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Comment: Re:Security team (Score 1) 507 507

by kimvette (#50004911) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Post-Install Windows Slowdowns Inevitable?

> Until some drone with mapped server drives gets cryptolocker and gets everyone's files encrypted, and causes everyone to lose a day of work, then IT gets blamed for lacking security. Can't have it both ways, can ya?

Sure you can!
Nix scheduled scans during the day.
Nix realtime READ access of known files, but enable it for unknown files.
Turn on scan on write, which is really what matters.

Comment: It depends (Score 1) 507 507

by kimvette (#50004849) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Post-Install Windows Slowdowns Inevitable?

If you never defrag the MFT or shrink and defrag registry hives or clean up winsxs then it will inevitably slow down.

If you clean up old log and temp files, purge outdated/orphaned registry entries, use a registry hive optimizer and defragger, and defrag the MFT, any slowdown will be very slight. I have had Windows 7 installed on my Precision M6400 laptop for a lot of years now, cloned it from the original hard drives to newer hybrid hard drives, and have not experienced this slowdown.

Tools I use:

* ccleaner
* a batch file I wrote to clean up what ccleaner misses
* registry life
* ultradefrag

No problems at all.

I'm planning to upgrade both hard drives to SSDs in the next couple of months... I'm waiting to see if a new higher resolution 17" Precision Mobile Workstation will be announced in the wake of new video chipsets. If they can't do higher than WUXGA or support at least three screens, I'm upgrading the M6400 because it is still plenty fast for my work, and for photo editing on the go. I run a dual boot configuration, Linux for work (BYOD rocks!) and Windows for play and hobbies.

I'd love to just punt Windows... but Adobe CC, embroidery software for my embroidery machine, and some of the games I play are unavailable for Linux, and wine and derivatives (including crossover) is too incomplete to be an adequate substitute. Plus, Netflix: sure I can mess with Moonlight for hours, but why bother when I have the Windows license that came with the laptop and I can just reboot to Windows to watch streaming video?

Comment: Re:VMS (Score 1) 204 204

I loved that feature of VMS.

Fat-fingered a config file? No problem!

copy file.conf,6 file.conf


Whereas now it is dependent upon zealously careful sysadmin process:

cp file.conf file.conf-yyyymmdd
vim file.conf

oops, fat-fingered it, or used a deprecated setting that broke the service, or vim decided to go nuts and insert dkghkjh3kh34534kj5h43kj54k3j when you saved.......

cp file.conf-yyyymmdd file.conf

And, if you didn't make that backup file? Hope you have a proper backup regimen!

Comment: license state (Score 1) 277 277

by kimvette (#49958449) Attached to: The Unintended Consequences of Free Windows 10 For Everyone

"pirates can come in the side door and it really doesn't matter what the state of their Windows license is, they can get Windows 10 for free."

I own three licenses for Windows 7 Pro; two vanilla OEM system licenses, and one Dell OEM license.

Does the above mean I can install on additional systems, not enter the serial number and go past the grace period (including the three allowed grace period resets) and download Windows 10, and suddenly legitimize those licenses, and keep the legit licenses installed on my existing systems?

If so, I'm going to finally build the HTPC that I've been keeping a home-theater-style PC case hanging around for.

Comment: Parody reviews (Score 1) 116 116

by kimvette (#49956973) Attached to: Amazon Overhauling Customer Reviews

I hope this doesn't result in the removal of parody reviews. Manually take them out of the weighting algorithm, sure, but please leave them, for the likes of Monster cables, Denon's ethernet cable, uranium oxide samples, reviews which pop up when a price gets bumped up by 33,300% due to occasional glitches in Amazon's dynamic pricing algorithm, and so forth.

Also, PLEASE kill the reviews which rate items a 1 because UPS destroyed the package. That isn't Amazon's fault; it's UPS's fault for shoving 65,000 packages per hour through a conveyor system designed to handle 27,000 packages per hour, resulting in UPS sorters/pickoffs "accidentally" pushing packages (usually the higher ticket items) off of 25' high conveyors onto the ground below out of anger and frustration. Yes, this does happen, and it's not Amazon's fault; it's UPSes for not running longer shifts, poor planning, and putting unrealistic demands on UPS hub workers. The reviews which are based on UPS's malfeasance should not apply to the rating of the product, because the reviews are supposed to be about the product, not the shipper. Same goes for when UPS sorters mis-pick an item sending it to the wrong part of the country, making the product late. That isn't Amazon's fault either.

Comment: Re:Transcript of a recent meeting at Dice HQ (Score 3, Interesting) 116 116

by kimvette (#49956911) Attached to: Amazon Overhauling Customer Reviews

Indeed; when /. readers want to share something we generally know how to copy & paste. Now, there are always exceptions to the rule but they are in the vast majority.

Besides, /. already HAD the share feature; it was just horribly broken. Fix share, put it back where it was, and bring back the Read More link.

Now, I realize that slashdotters are your product, not your customers, but by not listening to us you're pushing us to continue to choose reddit or even (ugh!) fark over /., thereby reducing the value of product making /. less attractive to your actual customers (advertisers).

Hey I have an idea - why not take this whole trend one step further and start posting stories about the kardashians, other train wrecks like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and other child stars who delved into hard drugs or alcohol and ruined their lives, thereby increasing readership, and the all-important ad clicks?

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." -- Will Rogers