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Comment Re:Honestly? (Score 3, Interesting) 321

One major advantage over 7 (although 8.1 had it - but who wanted 8.1)
Multiple magnification settings

Win7 allowed ONE windows magnification setting for all screens (100%, 125%, 150%). Win10 allows you to set it per screen. Useful if you have one High DPI screen (my laptop) and one standard DPI - the second monitor in my case.

Other than that? No huge difference. Some things are faster (just as they were in 8.x). The first machine I upgraded was on 8.x, and couldn't wait to get rid of that pig. Then I upgraded the laptop that has the high DPI screen, but right now, my main boxes are still on Win7...

Comment Re:i haven't bought a car in a while... (Score 1) 252

I can tell you live in a city (Apartments etc)
When you live in the less dense parts of cities/burbs etc, you car DOES drop you at your door already, it is called a garage or a driveway. It stops, it is there when you walk out the door with no calls, no "There is no car available right now, you will have to wait 20 minutes" (which means you will always have to plan to leave early - trust me, used to use a car service). Yes, when you go into "the city" it will be easier to park but

Comment Re:Futurologists and transportation. (Score 1) 252

Other things people hate about public transport:
There are a LOT of people who DON'T live in a city, they live in suburbs, ex-urbs or gasp, the country. Public transport is often 1/hr in the suburbs, and at that, may come as "close" as a mile or two to where you live. Live out in the country, where you next neighbor is a mile down the road (or further) the whole car sharing thing becomes a joke

Comment Re:Dupe (Score 1) 840

Not only can I fix a steam engine, I can build them :) (and yes, I'm over 50) - I can also design a circuit, and write code (which I do for a living)
Then again, I'm odd - I started my work life as a machinist, moved on to being an electronic tech, and then became a programmer

Comment Re:A tech gloss over racial profiling? (Score 2) 218

As someone said - what percentage of crime is committed by blacks?
Further, even if you don't believe that look at this map...

Then do man ethnic overlay. Except for midtown, it strongly correlates with race, and if you stop and frisk in high crime neighborhoods, on even a proportional basis to the neighborhood, you will end up with a minority bias/ MOST crime in NYC is in minority neighborhoods...

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