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Comment: Re:Bizarre .... (Score 1) 392

by Striek (#32683632) Attached to: Canadian Arrested Over Plans to Test G20 Security

I know Byron, in a professional capacity. He is a very well respected member if the IT security community in Toronto. I can't say I know him well enough to rule out anything hostile on his part, but well enough to think it a very faint, nearly non-existent possibility.

This is basically the police here trying to create a story and justify the 1.3 billion dollar security effort. They seem to have put their foot in their mouth right now, as half the IT community is up an arms, asking WHAT THE HELL WERE THE COPS THINKING?

Comment: Show me the numbers! (Score 2, Insightful) 651

by Striek (#32331482) Attached to: HP Explains Why Printer Ink Is So Expensive

For an article that's supposed to "explain" why ink is so expensive, it's rather short on details, leaving the reader with the impression of reading a whole bunch of numbers - which were all meant to impress you with drops per second, nozzle sizes, pixel sizes, etc...

I can accept that they must turn a profit, and that their prices must reflect that. What I don't see is any kind of ROI analysis. Tell me what it costs to produce and market your ink and break it down per cartridge or by mL. Then, and only then, will I believe you. Until then, this is just another excuse - entirely subjective and lacking any real objective analysis.

Comment: Re:Try adjusting the swapPINESS (Score 1) 224

by Striek (#32329346) Attached to: Seagate Launches Hybrid SSD Hard Drive

How fast do they wear out?

I've only been using SSD solutions for about a year now, so there's not much of a dataset yet. But I'd fathom a guess of about 3 times faster than mechanical hard drives currently - worth it, I think, for 100x the read speed. Last year when I looked at the research, the numbers all said 10 times faster. It's definitely improving.

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