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Comment Re:Again: Big Dumb Co (Score 1) 148

It might surprise you to know I've wanted to do the EXACT SAME THING -- start a company to make dead-simple appliances. I can't tell you how many 20-30 year old appliances from the 80s I've replaced in the last 2 decades, and the replacements are good for 5-10 years. I'd pay $1,000 for a washing machine TOMORROW if it had quality components (switches, motors, hinges, etc.), user-serviceable parts, and if it would last 50-100 years. No reason it couldn't. I don't care if it's a bit heavier and has thicker parts and is a bit less efficient, as long as it lasts. You know what's inefficient? BUYING NEW DAMN APPLIANCES EVERY 8 YEARS.

Comment Easy answer (Score 2) 471

"What are you doing to make selling electric cars as profitable and painless for your dealers as selling gasoline or diesel vehicles?"

What am I doing? That's easy: I'm NOT GIVING A SHIT HOW THEY FEEL. If I want to buy one, I'll walk into a dealer, and they can take my money, or not. Salesman's not making enough money? Wah wah wah, go get a real fucking job and do something USEFUL for a living.

Comment Is Slashdot a tech product? (Score 3, Insightful) 505

If so, revert it to how it was about 8 years ago.

Also, make Apple not do about half of what they've done, design-wise, in the last 5 years, to both hardware and software. Thin gray letters on white? Buttons that look like text? Colors from the background creeping into every UI surface? A phone that's so thin, there's a bump for the camera lens to fit, and so thin that its battery doesn't survive one day of moderate use? Fuck all that.

Comment Re:Go Work for the Competition (Score 1) 192

You don't have to go work for the competition, but they can be used as a good reason to make the change. Remember in 2007, when Microsoft was making smartphones, and Apple wasn't? Then Apple came out with the iPhone and stole the market from MS, despite MS having a multi-year headstart. 5 years later, MS's share of mobile devices is literally a rounding error compared to the iPhone, and Apple's iPhone business is bigger than the entirety of Microsoft. Three years later, things aren't looking any better for MS.

No matter how niche your area is, there is money to be made there, right? Therefore, you're not invulnerable. All it'll take is a couple ex-Tumblr or ex-Square or ex-Stripe or ex-Uber people to see the market and decide they want it, and they'll release a sexy product and take it overnight.

Alternately: quit, and start your own company with some ex-Tumblr or ex-Square or ex-Stripe or ex-Uber people. :-)

Comment Re:Amazing news! (Score 1) 171

> the Surface is quickly eating its marketshare

Citation needed.

> Windows on every platform is poised to reclaim
> what little ground it has lost and do in both Apple
> and Linux/Android once and for all.

There are about 1B Windows computers in the world vs. about 2B smartphones and tablets. How exactly is losing two-thirds of computing devices "a little ground"? We are a long, long way from the old "95% Windows, 5% Mac" days.

Thanks for the funniest post I've read all week.

Comment Re:The web has outgrown HTML 15 years ago (Score 3, Insightful) 95

> The problem is HTML. HTML is for documents, not the living
> application-like multimedia canvases we've all been using since 2000.

That's half the problem. The other half is people wrapping damn articles in "application-like multimedia canvases".

Why is 75 kB of HTML wrapped up in a 9.5 MB page? That's literally over 100x larger than it needs to be. Hey Google, I think I just discovered a way to speed up mobile browsing 100x. Will AMP do that? If not, call me.

Comment Re:The best summation I've seen (Score 1) 100

> Look for sponsored articles in the media soon
> about how ad-blocking is "theft" or "stealing".

No need to wait. They've been saying that for years, and they're pounding that drum louder than ever.

"As abetted by for-profit technology companies, ad blocking is robbery, plain and simple..."

And this douche thinks the problem is with device makers and browsers. Yeah. It's Apple's fault that a Verge article is 9.5 MB and 263 HTTP requests.

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