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Comment: Re:Just to be Clear... (Score 2) 132 132

How do you propose Pennsylvania compete in the global market in 30 years when % of educated professionals drops through the floor? You do understand how labor markets work, don't you? Silicon Valley exists in California not because they are friendly to corporations or have low taxes out there.

Comment: Re:Just to be Clear... (Score 1) 132 132

The same kinds of checks, outcomes, are equally applied to both profit and non-profit institutions. If one kind shit the bed in the name of making profit off government handouts, while another kind still managed to deliver results, how that government fault? Or do you suggest taxpayer money should go out without any kind of checks and balances in place?

Comment: Trammel killed Ultima Online (Score 1) 75 75

Trammel killed Ultima Online, ever since then the undead husk is trying and failing to metastasize first into EQ, then WoW. How many 3D clients have they aborted? Four? Five?

Now the same guy who killed UO with UO:R, went to kill off SWG with NG is begging for money on kickstarter to get new pay2win project going - Crofwall.

Comment: Re:Just to be Clear... (Score 4, Informative) 132 132

Private for-profit colleges are welcome to continue to operate in any way or form without getting government hand-outs in form of grants and guaranteed loans. The problem administration is addressing is that of outcomes, and it is equally applicable to any type of college. If the job prospects and earning potential of graduates falls below certain cutoff, then the program is no longer eligible for the taxpayer subsidies. It just happen that 99% of such programs are in for-profit institutions. Why? Because in order to maximize profits, these for profit institutions maximized enrollment and reduced the minimum level of academic accomplishments to gain a degree. This also reduced the value of such degree in the job market.

Comment: IoT is unsecurable (Score 2) 76 76

You can't secure IoT, there is not enough value in each individual device to implement robust security. To make things worse - consumers don't understand security and don't put any pressure on demand side. The only way I can see the whole mess could be secured is with establishing secure perimeters and access control border devices.

For example, your house has ACME smart thermostat, ACME smart fridge, and ACME remote baby monitor device all connected to the Internet. Since ACME is competing/pressured based on price-point to keep their ShopMart contracts going, they have not spent any time securing their devices. It is 2025 and they are still stuck using badly-broken TLS 1.4! Fortunately for the consumer, home routers market stepped up and developed sophisticated access controls, reputation services, pattern-based communication analysis, and anomaly detection techniques. This way when a script kiddie attempts to exploit your thermostat, the router detects attempt and blocks the access to the IoT device.

Comment: Re:Why should we trust NIST encryption? (Score 1) 64 64

All you say is true, but you only need to look at what NSA uses to protect their own stuff to know what is secure. Sure, given a chance they will backdoor your stuff, but they will never do this to their own security, since they know even their own backdoor could be used against them.

Always look over your shoulder because everyone is watching and plotting against you.