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Comment: take it from a pro (Score 2) 85

by nimbius (#49356329) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Makes Some Code Particularly Good?

I think i can shed light on this subject, having several years experience in this field. New programmers and seasoned alike often make this mistake, either through carelessness or ignorance. When working to write good code, you must make sure to set good="yes" or good="veryyes." ive written code for 20 years now and this has only ever failed me in PHP. Apparently the language does not support "good" code.

Comment: here its just media. (Score 4, Insightful) 172

by nimbius (#49354029) Attached to: How Professional Russian Trolls Operate
Conversations in online forums havent really taken the bulk of social-political discourse in america, because we're all still convinced the news media is capable of objectively reporting wars and foreign politics. the administration, any administration really, has made perfectly clear that those outliers that do not fall lock step with the new york times, fox, nbc, and other household staples will be punished. Expect wiretaps, spying, litigation to uncover your sources, accidental shelling of your foreign offices, and outright disinformation and lies from both houses of congress. Expect Joe Libermann to pen a strongly worded letter to your hosting provider, as in the case of wikileaks, that insists you should be shut down. Credit processing will cease, bank accounts will be frozen, and dubious arrest warrents will be issued once you begin to report on the actualities of american foreign policy and interventionalism. during both the iraq war as well as the Afhan war, we censored news coverage of planes returning with dead soldiers. We didnt do it because of television censor standards, we did it because coverage of that nature led to mass protest of the viet-nam war. peaceful demonstration is fine, but whenever we grow tired of it we install agent provocateurs and quickly crush the manufactured dissent.

narratives contrary to the song of exceptionalism aren't tolerated. In fergusson as in occupy we routinely arrested journalists that didnt belch the days talking points for 20 minutes, and immediately knock off to the hotel bar for steak and booze.

Comment: temper your expectations, Uganda. (Score 3, Informative) 51

by nimbius (#49353891) Attached to: Facebook Successfully Tests Laser Internet Drones

to beam the Internet down

*The internet in accordance with local and national regulations pertaining to censorship and surveillance.

to billions of people around the world.

Some restrictions apply, billions of people will be considered based on race, gender, social position and annual income as potential revenue factors when subscribing or continuing to use the product. underfunded schools and desolate post-capitalist urban areas wracked by systemic unemployment and without adequate starbucks will be avoided. Remember: you are the product, the drone is merely another way to deliver that product to consumer affiliate corporations.

Comment: as a true gamer maybe i can shed some light. (Score 2) 187

by nimbius (#49347255) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?
A true gaming mouse is carved from the antimatter core of a dying nebula, and its casing carefully polished with the tears of 7 golden osprey held in a perpetual state of incorporeal bliss through the veil of time. Sure, you can find deals on lesser models, but youre still compromising IMHO.
Next, and this is probably obvious to anyone playing crysis currently, use a crystal forged in the heart of a collapsing sunstar and blessed by liagegam, the cursed red priest of the refrain of the million agonies. you'll need to carve the lense with this crystal and ive found the runes of the elders deep within the marianas trench actually do a great job of this. Finally, the laser itself must be a captured beam from the one explosion that wrought the galaxy, and space itself as we know it. harnesing the energy from this beam, into the crystal and past the lense will allow you to begin to use what, crudely, is known as a 'mouse' by non gamers.

Your integrated components and circuitry is dead simple however, and consists mostly of 128-qubit chipsets using quantum annealing. this will give a general method for finding the global minimum of a function by a process using quantum fluctuations, and in turn help you guide the pointer on the screen.

Comment: Cue the usual suspects. (Score 2, Insightful) 706

by nimbius (#49344043) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident
Christians: shariah muslim terrorists are responsible and this proves muslim islam is evil and wants to destroy the world.
Muslims: Islam is a religion of peace, the jews did this because they are evil and wish to destroy muslims on this flight.
Scientists: Humans are an unreliable, inefficient, and unpredictable element. we should do more science to remove them from commanding 400,000 pound flying machines.

