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Comment: operational logs should lend some detail. (Score -1, Offtopic) 33

Speaking as a NASA scientist for the project I can tell you this rover has been trickier than the others to operate. Its far more advanced, since keith secured funding for hooker headers and flowmaster pipes we've also had to upgrade to a new edelbrock carb (i threw in the holly mild cam for better low range torque.) I took a few days to tint the windows on it and, despite what my colleagues say, I think "suckin gas and haulin ass" was an excellent choice of stencil in the rear window next to the JEGS stickers. current and voltage anomalies can often be explained by the fact that neil doesnt think he has to terminate speaker wires properly and instead just wraps them in electrical tape (thats why the left front speaker cuts out all the time on the highway.) Also, and im not saying his brother does a bad job, but when we had to replace the distributor suddenly the power locks stopped working. Its not a showstopper, we're still exploring mars after all, but it makes grocery trips a pain in the ass. Ill be more than preturbed however if this is another 'caroline' scenario where we arent moving because she cant get the goddamn thing out of neutral. Its a short-throw four speed shifter Carol, for god sakes just practice in the parking lot. and for the last time, we are not arguing about the 8 ball shifter anymore its a muscle centerpiece you uncultured swine

Comment: I have a hard time accepting the argument made... (Score 3, Insightful) 144

by nimbius (#49180027) Attached to: Technology's Legacy: the 'Loser Edit' Awaits Us All
The "Loser edit" if it really is something we should wory about, and seek to avoid, has some rather dire consequences. I mean, think about it. Without the loser edit people like Justin Bieber are OK guys despite 18 documented police interventions and a drug conviction. It means that despite Pat Robertsons direct connection to a diamond mine in the congo that itself was responsible for decades of bloodshed and terror, hes an alright guy with a pretty gruff outlook on the gays. and worse yet, it means Dick Cheney, a man directly responsible for the death of nearly a million Iraqi citizens, is just a misunderstood old fogey.

Comment: of all the ideas, this is the worst. (Score 4, Insightful) 651

by nimbius (#49174813) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial
Based on historic evidence, the US has absolutely zero intention of honouring a 'fair' and 'impartial' trial. Chelsea manning leaked a video of US soldiers murdering an ambulance of civillians and was gifted 35 years in prison for a largely victimless crime. KSM and about 100 other 'detainees' at guantanamo, although routinely and repeatedly insisted that they face American justice are in fact completely in limbo. the FBI has been caught spying on defense council and fabricating evidence and the US Congress, once they realized a program of torture and forced rendition would open these individuals to american courts and the possibility of acquittal immediately moved to isolate, restrict, and outlaw transport or trial of any detainee in an american court.

Civil forfeiture entirely usurps legal process in favour of a carte blanche land and property grab in the pursuit of the "war on drugs." Police are routinely found murdering people in suspicious or controversial situations only to never face trial. the financial collapse of 2008 involved some of the largest banks and securities companies committing fraud on a massive scale, and not a single arrest or trial has taken place. So please, Edward, I understand youre homesick for the first few years in a new place but you need to consider the very legitimate possibility that "american justice" is completely and utterly arbitrary and held to no reasonable, impartial international standard. it exists and functions by virtue of its own existence. Martyring yourself wont change anything, wont alter systems like foreign policy or defense at all. You wont face reason. You will be hanged, and then there will be cake and spin to continue insisting the system of american exceptionalism works.

Comment: leave this mess. (Score -1, Troll) 85

by nimbius (#49146389) Attached to: Microsoft Closing Two Phone Factories In China
sure this will get downvoted to offtopic but i think it very much is part of the topic of the community. Design changes.
Slashdot implemented beta and it failed, so instead of leaving that which isnt broken alone they decided to slowly, quietly roll out beta in a boiled-frog approach. posting is sinisterly difficult, tracking replies or just general community discussions has been made more cumbersome, and no offer to revert to the old, unbroken ui has been made.

If you dont like this change, if you dont like slashdot pushing this turd of a design without so much as a second thought to the community that generates its revenue, if you like the old slashcode, check out

Comment: as a chef, yes. for the home cook? no. (Score 1) 90

by nimbius (#49143005) Attached to: 3D Printers Making Inroads In Kitchens
sheet cakes have already had printers for quite some time now, but its worth noting you still need to prepare the ingredients for this device. If i were at home this printer would be cumbersome, but I also work in a professional kitchen and as a chef, If im catering for 120, having a machine that would print gold leaf would be awesome. Petit fours are a pain in the ass, and every time i send my crew to make them i get a round of angry scowls. Having a rack of foodinis printing them off though? yes please. My prep work isnt of concern as most of the ingredients go through a hobart mixer or robot coupe. where this device would shine is tedious, labour intensive hand prep and finishing.

