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Comment: bans on knowledge rarely work (Score 2) 400 400

disclaimer: I am ardently anti-gun.

People will always want to 3d print a gun. In some cases 3d printing a gun or components to a firearm is an excellent idea. For example, in a rural or exurban environment where parts may be scarce, raw materials to remanufacture failing components of firearms for hunting or defense are more efficient. A farmer may be able to use the same 3d printer to rebuild a thresher, reprint a broken connector, and rebuild a rifle used for varmint hunting to protect his cattle.

there will always be bad guys. bad guys will always want to 3d print a gun that can't be traced and isn't registered. But it bares worth remembering, our present United States method of determining who is fit for ownership of a gun is basically a checklist and a phone call. Given the rash of recent mass shootings this system didn't prevent, its clearly lacking. Any attempt to regulate 3d printing of guns, should come with an overhaul of our background or application process for gun ownership. simply banning the devices, the knowledge, or their export is an ambitious but futile approach to the actual problem: wholesale gun violence in the united states as a manifestation of the permanent race based caste and class system inequality in the united states..

Comment: Re:Slippery slope (Score 1) 269 269

I'll tell you up-front that I do believe in a God and that this God is the uncaused cause that set everything else into motion. As this is a personal belief, it won't have much to do with my response to you, but I thought I'd mention it to add some perspective. By "personal belief", I mean "go form your own". I for one cannot stand the mindless group-think experience of most churches I've visited and the "security" of being surrounded by the like-minded is worthless. I think Big Questions like "is there a God?" are things you have to decide for yourself.

OK. I find the belief in unfounded god/s is one of the leading causes of murder, rape and mutilation etc throughout history. It has also repeatedly held humanity's progress back and tend to be non-democratic and unreasonable in nature having no place in schools or modern life in general.

The massive mainstream religions have become like a corrupt government. They served a purpose and provided people something they felt they needed, but various control freaks long ago realized they can also be used to control people. Like Jim Marrs says, religion and the monetary system are the two major methods of controlling people. This doesn't mean that currency of some kind has no legitimate use (barter has lots of problems) and it likewise doesn't mean that religion can only control people.

I mean, I've read the Bible. I'm not an expert, but I can say that I'm well familiar with it, specifically the words of Jesus Christ. When I read the words attributed to him, I see exhortations to be humble, to love your neighbor as you love yourself, the importance of forgiveness, turn the other cheek, etc. I've read multiple translations and they all agree on this point. I just can't find any teaching of Jesus that can be construed as "murder, rape, torture, etc are all perfectly acceptable". Those calling themselves Christian and claiming to have read the same Bible should have observed the same.

I argue that if there was a god he/she/it would not need any believers nor would he need them to be offended to defend his/her/its name or honour.

The actual concern for this comes from the idea that the Creator wants to have a relationship with the created, rather than just watch us like an aquarium or snow globe. It's also believed that people have an inherent longing for such a connection and don't have a full life without it.

The perversion used to control people is this idea that you must behave a certain way and become a certain typecast sort of person or else you're faulty in some serious way. It's just a way to enforce conformity, not in a "top-down" way but in such a way that the conformists themselves would feel ashamed to appear otherwise.

I've also argued to more than one religious person, that I doubt a term like "god dammit" would actually offend any serious God-concept. It seems like a childish position to me, to envision God as some sort of scolding parent. I know human beings who wouldn't actually be offended by terms they dislike; why should Almighty God be more petty than they? It just makes no sense to me.

If I believe, wholly and deeply in divine pink unicorns a legislation demanding that others respect such an unfounded belief would be an insult.

If you also had multiple witnesses providing written accounts of this, and said unicorns performed what appeared to be miracles in front of large crowds, and many people found this convincing and credible, well then you might be onto something.

The very questioning of belief is repeatedly a cause to offend some. After all, the only unforgivable sin is to deny the holy spirit, should such a spirit exist in the unlikely event that spirits become factual.

My own concept of God includes a desire for us to question everything worthwhile, and this certainly qualifies. Einstein said "the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible". I personally wouldn't want to create mindless robots with no sense of awe or mystery, no genuinely satisfying curiosity; they would never reach their full potential. If I can see what would be direly wrong with that, I assume a being infinitely more advanced than myself can also see this.

