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Comment: neither science nor news. (Score 0) 53

by nimbius (#47790097) Attached to: Watch UK Inventor Colin Furze Survive a Fireworks Blast In a Metal Suit
its articles like this that help rocket slashdot into obsolescence. Timmy, drunkenly shitposting 4chan fodder at 2:30 in the morning and making it past firehose and onto the newsfeed. Other memorable turds include the video slashvertisement, the video interview/slashvertisement no one wanted, and the news article from a paid advertiser fearmongering for their latest appliance a-go-go. So ill give it a go at trying to make something productive of the comments section related to this worthless post.

lets discuss functional and informative alternatives to slashdot. is good, but lacks userbase from what im told.

Comment: this would expose an enormous state secret. (Score 5, Insightful) 244

by nimbius (#47783895) Attached to: US Government Fights To Not Explain No-Fly List Selection Process
To divulge this information would let loose the fact that the list is populated arbitrarily in most cases, and in others using illegal domestic spying practices currently being swept under the rug by the administration and the NSA. More importantly it would further confirm the TSA and most of homeland security as nothing more than security theatre and lemon socialism for defense contractors. Further, it would serve also to undermine more than a decade of highly controversial foreign and domestic policy in the wake of the september 11th attacks.

Another way to approach this retiscence from the government is in terms of employment and consumer confidence, as thats really all a capitalist government is focused on when it legislates. for those who insist it would help to dismantle the department of homeland security, its not that simple or even prudent to do. closing a 60 billion dollar a year facility would instantly land a quarter of a million americans unemployed as well as trigger staff cuts in military agencies and various contractors across the board. the long story short: as capitalism employs outsourcing and offshoring in its advancing race to the bottom, it becomes increasingly incapable of providing gainful employment for anyone and in turn government programs like this must be protected, even if they do very little else but harass the public and chase their tail. the big state secret is that the United States can hardly keep the government open, lags the world in education, and leads the world in incarceration

Comment: R.I.P. Mozilla (Score 5, Insightful) 170

by nimbius (#47777129) Attached to: Mozilla Rolls Out Sponsored Tiles To Firefox Nightly's New Tab Page
one of the core values of the Mozilla manifesto is this:

use the Mozilla assets (intellectual property such as copyrights and trademarks, infrastructure, funds, and reputation) to keep the Internet an open platform;

How does mozilla expect sponsored advertisement to exist without a conflict of interest? It can't. Mozilla is now beholden to and will become ever increasingly dependent upon ad revenue, which in turn will ensure mozilla projects and opinions will be screened before release to meet the advertisers approval.

personally? im switching because i still want a free internet. check out icecat or midori.

Comment: bailing water at this point, ms. (Score 5, Insightful) 126

by nimbius (#47775129) Attached to: Microsoft Dumps 1,500 Apps From Its Windows Store
This might not be a stellar opinion but its got to be said. for microsoft to jettison 1500 apps from a store few used and even fewer knew existed isnt poigniant unless you take into account that this has been microsofts strategy for 10 years in various segments. new product shows up, its identical to a product or products that have been around for 5 years, and it reluctantly disappears without much fanfare or spends a decade on XBox revenue life support. The zune was a dismal failure, and Azure only made an 11% gain because they tie the product into normal licensing for businesses, making it a mandatory item as part of discounts. Windows phone has had more stops and starts than a sixteen year old in a porsche. in 2014 it only had 3% of the marketshare for smartphones and its purchase of nokia was the kiss of death that made standard and poors downgrade their bond status to junk. the content restrictions on the appstore are virtually indistinguishable from the content restrictions of a protestant grandmother. The concept of a microsoft store in general is so hobbled its had to partner with another floating turd, best buy, to continue expansion beyond its 63 stores. Bing was the product of 3 years pounding away at yahoo until they purchased their search technology and relabeled it. After a huge marketing blitz, forcing it as a default in internet explorer, strapping it onto everything from phones to the xbox and even copying google results they still couldnt do better than an alexa rank of 23. Yahoo is alexa ranked at 4. IIS is a blood-stain that makes headlines only because its netcraft rating is artificially inflated with hosting providers that have been paid to use IIS for their static placeholder sites. Internet explorer, despite having 7 versions of development, ranks dead last in pc and mobile categories. Windows and Xbox and perpetual corporate licensing are all that keep microsoft in busines, and even Xbox isnt ranked #1 in gaming as that title goes to nintendo.

