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Comment pick one or the other (Score 1) 174

unregulated online sports is a very kind way of saying online gambling. Either its a sport, or its a website you pump money into in the hopes of winning big. Gambling is never a winning proposition, kids. No matter how closely its tied to sports, which are fun to watch, gambling always means over a long enough timespan the house always wins.

Comment what hype? (Score 1) 186

Promises of room-temperature fusion machines in every home providing nearly-free energy for all.

I dont know about the rest of you but my Mr. Fusion works just fine. I mean, it just came out this year but I havent had many problems with it. hell, even sold my old one to some elderly guy and a kid driving around the town in an old delorean.

Comment for those wondering about the deepthroating (Score 5, Informative) 686

https://lkml.org/lkml/2013/2/2... Matt got reamed for this because it was a stupid idea, not because the environment was somehow too immature. from Linus Torvalds himself:

Guys, this is not a dick-sucking contest. If you want to parse PE binaries, go right ahead. If Red Hat wants to deep-throat Microsoft, that's *your* issue. That has nothing what-so-ever to do with the kernel I maintain. It's trivial for you guys to have a signing machine that parses the PE binary, verifies the signatures, and signs the resulting keys with your own key. You already wrote the code, for chissake, it's in that f*cking pull request.

By the time SCALE 11 hit, Matt was no longer working at redhat. people moved on. A Fork was always an option for Matthew...just perplexed as to why he decided to do it 2 years after...

Comment TL;DR: (Score -1, Troll) 40

to stop people like Kim Davis, George Zimmerman or any number of cops "forced to resign" after opening fire on an unarmed person and facing no charges. Its all fun and games until the legal defense kickstarter campaigns for highly controversial amateur celebrities begins to drag your domain name through the dirt. Kickstarter did this to bring focus back to home made jam farms and soap companies. It did this to avoid becoming a GoDaddy.

Comment really necessary? (Score 1) 128

Basically with the latter two modes I'd like to be able to switch between inputting to PC1 & DOCK1, whilst continuing to be able to monitor each by outputting each one's video to one of the 2 monitors. However, I also want to be able to go dual-screen with and control PC1 & PC2.

I guess a better question is 'what do you want to do?' It sounds like all 3 will need to be immediately accessible. switching quickly between the 3 would be cheapest if you purchased multiple keyboards, and mice. Identify the gaming machine, and if required give it 2 monitors. the rest can KVM traditionally through a single or have a dedicated number of monitors.

workload in general...you might want to address some consolidation issues if you find yourself requiring 3 graphical terminals. For example: if one is a BSD machine you could simply ssh or vnc into it.

Comment the circle of strife. (Score 1) 435

seems like we see one of these every few months. maybe its true, but its hardly a problem we cant as americans drag our feet on. There are numerous practical reasons we have poor ipv6 penetration. not the least of which are:

understanding: greybeards and young guns alike in IT share an almost religious fear of IPv6 sometimes. Its a poltergeist most companies would care to avoid as well, as it would require hiring people who understand ipv6 as well as 4. not just the address, but how to route it, how to firewall it, and how to handle its DNS addressing. unless youre a firmly bunkered BOFH, youll have gaps in your understanding.
infrastructure: ipv6 has been in place at comcast and time warner for a while, but it requires DOCSIS 3 capable modems to handle the traffic and ipv6 capable wireless ap's in many cases. most americans who dont bask in the warm green glow of slashdot havent rushed out to buy a new modem when their current one is just as good. most cable companies were loathe to provide a free or subsidized upgrade (thats probably changed now that theyre common-carrier status) but it doesnt change the meat of the problem. To fix modems would require an upgrade not seen since we switched from analogue to digital broadcast television.
the web.: AWS sites still dont support ipv6. hosting providers like GoDaddy and Dreamhost have done a magnificent job of building out support but dedicated hosting solutions may still include legacy apache and nginx that dont speak 6. vendors like ironport speak ipv6 about as fluently as a slavic tourist, and in many cases proxy software and antispam actually reject ipv6 transported email as they cant handle reverse ipv6 lookups. many appliances rely entirely on hurricane or other public 6-2-4 proxes to maintain any semblance of support for the protocol. other companies like F5 networks have glorious support for ipv6, but few customers that care about it outside of cloud hosting providers.

do yourself a favour, learn it. Learn what it is and how it works, and make it a weekend project at home. youd be surprised how many people raise an eyebrow when you put 'ipv6' on your resume. For my countrymen here in the states, its coming. you cant stop it, and dual stack implementations already exist in your cellphones and public hotspots.

