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Digital platforms are the way of communication these days.... after 30 years of being a Keyboard jockey, my handwriting has suffered. But... the process of writing is antiquating, unless you are a carpenter or somesuch. Being able to concoct a document, and review / send/ print / post / submit etc... good stuff. I don't buy the tablet craze, rather the Chromebook/netbook that make sense. We have to compete in global market place. .. . to keep current, gotta keep kids in the game.

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Ive used everything from Blackberries to big smartphones to tablets to netbooks to notebooks to laptops to desktops. Most of us /. ers have. The Phone format is good for texting, quick snapshots. Netbooks/notebooks are pretty portable and desktops are solid and can be made into what is needed.. Tablets are sexy and spiffy, but they don't have a good feel for doing what you could get done on a SMartphone or something with a keyboard. people look silly taking pics or movies with Tablets. My Wifes tablet has a bluetooth kb, so its small and light... but a 13-15" net/lap seems optimal for many things ... add a big monitor to a laptop and you have a big screen.... not too bad.... 17" laptop is too big... Cell phone + 15" netbook/laptop and Desktop covers me. Maybe I am hold ing the tablet wrong? My main frustration! But that is just me... a member of the dead tree generation!....

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The managed monopolies have caused stagnation in service to the end customer, with steadily rising costs. Thats the rub in any monopoly. Why is this permitted? Do we need to start a class action suit to get some competition back in telecom? What is the metric we need to review to show how far behind the US is behind Rest-of-World in this space? This sort of cronyism/protectionism can't be tolerated.

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Would a square mile of seawater with no scraps of floating plastic harbor more life than a square mile of seawater with a 10' layer of plastic debris? While it does not seem .. ahh .. traditional, maybe that would be a silver lining. Doesn't make sense to use a plastic utensil for 10 minutes and then relegate it to 100 year of status as trash... The world is not that big ... Plus... not every experience with plastic is bad. Put it another way.. We have huge volumes of Non Biodegradable plastic crap in the ocean... What can we do to make it a positive? Its already happened.

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Hate to say it, but the autonomous vehicle folks should seriously confer with the legal profession to ensure that the devices that they make / retrofit will be not fully depleted by the gamers that love to make money off folks with deep pocketses. The number of DWI's will decrease, and the number of sleepy driver issues should fall.There will be some considerations, as the responsible party shifts from John Doe to the Corporate Programmer.

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Sounds like the problem with Newark schools are the folks that -HAD- a great opportunity to make things better, but diverted it into each others pockets rather than into programs that actually increased the chances that the students would prosper? Is this a small scale version of municipal budgets and quest for opinion and appearance rather than results? I mean .. publicity and appearance over real change?

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In the 80's and 90's there was linkage between apps and OS .. and the Juju was strong. Monopoly resulted. Now in the new era, platform is irrelevant. Same data and capability needs to be made available on all platforms where practical. The Juju pops back up though in places like HealthVault (championed by an outfit that is losing its monopoly) where a subset of functionality is available to non windows users. (yeah.. I was irritated!) Have we reached a point where we should be free of linkage between applications and platform? Lets hope that the app developers (free and closed) can provide value with software quality, rather than platform linkage.

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Why should we glorify the process of bilking the system, and manufacturing ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H sucking money out of the stream? The process adds nothing, not to the company or the people or the products. We have been glorifying the gamers for.. a long long time. I recall a visit to a museum in my home town when I was 10 where they had a wampum mill on display that drilled Clam shells to make fake Lene Lenape Indian currency. It struck me wrong then too.

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The new genius is going to be separating Fact from Falsehood from Opinion.... Facts are shared absolutely. Falsehood is downplayed, and Opinion is held personal. Now... Legislation should be based on Only one... Facts .. shared realities ! Guidance can be offered for opnions?

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Good thoughts... The mix of hype (positive and negative) around non-pharmaceutical is its own worst enemy. The worlds NIH's could do well for their (all!) people by making these into real studies. Evidence based approach would be invaluable. Not sure if Pharma would appreciate that, but that might be a downside of money based realities.

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