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Comment: Re:I grew up next to this one (Score 2) 224

by soccerisgod (#48956623) Attached to: Nuclear Safety Push To Be Softened After US Objections

It's funny this sort of thing can happen when the nuke shills keep telling you that there's so many safety nets and inspections and regulations that nothing could ever possibly go wrong.

I personally think that it is probably possible to build a safe reactor, but there's no accounting for the human factor. That, and the unsolved waste problem. We here in Germany are also slowly realizing that nuclear power isn't quite as cheap as we've been told, now that waste disposal as well as decommissioning costs of plants come in to play...

Comment: Re:They (well some of them) are mental disorders (Score 1) 412

by soccerisgod (#48791509) Attached to: Russia Says Drivers Must Not Have "Sex Disorders" To Get License

It's only a disorder if it has a major negative impact on a person or society.

Well they have a high risk of becoming a murderer (about half of serial killers are homosexuals, which is an overrepresentation of about 1000-2500%) of becoming murdered (by aforementioned killers), of suicide and of sexually transferrable diseases.

[citation needed]

And please, something respectable. Don't waste your time by linking to the 'Family Research Institute' or 'Conservapedia'.

Comment: Re:Scare them with China, make it a contest again (Score 2) 287

by soccerisgod (#48744271) Attached to: Should We Be Content With Our Paltry Space Program?
And to what end? What was that line from the Stargate SG1 tv series? Oh, yes:

They said the something about the Apollo program, they brought back moon rocks. You may have noticed we haven't been to the moon in 25 years.

To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing of value on the moon. Instead, it's full of razor sharp rocks and razor sharp dust. Why would anyone want to live there? Just to wave that flag you planted around every day?

Are you having fun yet?