Comment: prepare for unforeseen compliactions (Score 4, Funny) 220

by nimbius (#49343857) Attached to: Russian Official Proposes Road That Could Connect London To NYC
some things we may not have considered:
1. Having to learn the phrase "can i have the key to the bathroom" in 7 languages.
2. understanding, yet never being entirely certain, when left or right lane driving applies but being totally sure your wife is probably wrong.
3. switching road trip snacks from potato chips, to Kotlety, to pea pats, to landjager, and finally back to potato chips but now you have to call them crisps while youre stuck in gridlock piccadilly traffic.
4. having to keep multiple bribe currencies for various checkpoints and rolling infractions.
5. The phrasebook doesnt have anything to get hungarian insurance scammers off the bonnet of your car at 3 am
6. GPS may not be capable of routing you safely around a drunken and somewhat bloated Jeremy Clarkson as he hurls homophobic remarks at you from the doorway of a run down pub in leeds.

Comment: a lot of questions about real-world here. (Score 1) 475

by nimbius (#49336157) Attached to: No, It's Not Always Quicker To Do Things In Memory
Generally if you're looking to speed things up in RAM its not because youre concatenating a group of strings over and over, its because your overall read time improves dramatically as well. The study also doesnt take into account IO controller overhead...for example the overhead to write to RAM is generally mitigated in intel chips as the northbridge is merged into the processor and takes advantage of cool things like predictive instructions by the ALU. PERC raid controllers and HBA's are typically limited by the bandwidth of the bus and the clock speed of the controller on the other hand, as well as any pending rebuilds or cached data theyre committing or storing at any given time. JBOD configurations in some RAID cards also requre you to build an individual RAID for each disk, meaning the controller could have countless configurations it has to track.

an excellent example of where you want RAM to handle reads and writes is in email antispam. amavis queues get expensvie fast, despite optimized perl threading, but cutting this back to spamass-milter and keeping spamassassin in a ramdisk with its compiled ruleset there too means you can handle nearly the entire evaluation of the message without even touching the incoming queue on disk. issuing rejections at the handshake then greatly improves efficiency over having to issue bounces, which can touch up to 4 queues on disk in some cases.

Comment: controversial, but worth stating. (Score 5, Interesting) 264

Ive worked with numerous indian H1B holders. The ones that are smart enough to apply for citizenship and get the hell out of whatever indentured servitude theyve been thrust into are the ones I love working with. Eloquently spoken as always, they will be the ones that bring insight and technical expertise along for any meeting or project.

On the other hand, ive had many experiences with ESL H1B holders that amounted to nothing short of a phone tech in the states. Any H1B hired for any oracle product for example is a roll of the dice. Ive worked with a senior level RDBM that after an entire year of working on a project and requesting funding, quit when it was revealed the funding had all been directly applied to Oracle Gold support and remote hands. H1B sysadmins that just reboot servers all day long to fix problems, or feverishly post to message boards with an irate "please respond immediately" seem to be the bulk of what ive encountered in linux and unix. Ive been present for meeting room meltdowns and phantom disappearances where H1B holders just quit showing up for a project as well.

Comment: its unlikely to gain any traction (Score 5, Insightful) 184

by nimbius (#49335137) Attached to: New Bill Would Repeal Patriot Act
the Patriot act is affected through the Homeland Security Act, which in turn uses wings of the FBI and CIA to implement various measures but most importantly it uses the Department of Homeland Security. with a quarter of a million people employed and a sixty billion dollar budget, many southern senators and politicians would likely find the bill, or any bill that touches DHS for that matter, toxic. customs and border protection agents, largely composed of veterans who would otherwise find themselves unemployed, make up the bulk of nearly 60,000 employed by the agency. Expect Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico senators to turn a blind eye to this legislation as no one wants to face an election with the fact they voted to axe these jobs, however pointless and destructive.

expect the administration --any administration for that matter-- to object to strengthening whistleblower protection. The laundry list of whistleblowers in federal government whos actions have directly led to their chronic unemployment and ostracization from society is evidence enough that we as a society care more about the idea of american patriotism than the actual functional implementation and repercussions of it.

