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Comment: Re:The US tech industry (Score 1) 182

by drinkypoo (#48229089) Attached to: Ballmer Says Amazon Isn't a "Real Business"

Yes, I'm sure there is no market for a low-power quiet mini OSX computer.

There is, but by making it just a few CCs larger (for a bigger cooler) they could also have made it cheaper and faster. But presumably, that would eat into sales of still more expensive products with larger margins, so that would be a mistake for them. Which just underscores the point of how bad a deal you're getting when you buy Apple hardware.

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by PopeRatzo (#48228847) Attached to: BBC Takes a Stand For the Public's Right To Remember Redacted Links

it is stupid that a small error without much consequence ruin your life.

Come on. Tell us. What did you do?

Seriously though. I'm not sure how you think life works, but small errors without consequence ruin lives all the time. "I only had three beers" or "I forgot to wear a rubber" are small errors.

The only question I have about this law is how in the world could it NOT end up being abused? This law is designed to be abused.

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by drinkypoo (#48228593) Attached to: Ballmer Says Amazon Isn't a "Real Business"

The reports are that the cloud provider part of the business is losing stunning amounts of money.

Only because they're trying to corner the market

right, but just like retail, it's not clear that this is possible,

overall the company seems sustainable, it can afford to make losses like the one last quarter in part because it can easily reverse those losses if it ever becomes a serious problem

It's not clear that it can. Amazon's model depends on endless growth, but you can't grow forever.

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by drinkypoo (#48228583) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills

They just assumed the "right" group is big enough to support their growth and they were wrong.

No, no they were not. The problem is that hiring criteria have gotten all fucked. Instead of proving what you can do, it's having all the right buzzwords on your resume, and being young. So they hire young people who haven't developed common sense yet and then wonder why there isn't any in their organization. They fail to reward their most valuable players, literally often pushing them out the door, and then wonder why they can't execute.

It's not because there are not people out there with critical thinking skills. It's that the people doing the hiring lack them. They're hiring people based on ooh shiny, and not on actual abilities needed to get the work done.

TL;DR: If they stop hiring people based on bullshit and actually hire for creativity, common sense, flexibility, and yes, critical thinking skills, then they won't be having these problems.

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erhaps you have just been using the built-in crapware that Verizon ships with their phones. Also, even though the phones ship with a locked bootloader, I have had no trouble unlocking the bootloader in order to install a custom ROM like cyanogenmod, or rooting the existing rom, or both.

This is not always a practical option; it can void your manufacturer's warranty so if something goes wrong with your $600 phone within the warranty period then you're screwed,

If someone told me I voided my warranty for installing CM, I really would see them in court. They're going to have to show that CM is incompatible, and in the process, they'll basically have to declare that their phone is not an android phone, which will make them look like cunts in the press.

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Please confine yourself to references to the title of that book. Quotes from the text invariably give me the creeps.

That's because it's such a successful imitation of life. That feeling is supposed to galvanize you to action... hopefully not involving firearms

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While in reality the invention of the assault rifle and the Internet has pretty much blown away anything they intended in the Second and First Amendments, respectively.

[citation needed]

Before you even try, you're completely, absolutely wrong. The assault rifle did nothing to blow away the second amendment, because it does nothing to change the reasons for its inception. And the internet does nothing to blow away the first amendment, it only makes it more important.

But, I can't wait to see your reasoning as to why freedom should be reduced because progress has happened. You just want to maintain a balance of progress, and we have to go backwards socially to make you happy?

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