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Comment Re:Bet Alsop isn't used to being fired (Score 1) 338

He should have been made to wait much longer. If you compare the size of a Tesla car with that of an iPhone and if you consider the lines of people forming in front of the Apple store and the waiting times involved every time a new model is released, well, he should've been made to wait in line a few weeks! Bad marketing! Baaaaaaaaaaad!

Comment Re:How to tell a regulation has failed utterly (Score 5, Informative) 147

If in reality car emissions are higher than overly ambitious standards, but still low enough that air quality is OK - should the cars be "fixed" (as in the pet related term, neutered) or instead should the regulations be brought to realistic levels based on what cars are actually emitting today?

Air quality is anything but okay. I can't speak for the US, but here in Europe, we have serious problems with it. In China it's so bad in some areas you can actually only register a new car if it's electric - that's actually an important reason why electric cars are getting more attention now.

Comment Re:Terrorist Negotiations are strong. (Score 4, Insightful) 563

I also love how this is treated as a new problem ("A new quality of terrorism", as an European politician put it a short while ago), as if there never was an Unabomber, an IRA, a RAF, an ETA or a "top terrorist" Carlos The Jackal. And the fact that a mass shooting totally changes everything because it was political, in contrast to the several hundred other shootings that weren't ;-)

Comment Re:Checkboxes, not Radio Buttons (Score 1) 392

The code was apparently put in by the ECU's supplier, Bosch. They're supplying a large quantity and variety of ECUs to many auto makers. That means that when a large corporation like the VW empire tells them to put in code like that, they'll do it because they're afraid of losing contracts. Apparently, Bosch were afraid of something like this PR fiasco happening and warned VW against actually using this 'test code', probably to shield themselves from any blame later being assigned to them. But it just goes to show just how many individuals, departments and companies knew of this....

Comment Crazy (Score 1) 536

All sex toys save one I've ever seen were for women. How did she come to the conclusion that sex bots would be built for men? Sex bots for women are much more likely and, I dare say, almost exist already.

Maybe they should just build an unisex fuckbot with industry-standard extension slots which can be fitted with either a dildo or a fleshlight? Then everybody could objectify in peace and equality! Of course there's a very real danger that the fuckbots would just pair off with each others and give us the finger ;)

Comment Re:Fraud Opposed to the Ideals of Nerddom (Score 1) 317

The problem is a fraud on the public. Advocating a position that is based on who pays you, without regard to reason or truth or the benefit to mankind, without so much as a notice of your bias, causes massive amounts of harm to the public by sustaining inefficient practices.

Sorry to have to be the one to break it to you, but apparently you've been living under a rock for at least ten years. This practice, how despicable it may be, is now commonplace. I run a small fan website for a video game, and I've been sent offers to write positive reviews of gaming-related products (for instance some 3D goggles) for compensation without any hint or notice that, for all intents and purposes, this would've been an advertizement.I declined, but I'm betting most people in my situation wouldn't have. Journalists in particular often earn so little and don't have actual jobs but are forced to working freelance that the offer is just too tempting.

Comment Re:Remove the cell modem, wifi, and bluetooth. (Score 1) 373

Another more drastic (and *much* more difficult) modification you could do is create a CAN firewall and just block potentially life threatening messages from leaving modules that are network connected.

Good luck figuring out all the relevant CAN IDs for all the models you want to sell your gizmo for :)

Comment Don't overthink it (Score 1) 373

The corvette wasn't hacked, they hacked an OBD-2 dongle that was stuck connected to it - entirely different thing. And electronic access systems for opening your car with an RC have apparently all been hacked or are less than safe. Keyless Go cars can be opened with a proxy attack. So where does that leave you?

If you buy an old car, the thief can just open it and steal it the old fashioned way. So pick the car you want and stop thinking about stuff like this, it's useless anyway. If someone wants to steal your car, they'll do it. Either electronically or mechanically.

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