If by "unforgivable sin" you refer to Mark 3:22-30 and Matthew 12:31-32, this refers to permanently rejecting the Holy Spirit. In the context of Mark 3:22-30 the Pharisees tried to falsely attribute Jesus's powers to Satan ("ruler of the demons"). This represents a conscious rejection, a misunderstanding so profound that its bearer actively resists truth, even when it happens in front of them. It's the idea of someone seeing an act of God and calling it evil. In many matters not involving religion, this is how psychotic people operate: they've convinced themselves that the wrong thing to do is expedient, justified, expected, etc and therefore good ("greater good" is a common one).

Like Bill Hicks mentioned, I personally suspect that we are God's way of experiencing Itself subjectively. That would make questioning, reasoning, and personal refinement all the more important.

Not exactly a front-page story anymore, but when I read your post, it got me thinking.

Comment: pretty simple really (Score 2) 662 662

Price: battery powered vehicles that look like time machines or toys are still priced at the luxury vehicle level. the ones that look normal or respectable, tesla, are still commanding BMW dollars. Hell, even decent electric motorcycles start at 17k. if you want me to buy one, stop crashing the economy and start supporting a living wage.
Range: most of these cars excel in stop and go traffic, with parking garages equipped with Chademo charge stations that dont cost anything. for the rest of america outside of Los Angeles and New York, we dont have this and our commute isnt as gridlocked as you may think.

Comment: im sure bureaucracy ran its course. (Score 1) 834 834

congress critter:ill fund the f35 but only if its in my state, and only if it uses whatever is in my macbook.
senate critter: make it fly faster than any jet we have, but also make it use this pork technology i funded in 2006 in my state.
congressional overlord: we need to fund a new jet fighter, we all agree on this, but i think we're overlooking a critical point. this figher needs lasers so it can beat chinese surface to air clam demons i heard about on fox news. use the lasers were building in senator porkpies state
senator porkpie: i stopped funding those things because special interests in my state swore they were blasphemous to jesus and part of the gay agenda
Congressman moneysworth: make the jet use stem cells but also make sure it can deliver food aid in case we need to send security forces to stabilize a region and win hearts and minds.
Senator drifty barnacle: ive served since the cleveland administration and i dont this new hamburger you all want to put in the kitchen...make sure the f35 still has katsup...
engineer: [screaming intensifies]

Comment: ipv6 incompetence is nothing new. (Score 4, Interesting) 65 65

we mandated ipv6 a while back and like alcoholics we refused to give up ipv4 for a myriad of nagging and petulent reasons. its coming back to haunt us now, with everything from legacy routers that cant grok ipv6 right to switches that cant tag or trunk v6. Many commercial firewalls even struggle to answer the questions "can you support ipv6?" and "can you route it?" with a definitive answer.

for the average user theres no clear or quick answer; youll just have to agree that some third party got it right. For slashdotters theres easy-rsa tools to start your CA and OpenVPN which has had support for ipv6 since 2.3. "leakage" is an ephemeral and undefined problem in TFA, but for those of us that live and breathe on planet RTFM an openvpn tunnel that supports v4 and v6 is trivial.

im speaking of the states, but here our cable and fibre providers have 90% coverage of a dual-stack configuration of ipv6 and ipv4 direct to the device. Sure, the modem only grants 1 ip for 1 customer (at least until the net neutrality suits are settled) but once you step into a fresh IPv6 address the measure of this ipv6 debacle becomes apparent. Big players arent playing: Amazons various services dont support ipv6 and most of your TLD's outside of the googleverse dont get AAAA. the open source community at freenode does support it however, and most shared/vps hosting providers do as well, so if you need a project this summer at least consider looking at your docsis3 options/ipv6 lease and get to work on that vpn!

Comment: a solid business model helps. (Score 4, Funny) 153 153

if its anything like my general Ikea experience, im sure the security ops team was handed a cardboard box labelled "Schelli schocc" with a 7 page manual full of bloated looking stick figures and a tiny hex wrench. they were then left to figure it out over a long night of busted knuckles and impromptu invented curse words. by dawn, either the prod environement passed a nessus scan or theyd built a bed...or both.