Financials and earnings reports sum this point up exactly. Microsoft has hemmoraged 21.8 billion dollars in net income and all it has to show for this is a lobbying division thats convinced a city in germany to switch to windows, and an operating system that, until valve pulls the trigger, will continue to exist solely because it shows up on the computer at the time of delivery and skyrim runs on it.

Comment: its worth putting this into perspective. (Score 5, Funny) 48

by nimbius (#47774055) Attached to: Death Valley's Sailing Stones Caught In the Act
as a member of the illuminati im disheartened to see this. We'd gone to great lengths to insist to the public these rocks were being moved in order to control the ghost of ronald reagan in a hideous plot to destroy the secret bald eagle buried in the head of the lincoln statue that funds "president" obamas fema death camps. when does this inquisition stop? the secret transciever in your left molar has made it explicitly clear that under no circumstance were you to question the rocks. Next thing you know, people are going to start asking about chem trails and how they always make sure gary busey eats exactly one almond joy candy before meeting with the council of serpents to steal painted lines from the roads through the mojave desert that planned the shariah law anchor baby abortions after the covert resurrection of sadam hussein.

Comment: not now, but it certainly did in the past. (Score 2) 159

by nimbius (#47773935) Attached to: Research Shows RISC vs. CISC Doesn't Matter
as a greybeard I remember when choosing Intel over Sun meant the project wasnt completed on time, and your electrical/mechanical engineering group lived in the breakroom while their jobs chugged along. Intel was a toy train compared to the power you'd get with RISC. however I can somewhat confidently say the RISC CISC battle is moot these days because x86 has largely caught up to power, sparc, and others. a competent argument could be made however that if it werent for AMD, most servers would probably still be running some flavour of RISC. The foolhardy nature of SUN and SGI can also be argued as a cause of their demise, but ill not flame. Intel wouldn't have bothered to get off their duff without a poke in the ribs from AMD; they had partnerships with RISC manufacturers anyhow and their own RISC-ish processor called itanium. outside of performance though there is another reason people stick with Power and others just as they have in the past. Lock-in.

you see, applications like Oracle Business Objects and JD Edwards come with a quid-pro-quo of exacting standards to which most businesses must adhere. Namely, IBM or Sun/Oracle hardware. You may only need accounting and payroll, but you'll have to clear a corner of the room for the circus to set up their hardware and make sure everything is "just so." Their hope is that their quiet mandate becomes your quiet mandate, and before you know it other systems that interact with JDE are now required to be Power-based because "thats what runs JDE." The only way out of this is to realize that any business that doesnt explicitly do payroll or metrics for profit, doesnt need the kind of horsepower decreed by things like SAP.

Comment: im growing to hate the word cyber. (Score 5, Insightful) 98

Cyber washes over so much of the actual problem with these companies. it implies some val kilmer secret agent jack bauer bullshit that does not exist in practical terms as the situation applies to entities like Chase. Its a convenient means of misdirecting attention at best.
Lets take a step back and call this what it actually was. Chase involuntarily discharged sensitive information about employees and customers. We can name chase because its too big to fail, but four other banks were part of this incident and we cant name them because to do so would cause egregious harm to their market reputation and force them to spend a pittance on re-issuing credit/debit cards. Chase will work to scapegoat this problem ad infinitum to the nearest foreign superpower that has been demonized/sanctified by politicians for this purpose and business will continue as usual. Chase will not accept liability for its shit-tier software, security practices, or disinterest in its customers and clients because it would harm the largest bank in the world and perhaps shave a sliver of profit off this quarter.

Comment: this is harmless for politicians. (Score 1) 522

by nimbius (#47765679) Attached to: Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio
arguably this is as much about class as it is about religeon. a largely ignorant majority is how slaveowners for example governed thousands of africans. Keeping the scientific process out of schools is palletable to creationists as it disarms future opponents. Its popular for plutocrats as well for this same reason.

and if you think elected officials in Ohio really care about challenging this legislation, they dont. their children attent private institutions that wont need to adhere to this legislation. andy thompson owns a magazine company. Matt Huffman owns a law firm. on top of this, an ohio senators average salary range is in the starting range of six figures.