Comment: i think its pretty clear so far. (Score 2, Insightful) 49

by nimbius (#49323997) Attached to: Nobody Is Sure What Should Count As a Cyber Incident
According to modern convention a 'cyber event' is any event where government or private industry is exposed to extended and unwarranted yet catastrophically revealing scrutiny that serves to radically alter a citizen or consumers outlook on the state or the product respectively. These incidents are generally prosecuted rigorously in a kangaroo court, and involve numerous fisa submissions and foia redactions.

by contrast if a substantial subset of consumers experience the unauthorized release of their personal credit card, social security numbers, addresses, and bank information then this is just an 'incident' or a 'breech.' it involves 'data security' and 'unintentional disclosure' and is in no way a cyber event, although the FBI will be invoked just as predictably as a benediction at sunday mass in order to maintain the illusion the company affected has some purchase in the matter.

the ultimate difference being "cyber events" are ginned up to sell wars and products. data incidents and breeches are to be forgotten as fast as the public can, and covered quite minimally by the news media.

Comment: it wouldnt be slashdot without a cynic (Score -1, Troll) 56

by nimbius (#49322905) Attached to: NASA's Abandoned Launch Facilities

The book is a visual study of the deactivated launch and research facilities that played an essential role in early American space exploration.

The book is a visual study of the deactivated launch and dilapidated research facilities that were promptly mothballed after successfully bankrupting a superpower and reducing an american legend into a shuddering husk for which funding is now maintained only through elaborately prostituting itself for pork expenditures and earmark cash on a state-by-state basis with the promise, however bleak and illogical, of a private space industry that always generates a profit.

Roland Miller's upcoming book, Abandoned in Place, serves as a masterful interpretation of many other United States research facilities in the coming century as this superpower furiously disregards climate change, global warming, income inequality, government corruption, and a failed foreign policy in a race to a dystopian hell the likes of which mankind has never known.

Comment: this thing is USELESS (Score 1) 91

I understand there is scientific value to be had from this dashboard but honestly as a mad scientist I myself am both disappointed and frustrated by the lack of functionality. By no means am I new to doomsday dashboards (ive been shopping around for months now.) I've used KF245 Deathmaster consoles, BUE44 Death ray destructo console with the liquidator option and then finally im sure we're all familiar with MurderMatic's Dashboard-O-Doom with those oh so lovely cherry keyswitches. But the BAS Doomsday dashboard has not a single modern feature! not even the usual laz-o-tron scope or whir-o-blitz flashitizers. I stood in the shower for almost 20 minutes today practicing THE PERFECT villain speech, complete with "mark my words" and "tremble before the might" and for what? This stupid Doomsday Dashboard cant even target Washington DC?! And dont even get me started on the interface. How the hell do i LAUNCH any of these warheads?! I have ALWAYS WANTED to have site-based launch but i cant find the control ANYWHERE to launch!

In summation Atomic Scientists Bulletin, please, get your act together (you're embarassing the mad community.) Also please let the united nations know (because your dashboard CLEARLY CANT DO THIS) to wire 1 BILLION dollars in currency to skull island in no less than 5 hours, or we will have no choice but to...oh screw it you know what? i just realized i cant control SEA LEVEL OR CARBON DIOXIDE LEVEL AT ALL in this blasted stupid dashboard.

Comment: jesus christ, this. (Score 1) 179

by nimbius (#49314293) Attached to: WHO Report Links Weed Killer Ingredient To Cancer Risk
Link to the actual fucking article:

And to NBC, grow some balls and stop rolling over for blowjobs from advertisers. Monsanto is one of the largest agribusinesses in the world. its products are in everyones home, like it or not, in some form or another. For you to blatantly ignore a link to the article and dilute the fucking statement to a "probably" is nothing short of treasonous. Do your god damn job and stop worrying about the trolls.

Comment: summary for the rest of us (Score 0) 45

by nimbius (#49307979) Attached to: Meet the Carolina Butcher, a 9-Foot Crocodile That Walked On Two Legs
Slashdot: this discovery broadens our understanding of biology and the world we live in. It is important to the understanding of the planet as well as our history on it.

Carolinians: the carolina butcher was placed there by Jesus to test your faith. ancient revival preachers would juggle them like snakes to prove gays were responsible for katrina and benghazi is a muslim shariah plot.

Saliva causes cancer, but only if swallowed in small amounts over a long period of time. -- George Carlin