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Comment Re:Along with horrible features (Score 1) 280 allowing spaces in file names. Incredibly bad idea

...shared by every UN*X out there and by Windows NT. Not at all a problem from the GUI (nice, actually), and, from the command line, shells allow quoting and many UN*X shells will escape spaces when doing auto-completion. Yeah, you have to take a little more care when writing shell scripts, and use "-print0" with find and "-0" with xargs, but I've managed to live with that.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 425

Hey I agree the A-10 can't be beat but the problem is the USAF has said its dead meat and there is really nothing you or I can do about it. Not to mention the line has been closed for years, spare parts are becoming an issue, and we didn't make nearly enough of 'em in the first place.

If it were me? I'd try to build a modern version of the Spad, maybe using one of the many trainer aircraft made worldwide, but if the choice is the AC-130 or the F-35? I'm sorry but the AC-130 wins. At least it'll get there without breaking, be ready to go when you call it, and will be able to hang around as long as you need it...can you say the same for the F-35?

Comment People will "LOL" at this. (Score 1) 693

For starters, I could buy the name brand mac and cheese any time I wanted, not just on special occasions.

People will "LOL" at this.

It is a very real issue for those of us who grew up poor.

On special special occasions, you could include 1lb of ground beef.

Like once a week. Most rich people used to be incredibly poor people who will Never NEVER again be in that position.

Comment Upstart and Systemd (Score 1) 733

Upstart was much more limited in goals and utility than systemd, and it took (arguably) the wrong approach to dependency resolution. It was an evolutionary upgrade with many of the same problems as SysV init. Rightly or wrongly, systemd is using the functionality provided by cgroups to implement a more-or-less complete plumbing layer for Linux services. You could interpret that as codifying, standardizing, and integrating existing components and features, or you could interpret it as absorbing functionality that should be seperate. The reality is likely somewhere in between. A lot of this is sensible -- timers for example are an obvious part of service management. But there's a lot of pushback from people who are used to writing both the script and the cronjob ("...uphill both ways! and we liked it!") and want to be able to use any POSIX-compliant cron daemon they choose. That they choose to use the default one and can continue to do so with systemd is seemingly beside the point.

The detractors who accuse Poettering of creating his own OS are not completely wrong. We are moving from a period of recommendations (e.g. Linux Standard Base) to a more integrated system, which is expected to manage services intelligently instead of letting anything that wants to snag an interpreter do whatever it wants to the system. For most people it is a sudden and far-reaching change. It was not created suddenly, however, and the foundational technology shift (cgroups) could be mistaken for a small and subtle one. As I've said, I think that most of what has been built on the core systemd/crgoup functionality are fairly logical extensions. Handling e.g. user sessions should probably be a core part of init and system management, especially if you're going to use cgroups to manage those processes, and especially if no one else is doing it. I'm sorry you're having hibernation issues, but I don't think you've even stopped to consider the idea behind systemd before passing judgment on it. If Linux had cgroups when it was first written, every part of systemd would have been written by someone else already; it makes too much sense to not use the functionality. Upstart would use them, and it would still probably have been replaced by something that starts dependencies on demand. Certain decisions about systemd components may not have been made with your use-case in mind, and I'm sure that like any other piece of software, bugs abound, but it is certainly not a "dumb idea": it's the way forward. The days where the only job of the OS was to start an interpreter are over.

Comment 100K a year (Score 1) 693

100K a year after taxes.

It's bound to go up, but to being "wealthy" means $2-4M in investments to get to that after taxes. Depending on how.

Everything after that is either "invest in the investments" or "pay off the house loan against the line of credit".

Any way you look at it, if you do not want to work, or you do not want to work on something other than "facebook++" for some asshole who thinks he has a magic "get rich quick" scheme, you are at a minimum looking at $4M.

Comment Re:A-10 for the Win (Score 3, Interesting) 425

I got to see an AC-130 up close at LRAFB once and...dayyymm, that sucker is just bristling with firepower, like the flying fortresses of old. If we aren't gonna build more A-10s then I say the replacement is obvious as 1.- The AC-130 is a hell of a lot cheaper than an F-35 techno-turkey, 2.- The AC-130 is a hell of a lot tougher, 3.- the AC-130 can loiter a lot longer, and finally 4.- the AC-130 can carry a lot more firepower.

As for TFA....sigh, how long will it take before the DoD admits the F-35 is a giant techno turkey and pulls the plug? If the fighter jocks have to have their stupid stealth give 'em the F-15 Silent Eagle, which can run rings around the F-35. To me the saddest part is reports are the Chinese knock off is actually better than the original (which ain't saying much) thanks to not having to have the retarded vertical take off crap for the marines. What we need to do is give the marines an updated version of the Bronco or Dragonfly, which should be small enough they should be able to launch 'em off of just about anything, give 'em a baby flat-top to carry the things and kill the VTOL crap along with the F-35 once and for all.

Comment Re:Ministry of Truth? (Score 1, Interesting) 366

They have a lot of functioning democratic process in 1984 then? Because that is what we are talking about here.

The people of Alaska didn't WANT it named for a guy that did jack and squat for their state, tried to have it changed, hit red tape,asked for help from the POTUS in cutting through said tape, and finally the name got changed.

In a five year period we can get one superb programming language. Only we can't control when the five year period will begin.