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Comment: Re:essential to know about jQuery (Score 1) 119 119

by Anonymous Brave Guy (#50019915) Attached to: To Learn (Or Not Learn) JQuery

Given the fact that this is a third-party library that you are unlikely to modify, hosting it on your own servers provides no advantage whatsoever.

Of course it does. It has the same advantages in terms of security and your visitors' privacy as any decision to host your own material instead of quietly using a third party service. Whether you consider those significant advantages is a different question, and whether your visitors would is a different question again, but clearly there is a difference.

Comment: Re:Civil versus criminal law (Score 1) 147 147

by penguinoid (#50019831) Attached to: 8 Yelp Reviewers Hit With $1.2 Million Defamation Suits

The 1st amendment doesn't apply, as libel is a civil infraction.

If anyone could win a civil lawsuit against any gun owner (no matter how responsible) for emotional damage because "guns are scary", would you still think people had the right to bear arms?

It's not the government that acts against you, it's the injured party.

Then explain why there's a court involved, and why the government will enforce collection of the civil suit damages?

Comment: Re:Goodbye free speech (Score 1) 147 147

by penguinoid (#50019783) Attached to: 8 Yelp Reviewers Hit With $1.2 Million Defamation Suits

Freedom of Speech has never implied freedom from responsibility.

It does if by "responsibility" you mean "consequences". And especially if by "consequences" you mean "government will do nasty things to you".

Hint: libel laws are an exception to free speech, not a "responsibility".

Comment: Probably fake (Score 2) 147 147

by gurps_npc (#50019397) Attached to: 8 Yelp Reviewers Hit With $1.2 Million Defamation Suits
1) The reviews are probably fake, given the pictures.

2) It is appropriate to sue for fake, defamatory reviews. I only wish it was legal to sue for fake promotional reviews. That it basically just business as usual.

3)They are suing for the full amount 8 times not because they want to get paid x8, but because they are concerned that they might only be able to prove one review is fake. I fully expect that once the identities are revealed, the law suits will be consolidated from 8 to fewer, probably only 1. This way if they prove even a single issue they will get fully paid.

Comment: can he countersue? (Score 2) 139 139

can't the guy claim Office Space Solutions ripped him off?

i mean, i don't actually believe that, "Work Better" is not a difficult slogan to formulate

but when dealing with this kind of abusive litigation, i think it's fair to reply to this kind of crap with the same crap

"your honor, Office Space Solutions must have found my website and decided to steal my intellectual property" or some such nonsense


Creating Bacterial "Fight Clubs" To Discover New Drugs 29 29

Posted by samzenpus
from the let's-get-ready-to-rumble dept.
Science_afficionado writes: Vanderbilt chemists have shown that creating bacterial 'fight clubs' is an effective way to discover natural biomolecules with the properties required for new drugs. They have demonstrated the method by using it to discover a new class of antibiotic with anti-cancer properties. From the Vanderbilt website: "That is the conclusion of a team of Vanderbilt chemists who have been exploring ways to get bacteria to produce biologically active chemicals which they normally hold in reserve. These compounds are called secondary metabolites. They are designed to protect their bacterial host and attack its enemies, so they often have the right kind of activity to serve as the basis for effective new drugs. In fact, many antibiotics and anticancer compounds in clinical use are either secondary metabolites or their derivatives."

Comment: Re:Um.. we don't see it as advancing our career (Score 1) 107 107

by Hognoxious (#50017005) Attached to: The Programmer's Path To Management

have unique and difficult to find skills (which you should have by that age).

Firstly, if you can learn these magic skills then so can other people - so you won't be unique.

Secondly, it's very difficult to predict what will be hot in a few years time, and even if you could your workplace might not use it.

Comment: Re:essential to know about jQuery (Score 1) 119 119

by Anonymous Brave Guy (#50016913) Attached to: To Learn (Or Not Learn) JQuery

It's very likely that people would already have the CDN version in their browser cache since a lot of website use that link.

This is a popular claim, but what little real data I've seen says quite the opposite. There are so many different minor versions of a library like jQuery that the chance of any given visitor to your site actually having visited another site using the exact same version from the exact same CDN within the cache window turns out to be pretty low.

There are still reasonable performance-related arguments in favour of hosting static content on a CDN, and for splitting resources across domains unless you're in SPDY or HTTP/2 territory, but those aren't quite the same issue and you can avoid them without resorting to loading libraries from third party hosts you don't control.

Comment: Re:How does that compare to desktops? (Score 1) 152 152

by Hognoxious (#50016801) Attached to: Study Suggests That HUD Tech May Actually Reduce Driving Safety

Similar statements could be made for desktops, where tray icon pop-ups for updates, email and chat notifications distract and interrupt workflows.

Or websites where the number of responses (and sometimes one or more category icons) obscures text you're trying to read.

If you can't learn to do it well, learn to enjoy doing it badly.