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Comment Re:Vampires (Score 1) 167

I checked my Power draw when the Pretty blue LED is on ( 40W ) vs off, and when off ( still 40 W ). Multiply that by 4 boxes and we have some substantial drain. WHY oh WHY would a cable company need to have the service staying up while I am not watching? Clearly, this is to suit their purpose. When I turn it OFF, it should go OFF. Always wondered if the CC was using my boxes as Wireless access points, without my knowledge. They do clain to have a MILLION access points... VERY glad to hear of competition in the Cable TV industry.

Comment Has anything been definately proven by ST? (Score 1) 288

Science is undertaken to advance our ability to make life better - in the many ways it might. Has all the money/man-years we've invested as a culture in ST yielded any benefit outside the realm of ST itself? As a tax payer who indirectly funds such esoteric endeavors, I want to know what this is doing for science. Hey.. Sheldon even left the field...

Comment Re:What happens when corrosion eats 0.01in of it? (Score 1) 236

At what point does the "lightness" and "Stiffness" become a liability? At some point, it could get to be a Superball.... The structure has to crumple predictably, and not sacrifice the passengers living space. OTOH, the weight savings for things like engines and transmissions might be great... there is no real benefit to a heavy powertrain. WHeels come to mind.. But ... OP brings p the point.. What is the corrosion pattern for this material? Wouild calcium chloride spell the demise of this material? I look at the shards of rusty steel dropping from my Ranger and has sad.

Comment Is this harrassment? (Score 1) 109

When the subconscious is targeted, it's going to feel like manipulation. While not in favor of government regulations for things like this, it seems low-rent to mess with our heads... would imagine the targeting will be effective and us pawns will line up to eat sawdust more predictably. Joy. Win for humans Being. Bzzzzt.

Comment Re:systemd (Score 1) 57

Spent an hour this AM getting my work Desktop unstuck from a looping coredump by systemd... may have been due to some issue with Yum update, but still. F1 console was flashing and unusable, was able to use F2 Console to firefight, but, still ... Do one thing, and do it well comes to mind.Am stuck with it, but... what are the alternatives? Tired of debugging this monster.

Comment Pickpocket the predictable and the available (Score 1) 100

At one point, we had firewalls (at many levels) and some sense of partitioned security. Now to do business in some places, you have to put your process there and by that, the intellectual property is ripe for the picking. The West (US in particular) is very predictable, as we are an open society.. so if you want to suck out all the useful intel, you plan accordingly. I would guess we are allowed to exist until we present no benefit to some societies. We've donated willingly generations of knowledge of how to make things, taught the world how to learn, and now wonder why our good jobs are siphoned off, and our middle class is crashing. How many US cities are built with methods/technologies that are no longer local? Could we design a TV set anymore, or drive standards or accomplish grand things without relying on global resources? Masters of our own domain? Soveriegn? Not sure about walls, but we might benefit from some form of protectionism.

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