Comment: hate to dive headfirst into politics. (Score 5, Informative) 599

by nimbius (#49126463) Attached to: Republicans Back Down, FCC To Enforce Net Neutrality Rules
I know its rather offtopic, but for non-US readers its relevant:
For anyone confused as to the situation of american politics in the past 8 years, the republican party has worked tirelessly to obstruct practically every piece of legislation after the ACA (healthcare legislation.) Theyve played a brinksmanship game with an artificially imposed budget limit, ironically created by them as a kudgel to complain about $cur_president's spending policies but with real power. This "debt ceiling" has been used twice to literally shut down the government. Mail didnt run, troops werent paid, contractors were furloughed, the FCC FTC and even the FDA were all deactivated not once, but twice in a bid to force the presidents hand to concede his high ground and allow their minority legislation to pass. this nihilism cost us 2 credit ratings and an estimated 24 billion dollars. Republicans gained nothing.

fast forward to 2015 when both our houses of legislature, the senate and congress, are now controlled by a gerrymandered republican electorate. The president is on his last term, something we call 'lame duck' and is now openly advocating for everything from free education to immigration reform policies. Republicans, with this control, still havent proposed an alternative to any legislation facing them, and wont even vote on major issues like campaign finance reform or immigration. whats worse, theyre still operating in a 2010 mindset of obstruct and destroy, so we're facing another brinksmanship game in which they threaten to stop funding for the Department of Homeland Security. about 240,000 employees would go unpaid, but be required to work, and every airport in the nation would likely experience a significant impact. Random government shutdowns have major repercussions in world markets that rely on a confident and reliable american government to back things like currencies and bonds.

so for republicans to back down on net neutrality is a serious step forward in a party that generally toes every corporate lobbyists hard line. Remember: theyre the party that apologized for inconveniencing BP during the largest oil spil in recent american history, and yet at this moment have conceeded to the will of the public.

Comment: so to catch everyone up whos not american (Score 1) 406

by nimbius (#49121323) Attached to: NSA Director Wants Legal Right To Snoop On Encrypted Data
NSA: we currently have to go through the secret fisa rubber stamp factory to read encrypted data. thats cumbersome, you're a criminal and we just need time to
EFF: ok so you can read crypto...thats new...we're going to educate people on crypto...the strong flavor....
NSA: thats probably evidence of a crime...people shouldnt hide things they dont...
Google: we just upped our ssl yours.
NSA: guise...come on...just because we can read SOME crypto doesnt mean all of it...we have to tap googles data centerrrrr-
Google: Oh? Nice. Also all our devices ship with crypto enabled. by default. for, you know. security.
Apple: Ditto....and it just works....
NSA:ok...seriously guise you dont understand...this is different. sometimes we listen to everyones phonecalls and, well sometimes there are terrorists that...
Moxie Marlinspike:sshhhhhhh...redphone....from whispersystems...
NSA: arent you locked up in an airport somewhere? you still dont understand!! damnit we need LEGAL access to snoop on encrypted data now theres just too much...
Tor: hey.
I2P: hey guise i heard you like crypto
cryptocat: M30w
NSA: wait....just hang on we need to get together and talk about this, its just a big misunderstanding this is about security.
DefCON: is it, NSA senpai? you've changed. I heard Schneier-san thinks youre baka.
NSA:ITS NOT ME ITS SNOWDEN! hes the real traitor and that AARON SCHWARTZ is trying to CHELSEA MANNING the FREEDOM!!
The Community : I'll just...leave this here....

Comment: automatically? really dice? (Score 3, Insightful) 23

by nimbius (#49120919) Attached to: Using Microfinance to Develop Coding Talent (Video)

If you click the "Read" button below this paragraph, the video interview will play automatically.

nice try. on behalf of all the slashdotters who have tolerated incremental skullfucking of the original slashcode and bullshit that is Beta, This is why your userbase is dwindling and participation is falling. Noscript, microblock, adaway, and yet after all this we still get 1080p slashvertising turds that magic-play when we click to read the comments that make your site worthwhile at all?
on behalf of all of us, Fuck you dice. heres hoping takes off.

Comment: Re: bullshit. (Score 1) 134

by nimbius (#49118907) Attached to: Pakistanis Must Provide Fingerprints Or Give Up Cellphone
the hijackers for the world trade center bombings:
Mohamed Atta (Egyptian) held a technical degree,
Abdulaziz al-Omari (Saudi Arabian) held a religious degree from a cleric,
Wail al-Shehri (Saudi Arabian) was mentally ill and had gone to numerous clerics for assistance,
Waleed al-Shehri (Saudi Arabian) had no education,
Satam al-Suqami (Saudi Arabian) dropped out of law school.
Atta was a rather brilliant individual beaten down in egypt by a regime that at the time was supported directly by the United States. Atta was enraged by Egypt's ruling elite and its crackdown on dissenting political groups. He was ultimately an educated minority yet what I advocate and what you fail to recognize is an educated majority. Islam, Witchcrat, Atheism, Mormonism, Communism, Catholicism, and Blacks have all been demonized based on a complex structure of pseudointellectual dogma thats designed to ensure they remain the enemy despite reason and critical thinking. Islam is convenient, because it foregoes critical discussion of a disasterous western foreign policy perpetuated by the carter doctrine and a gerrymandered warhawk political elite.