Comment: human evolution finds a way. (Score 5, Funny) 52 52

As a researcher I can confirm this augmented reality threat is limited to a small minority of individuals. Peripheral vision, for example, has been entirely advanced out of the human genome for the average New Jersey driver. While judgements in relative motion are key for some individuals, the average floridian will be keen to realize movement, perceived or not, is irrelevant on highway 27 as the road itself seems to be immune to the passage of time while in a motor vehicle. Californians should not concern themselves with wearable technology and its impact upon vision and cognitive processes related to distance, as the technology will almost certainly be obsolete by the time they exit the 405 freeway.

Comment: a hollow gesture from the cloistered elite (Score -1) 288 288

Elon musk is building a space program and Bill Gates is fixing climate change. These are tactical and purile solutions to what amounts to a strategic problem that affects every person on the planet. Instead of pining for vainglorious deliverance from our greatest problems by the monied plutocracy, we need to address the actual issue. In many cases the very people who propose to solve these kinds of problems are in fact causing them.
climate change skepticism and denial is outrightly perpetrated by multinational oil and gas conglomerates with a vested disinterest in additional regulation and scrutiny of their investments and businesses. Bill gates funds them, quixotically, as he attempts to deep drinkly from the chalice of social welfare and altruistic good. initiatives to staunch additional investment into nasa and bleed dry the FDA, EPA, and FDC are backed, largely, by generous hedge fund and public investmet that arrives from the cauffers of people like Mr. Gates. Bill is never directly troubled by any of this, as most groups like alec and americans for prosperity dont need to divulge their donors, among which are Gates' own investment targets.

Its also incredibly egotistical. things like NASA, Kyoto, and environmental trusts as well as the EPA were all created to circumvent a single donors limited legacy. Once Bill is gone from this earth, his wealth will be divested and his future heirs will likely quietly mothball their fathers once glorious end-of-life decision to cure the world of global warming in favour of perhaps another yacht or mansion.

Comment: no ones really winning. (Score 4, Interesting) 194 194

Online media has, like a meth junkie at a desert party, overdosed itself. The average slate or buzzfeed is a rats nest of unrelated yet increasingly predatory advertising that saps bandwidth and kills the user experience waiting for everyhting from monolithic flash ads to autoplay html5 elements to load. even your local newspaper is taking advantage of this to hose you for cash payments you wont make to read their clickbait articles that are written at the 4th grade level.

And what is this television thats slowly weaning itself off advertising? Watching Van Helsing in my hotel room I was treated to a 3 hour movie padded with advertising for everything from pain pills to fried chicken and cars. some ads even came back-to-back for the same damn product. television is rehabing from ads like a crack addict rehabs at the family reunion with a rail of white lightning in the bathroom. And dont think this excuses you, blu-ray and DVD titles are just as much television as the average CW network after school highly sensored puritanical life lesson sitcom. I have 12 to 20 minutes of un-skippable content in each of these disks where 10 years ago i was promised this wasnt ever going to happen. Im forced to watch advertisements and previews for products i dont give a shit about, just so i can get to the movie that includes (surprise) more product placement. Does anyone remember Oreo-bot from the transformers?

The only change in televisions model has been taking credit cards for things other than the ronco electric food dehydrator or the jack lalane power juicer. the guide feature in most provider services at the 1080p level still includes a myriad of floating chyron ads for weight loss and dick pills. buying anything pay-per-view will immediately forward your personal information to nearly two dozen affiliate advertisers and merchants. its a horrendous pain in the ass. And if you dont like it? two words: Its Comcastic.

cable and television service providers not only insult your intelligence and dignity but take it as a personal act of blasphemy if you try to cancel. simply calling up, youll be asked a phonebook of personal and insulting questions about your service and your personal likes and dislikes. its not the callcenters fault, some seersucker clad golfbag toting used car salesman marketing drone decided it was going to be a great idea to force the callcenter to carpet bomb customers in whats known as 'customer retention.' tactics.

the only thing this article isnt mentioning is that adblock is still a very real and useful thing, and that everything on television inevitably shows up on torrent.

Comment: bit coin doesn't solve the strategic issue. (Score 4, Insightful) 359 359

The greek financial crisis was brought on by a neoliberal government that promised the moon and stars, never collected tax, and drove itself into bankruptcy by securing loans (some predatory) that it could never repay. 23 years of national economic policy are coming home to roost, much as they did in the united states during the housing collapse, except the frameworks are radically different.

