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Comment A Corporate Culture Flaw? (Score 1) 157

This sounds like the VP manager of the divisions yelled "Just do it!"

That would be in keeping with what was reported by one of SF's top independent design firms (ideo?) mere days after Steve Jobs showed the iPhone in Jan 2007.

A large Asian firm contacted the design firm asked it if it could design them a touch phone. And, they wanted the complete design in 6 weeks. The design firm said no one can do that. The Asian customer went elsewhere.

Managers should manage the company, unless they are product designers by trade and work as such.

Comment Amazon's Self-Reinforcing Decline in Hires (Score 4, Interesting) 396

When you treat people like robots, the general level of need to keep over-indoctrinating on "company policy" becomes even larger as the word gets out and you primarily get 2nd rate people filling the shoes of those who left.

Eventually you get a dumbed down workforce, because the truly creative types can find a more enjoyable creative experience in companies that value their skilled people.

Comment Re:Air Gap or use some Router-Fu (Score 1) 515

This is exactly what I do on my MacBook Pro with Windows7 currently running on Boot Camp.

I installed and updated Windows7 once 4 years ago, turned off networking and have never run email or internet or the network again. Win7 has continued to run just fine without "Microsoft Updates."

Comment Fallacy of Climate Control (Score 0, Troll) 248

One of the richest farmland valleys in the world gave great wealth to its country and did so for "eons."

Then a change in the weather caused rainfall to drop by 30% and eventually by something around 80% and the farmland wealth 'evaporated.'

This all occurred a couple thousand years or more before Christ, when the inland valley that was originally a terrific growing area suffered a natural change of world weather which dried it up. That was not caused by man-made activity. It can and will happen again. Man has never had enough power to turn the weather "back" to reclaim the inland growing area of Egypt.

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