first page of listings. My blog is in the first page of results in Google. That real enough for you?

Comment Two KVM switches. (Score 1) 127

It sounds to me like you need TWO kvm switches.

One with a keyboard and mouse attached to it, and one monitor. The other would be just video -- or you could even use a cheap HDMI switch for this one.

This would allow you to have the keyboard and mouse tethered to one monitor, while the other monitor was independent.

For extra-fancy operation, you could even use an HDMI splitter to have the same video input going to both switches, if you needed to.

The only down side is two separate boxes to control, but you could probably rig up an Arduino or something to keep them flying in formation.

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