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Comment: Re:A conspiracy of academics? Math MODELS (Score 1) 525

Get 4 academics/researchers in a room and each will have numerous, and maybe half a dozen "math models" each. Then they pick one they think might be "right." What is not discussed is that models are inherently modeling chaotic systems.

Chaotic systems can flip their path (trajectory or outcome if you will) based on things that occur in the 9th, 12th or 20th decimal point. This is well known to mathematicians.

So, are we to alter society and effectively drain its resources to try to accomplish something that is estimated but not proven to be correct? And does everyone share in the expense, or only the richest 6 countries. And if only the richest countries spend tons of money, can they get any desirable result with the rest of the world not paying attention, let alone money and methods, to "fix" whatever is estimated to help.

Climate is a morass best left to God.

Comment: Spies vs Comm Monitoring (Score 1) 161

by BoRegardless (#49368537) Attached to: Europol Chief Warns About Computer Encryption

Sun Tzu almost 3000 years ago said he'd rather have 1 good spy than 10,000 good soldiers.

So what yields better results, spies you hire or machines who take no pay? Yeah, I know, spies are difficult, messy, and must be paid in cash.

My guess is what you catch with machines is bad guy wannabees. Real terrorists are probably already using unbreakable steganography. The chance of getting 500 bytes of info out of a 500 KB image, if you can figure out which image has hidden data in it, is next to none.

Comment: Tired of Consensus = Fact (Score 5, Informative) 442

by BoRegardless (#49366215) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

These stories are tiring as there is no chance for "settled science fact" in climate change.

All of these estimates are based on elaborate math models and yet the Earth's long term climate ON ITS OWN, has swung widely over recorded history.

And from the geologic history, we know we will again go into another ice age based on the history of the change in the Earth-Sun orbit & precession changes on a regular 110,000 year cycle. And without human intervention, the ice age ends.

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