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Comment Is this harrassment? (Score 1) 109

When the subconscious is targeted, it's going to feel like manipulation. While not in favor of government regulations for things like this, it seems low-rent to mess with our heads... would imagine the targeting will be effective and us pawns will line up to eat sawdust more predictably. Joy. Win for humans Being. Bzzzzt.

Comment Re:systemd (Score 1) 57

Spent an hour this AM getting my work Desktop unstuck from a looping coredump by systemd... may have been due to some issue with Yum update, but still. F1 console was flashing and unusable, was able to use F2 Console to firefight, but, still ... Do one thing, and do it well comes to mind.Am stuck with it, but... what are the alternatives? Tired of debugging this monster.

Comment Pickpocket the predictable and the available (Score 1) 100

At one point, we had firewalls (at many levels) and some sense of partitioned security. Now to do business in some places, you have to put your process there and by that, the intellectual property is ripe for the picking. The West (US in particular) is very predictable, as we are an open society.. so if you want to suck out all the useful intel, you plan accordingly. I would guess we are allowed to exist until we present no benefit to some societies. We've donated willingly generations of knowledge of how to make things, taught the world how to learn, and now wonder why our good jobs are siphoned off, and our middle class is crashing. How many US cities are built with methods/technologies that are no longer local? Could we design a TV set anymore, or drive standards or accomplish grand things without relying on global resources? Masters of our own domain? Soveriegn? Not sure about walls, but we might benefit from some form of protectionism.

Comment Re:Embrace, Extend, Extinguish (Score 1) 747

Right.. but the value of vi is reduced as the log files are not ascii text, and the CLI is at best awkward... so.. the tools that SysAdmins FELT were core are mariginalized by having to go thru a different logical layer to get the information you want. THe more I think about it, Systemd will be good for Soda Machines, and internet Kiosks and IOT stuff may be a good match for a generalized OS. I would like to see a scope statement from those that think SisD is the cats pajamas for everything. Will Systemd subsume all of Unix Configuration?

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 747

And to get really usefull. Login as self. 'sudo /bin/su - appaccount' and you dont even need to -have- a password for that account. Turn off SSH access for that account, and you'll have a solid, password free solution. We will be losing passwords soon, this is one way to get there. Nope. not broken. Easy to setup, easy to log. +1 for Poetnix fork.

Comment How about previous work.. Is that done? (Score 1) 747

LP's previous fix was done to the sound system pulseaudio. Similarly with majestic scope and intentions. Has it changed what I can do with sound? No, not really. Its still not complete.... at least from the user perspective looking inward. I have an audio slider on my Fedora Desktop. there are still several audio mixer devices that not found/detected. How about we ask LP to finish that work (realized by a finished product in redhat desktop product) rather than "fixing" everything else.

Comment Re:Hang on a minute... More done by fewer and fewe (Score 2) 747

Well put. The notion that *nix is a structure built by many people, with many bricks (and many eyes on each) is being violated. Its not about using larger bricks, its about using one brick? How will that brick be patched? How many eyes are on that brick? How does the community build and grow Systemd? Its time for a split,probably going back to volkerding's work, or BSD and rethinking init and networking and .. sure. sudo as well. Who has the leverage to ask why more is being done by fewer and fewer?

Comment Re:How does this differ from installing FB client? (Score 1) 203

Ok, thanks for the clarification. Sounds like an FTC issue then... as we are paying our carriers to provide service and support. Thats the expectation anyway. Is the real-world fix then to root the phone, delete stagefright libraries, while we wait for this long suspected vulnerability to get fixed by our carrier? This is a long recognized issue, shame on the Android Ecosystem for not having a solution now that day 1 is upon us. What do we lose if we root/delete the stagefright libraries? All multimedia ? Multimedia in Text?

Comment How does this differ from installing FB client? (Score 1) 203

Who hasn't given up any expectation privacy when installing apps that want to pull your contact list, accounts, bloody everything? Then on the logistics front: the play store provides updates to hangout. Why would vendor (ex: Samsung, Verizon, Motorola) need to provide a patch? Is this core functionality the issue? Would seem the next time Play store wants to update Hangouts, in goes the patch. Is this just -another- slow press day when we are all supposed to be afraid, and pay attention to the media?

Comment Does the real-ness really matter? (Score 1) 73

The original work may have special value since it was made by the original artist.. but.. sometimes these marvelous works are not suitable for handling/experiencing by interested parties. a book from the middle ages is probably going to be untouchable by Joe Public, but an exact duplicate on modern paper might be read by more people. I am FAR from approving of destruction of original works... That has been done by so many groups over time. so... Lets start duplicating objects of art so the destruction of the original does not mean much to the miscreants. Less motive to destroy original if there are many copies!!

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