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There is a phrase that covers you "I'm alright jack"!. I can assure you by far the majority of American workers get to negotiate fuck all and are lucky to get reasonable health coverage let alone anything else. So for them moving to any other modern democracy with universal health care, set protective employment conditions etc would make them far better off even when by far the majority of them are to ignorant to realise this. As for the minority, well, "I'm alright jack".

+ - Letter to Congress: Ending U.S. Dependency on Russia for Access to Space 1

Submitted by Bruce Perens
Bruce Perens (3872) writes "I've sent a letter to my district's senators and member of congress this evening, regarding how we should achieve a swifter end to U.S. dependency on the Russians for access to space. Please read my letter, below. If you like it, please join me and send something similar to your own representatives. Find them here and here. — Bruce

Dear Congressperson Lee,

The U.S. is dependent on the Russians for present and future access to space. Only Soyuz can bring astronauts to and from the Space Station. The space vehicles being built by United Launch Alliance are designed around a Russian engine. NASA's own design for a crewed rocket is in its infancy and will not be useful for a decade, if it ever flies.

Mr. Putin has become much too bold because of other nations dependence. The recent loss of Malaysia Air MH17 and all aboard is one consequence.

Ending our dependency on Russia for access to space, sooner than we previously planned, has become critical. SpaceX has announced the crewed version of their Dragon spaceship. They have had multiple successful flights and returns to Earth of the un-crewed Dragon and their Falcon 9 rocket, which are without unfortunate foreign dependencies. SpaceX is pursuing development using private funds. The U.S. should now support and accelerate that development.

SpaceX has, after only a decade of development, demonstrated many advances over existing and planned paths to space. Recently they have twice successfully brought the first stage of their Falcon 9 rocket back to the ocean surface at a speed that would allow safe landing on ground. They have demonstrated many times the safe takeoff, flight to significant altitude, ground landing and re-flight of two similar test rockets. In October they plan the touchdown of their rocket's first stage on a barge at sea, and its recovery and re-use after a full flight to space. Should their plan for a reusable first-stage, second, and crew vehicle be achieved, it could result in a reduction in the cost of access to space to perhaps 1/100 of the current "astronomical" price. This would open a new frontier to economical access in a way not witnessed by our nation since the transcontinental railroad. The U.S. should now support this effort and reap its tremendous economic rewards.

This plan is not without risk, and like all space research there will be failures, delays, and eventually lost life. However, the many successes of SpaceX argue for our increased support now, and the potential of tremendous benefit to our nation and the world.

Please write back to me.

Many Thanks

Bruce Perens"

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by rtb61 (#47519563) Attached to: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

Of course think of all the fun if you knew you were on the terrorist watch list. Sending properly worded private emails to all the people private or public you dislike. The higher up the list you are the greater the damage mwah ha ha. Is there a way to leak a copy, are you rated alphabetically or by threat level, we want UID scores, yeah. The all new social networking game, get yourself on the Terrorist Watch list and see how high you can raise your threat level, without actually getting arrested. Publication of the list should be the next White House petition. It would be a really cool as a global game as foreigners get to play too.

Mocking the list is by far the best defence against the list. Actively seeking contact with persons already on the list. Joining groups listed just to get listed. Repeatedly conduct legal activity that earns list placement. Using multiple activities to increase your list score. Finding ways to discover if you on the list and your list score. Don't fear the list, just send a big ole fuck you (there just ain't no polite way to put that) to the list creators and keepers.

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by rtb61 (#47519423) Attached to: VP Biden Briefs US Governors On H-1B Visas, IT, and Coding

Free market - they are filling jobs locals don't want to do for the money being offered - apparently it's only a one way free market - surprise, surprise, surprise. Using the car analogy Unions provide for lanes travelling in the other direction, from the top down to the bottom. Want change unionise and kill the H-1Bs.

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by rtb61 (#47512879) Attached to: Google Offers a Million Bucks For a Better Inverter

There appears to be a significant flaw in the specification. Technically whilst the inverter is limited in size, they have not limited what the inverter is contained in, so a liquid nitrogen bath comes to mind. Doing so makes the inverter quite easy to achieve and the temperature would remain very low even excluding the affect of the liquid nitrogen beyond it's super conductivity enhancing ability. So they should require the inverter function in a room temperature environment.

This is really all about materials design and molecular engineering. Creating micro channel structures to conduct the electricity, interleaved between layers of high heat conductivity material. Of course doesn't matter if it is small if you use very expensive material to manufacture it, you end up defeating your own purpose, like fooling around with platinum.

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by rtb61 (#47512769) Attached to: How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

It appears you have never ever configured a notebook for secure use environment, I assure they can be configured to download only what you want them to from a source you specify. 16GB less operating system, less applications, less multi-media content, less all required texts and plus references works and less student created content, shrinks to nothing pretty fast. Plus you can protect the screen and you have a keyboard whilst retaining a full sized screen. The drive with computerising schools to to get students to create content not bloody mindlessly consume it, just to drive corporate profits.

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by rtb61 (#47504825) Attached to: New York Judge OKs Warrant To Search Entire Gmail Account

A far better analogy is snail mail. The judge has granted the right to enter an unlimited number of recipients houses and recover mail sent to them. The real question is who owns that mail, the senders, the receivers, the handlers or the, the ISP. That is the tricky question with regards to email versus snail mail and that technically email should be legally treated exactly the same as snail mail because by and large that is the public expectation.

Comment: Re:Yeah, students will use bandwidth (Score 1) 285

by rtb61 (#47504793) Attached to: How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

That is a technical lie. If you had provided them with notebooks with hard disk drives, by far the majority of the information they required for the the whole school year could have been pre-installed on the notebook, with only minor update traffic required. Of course tablets lacking significant storage capability require a continuous flow of data, now add in class timing schedules, and the data flow has significant peaks which of course result in inevitable bandwidth problems. So not only poor input interfaces limiting creativity and foolish lock in but huge bandwidth problems.

Comment: Re:What, NASA doesn't sell there building naming r (Score 1) 52

by rtb61 (#47504777) Attached to: NASA Names Building For Neil Armstrong

Why doesn't NASA ignore the celebrity bullshit and name buildings after the people they did the real work of getting man into space and onto the moon, the Scientists and Engineers. NASA you want more scientists and engineers, than stop bloody giving them a back seat to the monkey in the cockpit, grrr ;).

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by rtb61 (#47504765) Attached to: Rupert Murdoch's Quest To Buy Time Warner: Not Done Yet

Murdoch is also very unlikely to get Time Warner as long as he continues to try to buy it with junk bond status non-voting News Corporation stocks. News corporation just can not cut it on the internet which will make it a boat anchor for the Time Warner group. As News Corporations drops and Time Warner rises so the buyout will eventually be on the other boot. The MySpace was the death knell for News Corporation on the internet.

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