Comment wonder if this would work anywhere else? (Score 2) 303

in terms of networking, most 48 volt injectors have caps to dump 'high' voltages. standard network switching however might not expect potentially disastrous voltages. At best, you might be able to fry a switch-worth of connectivity for a few hours or a day but id expect that would be it.

I ran into this problem in an industrial setting. part of the factory contained a particularly nasty unshielded induction furnace. the network card on the machine that controlled SCADA for that furnace had a cable run that was just close enough to pick up a current and fry about a motherboard a month. The solution was a fibre card, ironically provided by the furnace maker.

Comment might not work in bigger cities. (Score 2) 112

from tfa the mockup shows a typical suburb, but in a city collecting trash is much more complex. offices and apartment complexes often store their dumpsters in the buildings parking garage or in a tight alleyway. garbage trucks cant get to them directly, and so rely on smaller positioning vehicles to take the dumpster to a location the truck can safely reach. on large streets, dumpsters can take up an entire lane of traffic or parking while waiting for a garbage pickup. at the end of the day, positioning vehicles return the dumpster to its original location.

Comment speaking from experience, i can understand. (Score 3, Interesting) 133

as a kid I took Paxil briefly for depression, but never received any therapy so it was basically worthless. the drug was pretty brutal. I could function at school, but at 14 i felt like i was a drugged 40 year old junkie. I was exhausted all the time and had a near constant headache. between the nervousness and weight loss after the first year, i certainly wasnt depressed anymore but i was an emotional tire fire. I became violently opposed to the idea of dating, physical contact, or interpersonal relationship and extremely paranoid around adults. I still dont rememeber why this was, but I kept a notebook log of places to avoid and things people said.

And it got worse. Kicking paxil after highschool took an entire year of auditory hallucinations, nightmares, suicidal thoughts, crying, you name it.

Comment misses the point entirely. (Score 3, Interesting) 174

The reason people started moving to Android, and kept using android, wasnt because iPhones migration options were hard. iTunes integration was a breeze and contact synchronization was always done through a quick vcard dump.

Mac became too expensive. it was always too expensive for a majority demographic of americans that earn minimum wage or work paycheck to paycheck, but it really got bad during the financial collapse of 2008. a $600 iphone left a very bitter taste in the mouths of most consumers, but they soon found flavours like kitkat, lollypop, and eclair that were not only just as good as iPhone, but much cheaper. Google maps came with an option to select and search for public transportation routes whereas apple maps just assumed you had a car. Googles ecosystem of phone apps also didnt require special software to sync music, whereas it was assumed iphone owners had bought into the full mac experience and already owned an itunes account. finally, durability. most iPhone users were accustomed to enduring spiderweb screens until their next upgrade, but increasingly more and more android users were finding the phones to be not only more durable, but simpler and cheaper to replace.

now the same corporation that released a ten thousand dollar wristwatch is banking on the return of customers thanks to, a sync app?

Comment as a linux user, i can explain. (Score 3, Insightful) 165

coming from windows and mac, its hard to imagine youd need a definition. For a linux user, the answer is simply whenever the application does something i did not tell it to do.
when i read its changelog and its now, for example like firefox, going to include a targeted advertising system. If the application lies about its intended function, or prevents me from using my computer as I've set out to use it.

For some of us, malware is an ethos, foretold by Richard Stallman. in Linux the word of root is sacrosanct. there are no upgrades, no updates, and no communication from the system or its processes that is not controlled by or intrinsically authorized by root. For myself, Windows and Mac have been malware for quite some time.

Comment ive been distributing internet in an easier way. (Score 0) 60

sure, you could use balloons or crowdfunding but can we just stick to the tried and true scientific method. For example, Ive successfully distributed internet to several cities by strapping cellphones to squirrels with a roll of duct tape. Sometimes ill see them in trees (they do this to gain the best signal.) All youve gotta do is shout your http request to them, for example, "download the latest memes, squirrel!" simple really.

Another method ive tried for more remote locations, small rural towns, is to painstakingly construct a large trebuchet over a period of many months. Once complete, and loaded with a garbage bag full of laptops and cats, I launch the world wide web into the town to a cacophony of thankful citizens and excited felines no doubt working to eat a cheese burger or play an electric piano.

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