Comment: do you want exodus? (Score 4, Interesting) 145

by nimbius (#49118599) Attached to: Attention, Rockstar Developers: Get a Talent Agent

can you imagine a "10x rockstar developer" swaggering into a job interview with his negotiating team?

Stop. please. just stop. lets take the pretend train to imaginary town and derail it for a minute:
1. the people who sincerely think coders need agents are the people who contribute nothing to the coding process. these are parasites running out of options in a dwindling music and video talent market.
2. the kinds of coders who think they need a talent agent are the kinds of sycophantic cocksuckers that harass employees, alienate managers, fracture teams, and haul companies into sexual harassment lawsuits. they might be bombshell coders, but the truth is even with james bond, 7 martinis and an aston martin makes you a stumbling insurance liability with a gun.
3. we already have a huge problem with recruiting. I cleared 37 voicemail messages from recuiting mills that dont even source their call centers in the US. most of this was for 3 month contract or 6 month contract work, shit that is beneath anyone but that corporations feel like theyre fucking entitled to. I routinely roll out of bed for calls from these shitlords at 2 AM because someone didnt set the callcenter ntp server in india properly.
4. Corporations are another side of the problem. Apply for imgur, facebook, or any other rewarding employment position and you'll be waterboarded with masturbatory inquisition like 'what makes you such a great fit?' and 'what do you looooove about our company?' Motherfuckers I want a job, your work is interesting, and the pay is commensurate. beyond that im still human capital remember?

so for anyone thinking rockstars pornstars or coked up overweight perl jockeys with poor attendance and a penchant for lashing out at coworkers in a 10 am alcohol fueled rage are in need of some kind of dedicated legion of cocksuckers to treat them like a special snowflake, get bent.

Comment: Witchhunt generator 3.0 (Score 2) 100

by nimbius (#49118469) Attached to: Police Use DNA To Generate a Suspect's Face
The most recent use of this technology was in tracking down the Baton Rouge serial killer, although the same problem exists here as does DNA evidence. Namely that close enough is good enough in the eyes of a court of law, particularly in the southern half of the United States.

There was some argument that Derrick Lee was perhaps incompetent to stand trial; during psychiatric evaluations he scored an average of 65 on various standardized I.Q. tests, and a score below 69 is considered to be the threshold for what can be considered mental retardation. Lee was, however, deemed fit to stand trial.

But like phrenology, lie detectors, and to some degree the shrouded witchcraft code of the breathalizer, its a modern tool in the fight against "the bad guy"

Comment: this does nothing, systemically. (Score 3, Interesting) 134

by nimbius (#49118141) Attached to: Pakistanis Must Provide Fingerprints Or Give Up Cellphone
Its worth noting this enforcement is largely designed to target terrorist attacks against the Pakistani government. The longterm solution to Pakistans terrorism problems is largely structural and political. Increased education funding, crackdowns on government corruption, increased employment, and most of all a more vocal and political opposition to the United States drone war. Nawaz Sharif is kept in power by coup and crackdown, not free election, while the united states basically shovels money into his political fund. The fingerprint system is, conveniently, also an excellent means by which to deter active protests and dissent.

people are terrorists due to a combination of desparation, isolation, and doctrine. Once a person becomes determined with nothing to lose, then theyre not easily dissuaded from terrorist acts. Having your village razed by foreign aircraft you could never see is one thing, but for your government to turn a blind eye just adds insult to injury and paves the way for neurotic warlords and clerics to fill the void.

Comment: well, it works! (Score 2, Interesting) 224

by nimbius (#49113723) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons
id like to take time out of my busy day to remind slashdotters that before the invention of poison gas warfare, wars themselves would drag on forever. Sure, you had trenches and all that but disease was still a slow and tedious way to get to the point. machine guns might have been a teriffic improvement, but nothing is quite as effective as a good gas attack against "the enemy." Anyhow thats just my two cents, and i really need to be going as ive a full itinerary ahead of me. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan...heck im not sure how ill make it to most of these African destinations but i sure people forgive my tardiness.

Death, the reaper
Destroyer of worlds.

P.S. im not sure what all the fuss about modern patriotism is. I've always supported both sides of the war.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen