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Comment How much for the Diversity Initiative? (Score 5, Informative) 115

$300 million? Oh, that's right, the executive who pushed Intel this direction is leaving now. Here's her announcement to leave: https://archive.is/egdkd Here's her announcement for the Diversity Program. https://archive.is/YYbrY Here's where that $300 million came from: https://archive.is/EIqxl

Comment Re:WIRED has it right (Score 1) 1044

Yeah - Just take a look at the three past suggested slates. ALL. WHITE. CIS-SCUM. HETERONORMATIVE. MALES. Oh wait, what's that? Multiple female authors on the suggestions? Multi-racial authors? Diverse political thoughts amongst the candidates? Yeah - I can totes see them being anti-diversity. I was in the Sad Puppies camp. Now I can't wait to see what new Byzantine rules and regulations the Old Guard comes up with to protect The Precious. I almost feel bad for the 2016 Hugos. Almost.

Comment Re:copyright protects punk rockers (Score 1) 189

Copyright is what keeps Jeb Bush from using Creedence Clearwater Revival songs at his political rallies.

Wrong. Most artists have a system either through their label on their own called licensing. If someone wants to pay an artist to promote a product, or be used to present a lifestyle that is attractive to potential customers or voters. When these political campaigns purchase a license, most artists don't have a veto over it, and take to the court of public opinion to shame the politicians into not using their music. Fuck those artists. If they want to sell their product to a specific ideological crowd, they should say that up front. Those that are 'all about the music' and 'taking a message of $PEACE$LOVE$WHATEVER to the people', and then cry when someone with some media exposure uses their product in a legal contractual way should be given an Iron Maiden treatment. Fuck. Them.

Comment Re:A bit rich (Score 2) 786

When the good doctor and his associates release all this data that was used to create their model, he is guilty of cherry picking data points and data manipulation. All the secrecy and denial of data release makes his conclusions suspect, regardless of their accuracy.

Comment Re:How is it their fault? (Score 1) 653

Yeah, because all the money we have been pouring into school systems the past 30 years made such a difference until now. Our per capita spending per student is abysmal for our ROI. But we keep voting in the people on the school boards who hire the people who make and execute the budgets for the schools, so there is no one to blame but the person in the mirror. I love the cycles where a new administrator in a district will institute a construction program within their first two years so that people will know they are 'serious' about education. The declining average testing scores may not give community pride, but the [INSERT BUILDING OR OTHER EDIFICE NAME HERE] sure is magnificent/breathtaking/bold/needed/awesome. School property is massively underutilized. Too bad people wouldn't be willing to have school in shifts.

Comment Re:How I see it... (Score 1) 1144

You would quote: " really appreciate it if you could follow the rules on these here bill thingy's" - Is that so? Then please be sure to mention your outrage at the actions our Dear President has taken in arbitrarily moving the requirements for businesses to provide health care for their employees for one year. Please tell me more about how the Executive Branch can choose and pick which parts of a signed law to enforce. Then remember that when a conservative is elected President and pulls the same trick. I bet THEN you start crying, Anonymous Coward. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/07/02/obama-delay-health-care-law/2484623/

Comment Re:Very un-PC (Score 1) 719

I'm a conservative who was once very hopeful that the Tea Party might help turn around the Republican Party (which is more about expanding the government and the debt than anything else). Then I went to a Tea Party rally, where I got to hear all about how it's the duty of all Americans to NOT pay taxes, and how the niggers are taking over. So yeah, audit them. All of them.

Care to share the date, time, and location of those Tea Party rallies where they stated "niggers are taking over?" If it is so commonplace, how has it never been caught on film, audio track, or digital media?

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