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Comment: Re:Stand back while he does real medicine (Score 1) 33

Perhaps altruism is not the right word (... benefits another at its own expense...), perhaps the focus on better survival of society as we know it. It could have been much worse, not to diminish the awful toll already taken. Good point about profit. The growth in capability is still profit .... been distracted by the incessant justification by financial return. Now.. lets turn this around and look at superbugs before those get nastier yet. Lets characterize profit then as advancement in medical methods to target our adversaries and tune our adaptive immune systems to tolerate these nasty critters! How to motivate to that end, though...

Comment: Stand back while he does real medicine (Score 3, Interesting) 33

This is awesome. Real medicine. Not treatment, not a profit motive. Just building on what protected one patient with the hope of helping others be rid of the disease. Go Dr Crowe, Go Mapp! We need less focus on monetization and more on misery.

Comment: Opt has thousands of hotspots too.. is mine? (Score 1) 291

by See Attached (#48561769) Attached to: Comcast Sued For Turning Home Wi-Fi Routers Into Public Hotspots
When we see the ads, who is not impressed by the thousands of hotspots advertised? Their website boasts "the easiest way to enable it is to take it to any one of our thousands of hotspots and follow the steps outlined below" But thats almost as evil as adding a set top box thats plugged in / running 24/7, (make that one set top box per TV). At 40W, it adds up.. But.. you say it has an off button??? Not really. The annoying Blue LED goes off but the power consumption stays at 40W. Whats up with that? But.. I digress... Time for some choice in this market.

Comment: Re:simple - the value is outside the device. (Score 1) 193

by See Attached (#48510773) Attached to: Chromebooks Overtake iPads In US Education Market
What we are now realizing is that the value is largely OUTSIDE the device, and is based on what it can find on the Interweb, as well as from any IT resources at the school. Think about it. Now a school can autonomously decide what and how to create and post information, rather than waiting for some company to decide what its allowed to do and how it can be used. Decommoditizing information is a great thing for capitalist (a la MP3 / iPod etc) but not for unrestricted educational environments. I can see kids will gravitate to all aspects of the device. Creating, sharing, repairing, upgrading, protecting understanding. Sounds like a great match for a school system. A closed system would be ho-hum, and turn those eager, unrestricted minds off.

Comment: Nature of the load makes one thing simple... (Score 1) 147

by See Attached (#48340749) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Choosing a Data Warehouse Server System?
Use SSD based storage for the data, so you don't have to wait for spindles. Seems that Pure Storage does it best of late, whereas other vendors have optimized the spindle based storage. PS did it from ground up. Best part is the documentation, Its ALL written on a single 3x5 card. No matter what software you use, skip the spindles.

Comment: Broken processes? Wiki time. Reinvent Politics &am (Score 1) 401

by See Attached (#48297451) Attached to: US Midterm Elections Discussion
The whole red vs blue + blue vs red mess is not leading us to better governance. Its broken. So is money. If the objective were just to -have- the office, the current ad campaigns would be suitable so many political ads are about why the other guy sucks... not why they are the suitable candidate. Then, there is no accountability after being elected. To lead and govern the people, to protect them from each other, and from outside entities (etc). To enjoy life as we all see fit, without destroying the enviroment, or keeping anyone else from enjoying theirs. Legislating on facts, and not on know, by and for the people. Sure, there is a huge $$$ divide in our nation, one would hope that those "with" would have earned it thru supporting the culture, the people and society by doing something relevant. Like elected office, its not about having money, its a medium of exchange. Who else thinks both processes are broken (money and politics), and we need to be lead/governed by those that want more consituents to enjoy a better life as interpreted in the changing world we are in. Do we need a rehash of our consitution to get back on track? Lets create a wikipedia page set for candidates, so candidates can be understood, elected and held accountable. Another Wiki page for the role of money as we evolve off barbaric mediums like bills/coinage.

Comment: Re:Boston (Score 3, Informative) 175

Verizon stopped in North Jersey too, despite promising to get broadband to the whole state in 1993 by 2010, and tacking on a surcharge to EVERY bill they send out. For some reason the jokers that run the show decided to let em off the hook : This is just wrong.. These little monopolies are not justifiable.

Comment: Re:Some Sense Restored? (Score 1) 522

by See Attached (#48185167) Attached to: Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again
What we face losing is the buy-in from the majority of users. Perhaps a surveymonkey would be good to pick out the good from the bad, and start anew on improving the boot process. While Linus is a benevolant dictator, he had many good choices and built a stellar product that inspired a global assemblage of workers thru trust and inspiration. Systemd (how ever its spun now) seems to have revoked that trust, and switched passion for frustration. $.02. Redhat 6 is good. I predict a long life there.

Comment: Re:Hope! (Score 1) 522

by See Attached (#48177447) Attached to: Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again
Great point... everyone feels slighted by the belevolant dicatator thats very self assured. Its really a philosophical change marketed as a technological update. From the Wiki page: The name systemd adheres to the Unix convention of making daemons easier to distinguish by having the letter d as the last letter of the filename. Thats about as far as it adheres to any Unix Convention. This is where we all leap over the beast, pick out the good bits and revisit how the objectives are met. in the long run, this may be a very healthy thing for the Open Source movement, in that we all get to decide where it goes, right?

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