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Comment: And we are so lucky... (Score 2) 83

by sootman (#48651661) Attached to: How a Massachusetts Man Invented the Global Ice Market

... that he did this back then. Imagine if the industry were founded recently. They'd sue anyone who tried to make a refrigerator or air conditioner to protect their outdated business. And they'd win, because they'd pay off -- excuse me, "support the campaigns of" -- all the right politicians.

Comment: Re:And this is why there's traffic... (Score 1) 604

by sootman (#48606931) Attached to: Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents

It's UC-fucking-LA. It's not in the middle of a freeway, and I doubt she lives on a freeway either.

Looks pretty walkable to me. It may be a windy route, but in that case, bikes can ride anywhere cars can, except for highways, and even though it's near a mountain, I don't see anywhere that's 100% cut off from the outside world except for freeways. Zoom in anywhere and there are little roads there.

Hell, if I lived there and were faced with that option, I'd ride my bike on the freeway every day until I got a ticket for doing so.

Comment: STUPID (Score 2) 110

by sootman (#48506225) Attached to: Microsoft's Age-Old Image Library 'Clip Art' Is No More

For all the reasons outline here, unless MS is going to embed their own metadata into every image I use that promises the image is safe, and that if it isn't, MS will foot the bill. Even so, that won't help me if I print something and lose the original digital version with the metadata. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Comment: Re:Manifold? (Score 1) 189

by sootman (#48472141) Attached to: I prefer my turkey ...

The whole engine gets hot if you drive long enough. You can tuck things (on older V8s with roomier engines) on top of the intake under the air cleaner housing and it will get warm enough to cook some things. You're right, putting things on top of the decorative heat shield of a modern car won't do as much -- but still, you could wrap some hot dogs in foil and they'd cook enough after a while, even in a modern car.

The canonical tome on the matter was first written 25 years ago and has been revised twice since.

Comment: Re:UPS (Score 1) 236

by sootman (#48450073) Attached to: What is your computer most often plugged into?

I've had the opposite experience. I just get basic APC UPSs and I've never had one cause me a moment's trouble. I can't say I WOULD have lost data if I HADN'T had them, but it HAS saved me the bother of having all my machines unexpectedly do a hard shutoff when the power dips for a second. You just have to test on occasion and replace batteries as needed because they WILL fail silently -- if the battery is dead, you won't know until the power goes out and your machine goes down.

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