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Comment: Re:Like the companion app (Score 1) 58

by TheRaven64 (#49781067) Attached to: Microsoft Bringing Cortana To iOS, Android
Apple used to ship iSync with OS X, which could sync calendars and contacts with a wide variety of phones via bluetooth or a cable. It also had a nice plug-in architecture for adding new sync clients (and new kinds of data to sync). They also had some Bluetooth integration with the address book app, so when someone called your phone you'd get a pop-up on the screen of who it was and could send SMS directly from the address book. All of these features disappeared with the first OS X release after the iPhone and were replaced with cloud-base syncing that only worked with the iPhone.

+ - Microsoft Edge To Support Dolby Audio

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa writes: Microsoft has revealed that its new Edge web browser will come with support for Dolby Audio in order to offer high-class audio when visiting websites. "It allows websites to match the compelling visuals of H.264 video with equally compelling multi-channel audio. It works well with AVC/H.264 video and also with our previously announced HLS and MPEG DASH Type 1 streaming features, which both support integrated playback of an HLS or DASH manifest," Microsoft explains in a blog post. Windows 10 will also ship with a Dolby Digital Plus codec.

Comment: Re:F/OSS reality (Score 0) 119

by jones_supa (#49780149) Attached to: Mandriva Goes Out of Business

The driver support is usually *better* on Linux because you aren't reliant on some stupid hardware vendor who doesn't feel like updating their driver for a new OS release. This happens on Windows all the time.

They don't have to update the driver. Even Vista drivers work fine in Windows 10.

Driver quality is usually better too; manufacturers are notorious for making shoddy and bloated driver packages with all kinds of extra crapware included.

Most stuff coming from Windows Update does not have crapware. These days even OEMs often provide junk-free installation packages. What comes to the actual driver quality, it usually is better under Windows, as all features are implemented and optimized, and the power management works properly.

Comment: Re:Well there's the problem... (Score 1) 185

by BasilBrush (#49778293) Attached to: Court Orders UberPop Use To Be Banned In All of Italy

Beg to differ all you like, having lived in one of those countries most of my life and another of them for a number of years, I'm not impressed.

Certainly it affects all those things. The drivers get a decent wage, the schedules and routes mean they run all day, and often all night, when purely commercial operations would not operate outside busy hours and routes, and unlike the unlicensed systems you mention, they tend to have stops with electronic countdowns to when the busses are due.

In Britain they partially "deregulated" the busses in the 1980s, and the services got worse and more expensive.

As I said, your opinion is prejudice, not reality.

Comment: Re:Well there's the problem... (Score 1) 185

by BasilBrush (#49778125) Attached to: Court Orders UberPop Use To Be Banned In All of Italy

Convenient, yes. Cheaper, depends. But don't dismiss the importance of having the price quoted before the journey - that's a BIG attraction.

I'm afraid you've committed a classic systems analysis mistake - letting your preconceived idea of a solution affect your requirements (or use cases).

Again, it's got fuck all to do with the cost of licenses. Uber uses drivers with badges where the law already allows for their technology to be used.

+ - Amtrak Intalling Cameras To Watch Train Engineers->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: In the aftermath of the derailment of an Amtrak train in Philidelphia a couple weeks ago, the company has caved to demands that it install video cameras to monitor and record the actions of the engineers driving their trains. The National Transportation Safety Board has been recommending such cameras for the past five years. Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman says the cameras will improve train safety, though the engineers' union disagrees. In 2013, the union's president said, "Installation of cameras will provide the public nothing more than a false sense of security. More than a century of research establishes that monitoring workers actually reduces the ability to perform complex tasks, such as operating a train, because of the distractive effect."
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+ - Apple Facility In Mesa Caught Fire->

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa writes: Officials are on scene of a second-alarm-level fire at the Apple Inc. data center in Mesa. The Mesa Fire Department said that the fire is located near Elliot and Signal Butte Roads in east Mesa. The fire appeared to be on solar panels on the roof of the building over a loading dock. Thick black smoke could be seen raising from the roof. Crews dispatched from multiple locations worked together and knocked the fire down in half an hour. The fire did not appear to be burning inside the building itself, officials said. For now it is unclear what started the fire. A dozen of people had to be evacuated, but there are no reports of any injuries.
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