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Comment Giants fall due to their own weight (Score 1) 286

With MS doing the ET thing, suddenly the incentive for Linux distributions to go serious UI and retail sales push as a "Secure Windows Alternative" is now becoming potentially very profitable for both home and business users.

Would not be surprised to see a Linux Distribution go to full sales mode VERY soon, including TV ads.

Comment Re:planned obsolescence or inflation? (Score 2) 220

Which is why a lot of people buy the most reliable products, like Apple laptops and similar tough designs.

The reason to buy tough laptops and other similar equipment is the inevitable time loss when you are forced to upgrade before you are ready.

eBay offers the intelligent buyer a way to get less expensive replacements and sometimes repair parts.

The free marketplace economy works pretty well.

Comment Read how Black Hats Work (Score 1) 255

If you really want to start limiting info gathering, I would suggest a 2nd phone for digital work.

Your first phone might just be analog voice only, or at least you don't do digital on it.

Move the digital phone from ATT to Verizon every month back and forth with a new SIM card and disposable email addresses & new phone numbers if you really want to limit access.

Connecting through your lapto through a cell phone hotspot connection isolates it from WIFI snooping.

Comment HP 41CX Emulator (Score 1) 238

for a desktop computer or a smartphone/tablet. Being able to start to organize mathematical calculations for the likes of area of a circle and volume of a sphere or cube and carry out those calculations are well within the ability of a 10 year old who is interested. Then you move on to Wolfram, spreadsheets and such.

Comment Political Pap (Score 2) 317

It is the same as asking EVERY student to become proficient in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I don't know anyone who is proficient in all four.

Individuals are inclined to one or two things. Trying to force them into doing something they truly are not interested in has always been a failure.

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