Greeks aren't generally accustomed to paying tax. Free medical and social services, some wildly more generous than the average western nation, are normatives they enjoy, and expect to enjoy regardless of income. shifting greece from a two decade model of tax evasion to even moderate tax reform will be met with cars burning in the streets because the average greek voter isn't privy to the fact that the government, in order to remain popular and in power, basically spent itself into oblivion.

exiting the euro may be the cure. Greece seems to be a country that doesn't consider capitalism in the western sense. theyve shunned the world bank strategies of privatized education and water. Evergrowing GDP. endless investment, and cloistered monied elite don't necessarily factor into the countries priorities. It will be a hard road for greece because many other nations will be very reticent to trade after an exit, but it will also afford numerous opportunities for local industry to emerge and thrive.

Comment: no, just stop. (Score 4, Informative) 219 219

Imagine a blue enter key, 7 row classic keyboard, 16:10 aspect ratio screen, multi-color ThinkPad

so, Imagine IBM. This won't happen, and not because of cost or market, but because Lenovo has betrayed its actual intent as a profiteering multinational. Superfish should be all the average slashdotter needs to know about this company to arrive at the inevitable conclusion that lenovo is committed to realizing a captive audience and perpetual marketing revenue stream through their hardware. The only reason superfish was stopped was because lenovo got caught, not because they cared about what you think or how you approach general purpose computing.

brand me a nihilist but commodity computing is dead. Dell, HP, and even apple all do the same marketing and targeted advertising song and dance. if its not bloatware its shady 'privacy settings' in the OS that are disabled by default. most laptops are nothing more than 20 gigs of branded content and apps store turd polishing. desktops are the literal epitome of the cheapest chinese plastic that can be extruded into peripheral and PCB form, combined with a disingenuous and underhanded disrespect for the users intelligence. restore partitions replaced media and the average consumer started getting coddled at the 4th grade level for everything from return and repairs to power user options and even system administration.

build your own. pick an OS you like that helps you do what you want, not what some think tank in a conference room whiteboarded. And as for lenovo, you can have my full size aluminum tower when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Comment: I own a qihoo router (Score 5, Funny) 207 207

as a qihoo wireless model 32 router owner I can say this is being completely blown out of proportion. my router has 6 very clearly labeled settings besides 'pregnant woman' mode and the article mentions nothing about them. Qihoo users like myself typically prefer to keep the router in 'surly wombat' mode to ensure best communication with devices that may be situated between an agitated or unruly wombat (as mine typically can be.) When i have company over I might set the router on 'roger whittaker' mode, which enables it to automatically emit up to 44 different songs from mellow folk sensation Roger Wittaker. You can even control time of day with different settings...for example around dinnertime ill set the router to 'defrost-reheat' which increases power levels accordingly and allows me to thaw and cook up to 15 pounds of turkey in my living room. And i challenge anyone to find a better mode than 'depeche' mode, which activates both gloomy QoS and tortured soul packet conditioning.

Comment: this thing comes and goes. (Score 0) 818 818

In the carolinas and most of the south, this star spangled rag does a disappearing act every 2-3 years. Governors demand it removed and champion equality/unity. successors have it reinstated and champion heritage and history. its removal is about as permanent as the debt ceiling and it in no way addresses the core issue:

in 1865 a band of wealthy plutocrats refused to give up the concept of owning people as pets and cattle. they were so ardently committed to slaves they invented concepts like 3/5ths of a man and an entire caste system of inferiority to justify this system. it worked to prevent poor white sharecroppers form colluding with blacks, but it also kept the federal government from really bothering with the whole thing until it was legitimately scrutinized. 150 years later after a crushing civil war loss, civil rights amendment loss, interracial marriage equality loss, equal housing opportunity HUD loss, equal employment opportunity loss, and an intractable legacy of hate and misery toward blacks, the south is grappling with the seemingly incomprehensible intolerance and disgust for their flag by a majority of americans that no longer care to quietly pretend 13 states are just 'racist' and thats okay. The problem is a neoconservative theocratic moral and ethical sewer culture that feigns patriotism whenever its challenged and cries bloody murder at the very thought of putting its money where its southern hospitality mouth so readily rests.

we have held your hand long enough. Gay marriage, women's healthcare, minority rights, and the abortion debate have all been settled for you by a majority of your peers.

Beware the new TTY code!