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Comment: Re: From practical experience... (Score 1) 215

by creimer (#48630685) Attached to: What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?
The only all-in-one motherboard I'm willing to consider is the ASRock C2550D4I Mini ITX Server Motherboard with a quad-core Intel Avoton processor and 12 SATA connectors. This is a favorite motherboard for FreeNAS file server builders. I just got a new case for my file server that can hold eight 3.5" drives and three 5.25" drives. At $269, it's bit out of my price range and doesn't include ECC memory.

Comment: Re:Land of the free (Score 3, Interesting) 559

by creimer (#48627097) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

Being shot by the homeowner is the single biggest fear among would-be intruders, ranking higher than being caught by police.

Unless, of course, you're drunk, forgot your keys and try to break into your own house. A guy who broke into the wrong house that he thought was his own by smashing the patio door got shot once after being repeatedly warned by the homeowner to leave. Nothing worse than waking up in the drunk tank with a bullet wound in the chest.

Comment: Re:Boycott (Score 1) 574

by Opportunist (#48623951) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

Terrorists are to you today what communists were to your father and fascists to your grandfather. Just one intangible group of people that we kinda-sorta know where to find on this globe (along with "there might be some in our country" that we can't find without some new laws that cut down your freedoms) to project your 2 minute hate o

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