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Comment: Re:Out of curiosity (Score 1) 297

by sootman (#49787279) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

> 6: Secure your servers so we aren't being
> attacked from letting your ads through

Dear advertisers: Start with that. I will absolutely continue to block as many ads as possible until you fix this. If you're going to annoy me, at LEAST don't potentially harm me. It's like walking through a department store and getting sprayed with perfume which might also contain anthrax.

Comment: Re:They were better before (Score 5, Insightful) 233

by sootman (#49771767) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

The other motto is "hide everything, because we don't understand the difference between 'actually making something simple to use' and merely hiding complexity."

Dear Mozilla (and everyone else), fuck you. This shit is RETARDED. "Look everyone! We got rid of all those confusing menus! Now there's just one button! ... Which spawns a bunch of menus.

Oh, and the regular menus also all still exist.

Oh, and we have TWO buttons like that, because we are in full-on shithead mode. Why hide everything behind one button, when you can force user to FIRST choose from one of TWO buttons! Mwa ha ha ha ha! One looks like a fox, the other looks like a hamburger. NEITHER has ANYTHING to do with what lies underneath! Hey, "New Private Window" is pretty important... put it in BOTH! But only put "new tab" in one. But make "new tab" a menu, and put "new window" underneath it. Got all that? Good. I need another drink. It's almost 10am!

Seriously -- I couldn't make this shit up. There's a special spot in hell waiting for you douchebags. You are collectively wasting YEARS of people's lives with this monkey shit.

Comment: ... and the horse you rode in on. (Score 1) 387

by sootman (#49727683) Attached to: Microsoft To Teachers: Using Pens and Paper Not Fair To Students

"When was the last time you used a piece of chalk to express yourself? Kids don't express themselves with chalk or in cursive. Kids text."

Yeah, well, kids aren't trying to teach 30 other kids long division, are they? Fucking idiot. Took me 2 whole seconds to tear down your premise.

Kids also push each other to be first in line (no matter WHAT they're lining up for, they want to be first) and call each other "poopyhead." Does that indicate radical new teaching methods? LET'S DO WHAT CHILDREN DO, HERP DERP! Fucking A.

Comment: Oh shit (Score 3, Insightful) 128

by sootman (#49608661) Attached to: 4.0 Earthquake Near Concord, California

I take it no one on Slashdot's esteemed editorial team has every lived in an earthquake area? As a former northern CA resident, I'm here to agree with the others that anything less than a 5.0 is not news. Seriously, if I felt a 4.0 at night, I probably wouldn't even mention it to friends the next day. If they're going to start posting about every 4.0 earthquake, I'll have to leave. There are a lot of those.

Comment: Re:Safari Does (Score 2) 153

by sootman (#49582779) Attached to: Internet Explorer's Successor, Project Spartan, Is Called Microsoft Edge

Not forever. When updates stop, updates stop. There's a relatively short time when old OSs still get updates.

An up-to-date 10.10 Mac shows webkit version 600.5.17. A 10.6.8 Mac has 534.59.10. A 10.3.9 Mac has 312.9. (According to ) Current webkit nightlies (.dmg) won't run on 10.6 or 10.8. MAYBE I could build from source, but a) I doubt it and b) effectively no one, anywhere, does that.

Comment: Re:Water- we dump it on the ground (Score 1) 678

by sootman (#49513301) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California

> It is not a very plausible solution for agricultural use-- too
> expensive. Do you realize that those people take the water
> and just dump it on the ground?

HA! I *wish* they would just dump it on the ground. I've driven by farms in the valley where gigantic sprayers are just launching it all high into the air, and a good amount of it evaporates before it even has a chance to hit the ground.

Human beings were created by water to transport it uphill.