Comment: clarifying rumors: (Score 5, Funny) 133

by nimbius (#47764771) Attached to: Time Warner Cable Experiences Nationwide Internet Outage
Several rumors about this outage are circulating, so being as I work at Time Warner i thought id dispell them.

1.Your call is important to us: this is a longstanding glitch in our callcenter software. at no point do any of us sincerely have any valued interest in you, or your communication.
2.We are working to resolve the issue quickly: not likely. Tina started her lunch break at like, 10 am. im posting this from the beerpong tavern up the road. My manager is asleep in the datacenter. nick and rob from networking didnt show up today because they had like, 11 vodkas last night and that means theyll be on from vpn around 6 pm to sign their timesheet.
3.This was caused by routine maintenance: again, a rumor. Dale and I wanted a kegerator in the NOC but we were already using the fridge in there for bottled beers. Instead we emptied a rack and made space. we're calling it cellar temperature but really its a bit warmer.
4.You are all valued customers: I dont know where people get this idea. have you tried calling? seriously most of the phone tree is a circular loop. we have maybe 4 phones in this office and its incredibly difficult to order pizza and wings while you "people" keep inundating us with sob stories about your internet.

anyhow sign up for the bundle, or 3 play or whatever it is the coked up hobo in marketing calls it these days. maybe that will help, or not, i dont know. that food truck with the salvadorian food is outside again and daddy needs a pupusa so, whatever.

Comment: seriously? (Score 1) 248

by nimbius (#47758061) Attached to: TechCentral Scams Call Center Scammers

This scam can have serious repercussions

Yes and thats why no one should do it. aside from dicking around with foreign scammers you're also making a very bold assumption that theyre not part of an organized criminal syndicate capable of learning from this mistake, gathering more information about you, and directly targeting you or your family members for not only clowning around with them, but publishing an article on the hubris of your interation. Antispam researchers are absolutely familiar with everything from death threats to kilos of drugs and explosives mailed to their personal address.

Comment: its rather simple, really. (Score 4, Funny) 251

by nimbius (#47756493) Attached to: New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?
You see, the next windows will be modelled after the successful launch of Vista. Threshhold will be released in 32,768 independent varieties in order to suck up every possible demographic for a ride on the microsoft money choo choo. one version will contain a golden ticket, in which the buyer is automatically invited to redmond to see the hideous chocolate factory responsible for the mere idea of the windows operating system.

Windows 9 will be the finest windows ever released, that is, to the untrained eye. In fact its simply a cleverly reskinned copy of Ubuntu with a systemd service that occasionally brands you a felon and contests the genuine authenticity of your OS.

Comment: brilliant, but with a few flaws. (Score 3, Insightful) 585

by nimbius (#47747981) Attached to: New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs
unless you're Penn Jillette, most men do not wear nail polish.
it would also be very important to educate the wearer that they could never, under any circumstances, topcoat as it would render the system useless. Salons would also need training on numerous procedures that, while safe for normal polish, would damage the system.

Disclosure: ive worked in a salon. my suggestion would be to offer a topcoat or clearcoat that can be added to existing colours. This system would also work well in french tips, but again, most men do not wear them.

Comment: so to put it in argumentative terms (Score 1, Insightful) 159

by nimbius (#47723655) Attached to: Microsoft Lobby Denies the State of Chile Access To Free Software
Linux: we're faster, cheaper, and just as easy to install and use as windows, plus we come with an ecosystem of thousands of applications that do exactly what yours do, but are also free.

Microsoft: You make an excellent point, and we certainly wish we had time for a formal rebuttal but for right now we're too busy shoveling cash into foreign governments and municipalities. you see, with the departure of steve ballmer, our failed cellular endeavor, our failed search engine, our failed cloud computing service, our failed apps store, our failed windows 8, our failed mp3 player, and our recent mass firing we had to do something. Just dont think about how this relates to the restructuring. it doesnt really, we're the same company as before, just a bit more immediate and desperate.

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