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Comment: That sounds cheap (Score 2) 38

I'm sure it's commercially viable, easy and cheap to do. We'll see this in real world applications in about 2 years if all goes well.


But good luck with it. This is the kind of breakthrough that may one day lead to viable quantum computers, teleportation, and other things that are relegated to the SyFy channel for now.

Comment: Re:It's global warming man! GLOBAL WARMING! (Score 3, Funny) 397

by Thud457 (#48915395) Attached to: "Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms

The following bulletin has just been received on the WKRP teletype!

Monster lizard ravages east coast! Mayors in five New England cities have issued emergency requests for federal disaster relief as a result of a giant lizard that descended on the east coast last night! Officials say that this lizard, the worst since '78, has devastated transportation, disrupted communication, and left many hundreds homeless!

Comment: Re: Verifying a message vs. its contents (Score 1) 480

by PetiePooo (#48857327) Attached to: How Bitcoin Could Be Key To Online Voting
So the boss came to you with the offer, and you, being the weasel that you are, accepted. Conversely, he didn't go to the guy in the next cubicle, so he knows nothing about this, right? That's a messed up place to work. The guy in the next cubicle should find a place that's not full of weasels and let you and your boss dig your own holes.
Not to mention that it's a good opportunity to strengthen whistleblower protections so that you can roll on your weasel boss without fear of retribution and loss of job/position...

Comment: Re:Verifying a message vs. its contents (Score 2) 480

by PetiePooo (#48796217) Attached to: How Bitcoin Could Be Key To Online Voting

As your employer, I'm still going to need to see that full ID. Remember, you are an At Will Employee.

As your federal government, I'm investigating claims that you are asking for your employee's voting IDs. Remember, you are subject to the laws of the federal government, and the fine for this particular infraction will surely put you out of business.

There's no sense in being precise when you don't even know what you're talking about. -- John von Neumann