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Comment: Re: They don't drop to 1% though. (Score 1) 411

by silentcoder (#49789377) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

Continental drift. When Wegener proposed it in 1912 he was laughed at. It was considered a lunatic fringe theory. When it was again proposed with minor changes in the 1960s with the help of computer models it convinced maybe half the scientists at the convention barely becoming consensus. When it's slightly altered successor plate tectonics came along in 1988 it became the absolute dominant theory and static continents went from absolute consensus to the lunatic fringe that moving continents had occupied since the 16th century.

There are plenty of others. Lamarckian inheritance went from common knowledge to discredited theory to partly vindicated as an aspect of evolution (epigenetic inheritance of acquired traits) in about 150 years.

You asked for one I just gave you two. This not unique to climate science. It's how science works.

Comment: Re: Climate "Science" (Score 1) 411

by silentcoder (#49784285) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

Nothing has convinced me it's true. I support the theory with evidence. You may feel that evidence is weaker than I do. You may even be right but considering the opposition has no evidence whatsoever as a sceptic I still stand with climate change and will do so until and unless somebody presents an alternative theory with stronger evidence.

Comment: Re:Climate "Science" (Score 1) 411

by silentcoder (#49780197) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

Healthy scepticism is trusting the evidence - and this is why modern evolutionary theory has changed quite a few things about Darwin's original theory, the crux of it is intact. And the social upheaval it caused at the time was, in fact, MUCH larger than what climate change is demanding - at a time when religion was fundamentally woven into the political process all over the world - it threatened that religion to the core.
There's a reason creationists are STILL going crazy over it, but they aren't being scientific.

You're not BEING A healthy sceptic - you're being a denier and by your own admission just now, your reasoning is pure argumentum-ad-consequentum - an outright fallacy. Scepticism is wanting evidence and ACCEPTING it when it's presented - and changing your mind for NEW evidence.
This has allowed evolutionary theory to be refined and improved over time - but those refinements never replaced the theory, they merely improved it. Climate science is the most scrutinized science on earth, because well funded opponents are desperate for any way to discredit it - scientific or not. Like evolutionary theory it has been refined over time (in fact - almost as much time), faced enormous opposition from dominant social forces which forced it to be rigorous.

All the sceptics are supporting the climate change theory right now because sceptics believe only that which has evidence. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence for climate change, no evidence whatsoever for any of the ideas the deniers have proposed - sceptics are with the evidence. The other lot are deniers.
The definition of a denier is one who insists on his position REGARDLESS of the evidence.

There is no difference between a climate denier and a creationist - indeed this is why they correlate so strongly. The vast majority of people who are one are also the other. That correlation has only gotten stronger over time too. In 2008 56% of republicans denied climate change. Today it's a mere 28% - these are people who share your political theories and the concerns that climate change proposals raise for people who believe those political theories - yet have ultimately yielded to the overwhelming evidence. That remaining 28% are made up almost entirely of the batshit insane religious right and a few basement dwelling Randians like you who think that believing something unpopular makes them smart because they think they are so special.

Comment: Re:Climate "Science" (Score 1) 411

by silentcoder (#49777761) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

> In any case, studies of ice cores have shown consistently that CO2 enrichment is a centuries delayed response to climate warming, never preceding that warming.

Aww you read a little research and didn't understand what it meant. That's cute. No those studies did NOT show what you think it showed, in fact they showed the exact opposite - ice cores are one of the strongest pieces of evidence FOR climate change theory, if they were radically disproving it - you really think thousands of scientists across thousands of disparate fields would ALL have missed that... yet somehow YOU saw it ?

>Despite CO2 rising during the 20th and early 21st Century, temperatures have risen, fallen, risen and now stabilized for more than 18 years.

This is about climate, not temperatures - climate is an AVERAGE and the average has CONSISTENTLY gone up - and there is no pause, just more lies you believe and misrepresentations of scientific results which actually prove the opposite of what you've been told they proved.

>Again, easily verifiable historical fact.

Comment: Re: Maybe science went off the rails... (Score 2) 411

by silentcoder (#49777735) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

>The funny thing about that is an anthropogenic influence on global temperatures has only been possible since 1950

What the hell are you on about ? You think the age of industry didn't produce a fuckton of CO2 ? We're talking about an age primarily driven by steam engines -which burnt a lot of very dirty coal, as in a LOT.

Comment: Re:Maybe science went off the rails... (Score 1) 411

by silentcoder (#49777711) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

The valid ones ALSO starts out with that 1/100 presenting evidence for why the currently acceptable theory is wrong.

Merely being a 1/100 doesn't make you right, in fact in the vast majority of cases it makes you a crank.
If you're 1/100 with EVIDENCE - then you won't BE 1/100 for very long.

Comment: Re:Maybe science went off the rails... (Score 1) 411

by silentcoder (#49777661) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

>I was taught that the scientific method welcomed challenges to accepted beliefs - a return to that position would go a long way towards reforming belief in science.

Absolutely - but they have to be SCIENTIFIC challenges.
The difference between a sceptic and a denier is that a sceptic will always be open to changing his mind when presented with new evidence. One who sets out to disprove something because he doesn't like it, and will ignore all evidence to the contrary no matter how overwhelming is NOT a sceptic, in fact he is the OPPOSITE of a sceptic - and we call them "deniers".
The sceptics in climate science all ACCEPT the theory - because they were convinced by the absolutely overwhelming amount of evidence from thousands of unrelated scientific fields.
The deniers deny the theory despite all that evidence and despite the lack of any shred of contradictory evidence whatsoever.

Whether you're a sceptic or not isn't determined by the popularity of a theory EITHER. It is determined by, and ONLY by whether you agree with the EVIDENCE.

Comment: Re:Climate "Science" (Score 1) 411

by silentcoder (#49777551) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

>Make no mistake..."Climate Change" is an agenda driven science with a predetermined outcome.

Even if that was true, which it is not, that wouldn't make the results wrong or false.
Frankly everything you say is completely irrelevant. Those things matter to academics. They are details that ONLY matter to academics - they have no political or business impact whatsoever.

In terms of policy only this part matters:
Is CO2 a greenhouse gas ? We've had proof of that since the mid 19th century.
If it is, and we know it is, then it means that increasing CO2 levels = less energy leaving the earth.
Does less energy leaving mean things get hotter ?

Well there you go - either prove that the ENTIRETY of chemistry is bunk, or disprove thermodynamics and conservation of energy.
You need both those to be ENTIRELY false, not a single shred of truth to them - for global warming to be false.

Which would be ironic because it means that for global warming to be false, all the stuff the deniers are defending would have to be false too - if global warming really was false, fossil fuels would be utterly worthless since neither power plants nor internal combustion engines would WORK if we were THAT wrong about chemistry and thermodynamics.

And besides - all that stuff you said are lies, told to you by professional liars - the SAME professional liars who spent years telling you smoking was healthy and lead in the air was both natural and harmless. They are very, very good at lying, and you are very, very gullible.

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