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Comment Re: Why would anyone be shocked? (Score 1) 203

You think the political philosophy of libertarianism does not favour a particular economic model and vice versa ? Then you are flagrantly ignorant of it. So ignorant in fact that I would be most surprized if you did not consider yourself to be a libertarian. Much like religion libertarianism tends to be cured by an indepth study of its precepts.

Comment Re: Why would anyone be shocked? (Score 4, Interesting) 203

Hell not only do they lack evidence they even use their own custom definition of inflation as "increased money supply". The proper definition is "decreased buying power". Those things do not always correlate. A lot of inflation happens in static currencies as well for example. By their definition it is true that austerity prevents inflation but also utterly meaningless since thats just what they defined the word to mean. However they want you to assume the connotations of the proper definition still apply (it does not). Increased money supply does not have to equal decreased buying power. Especially if it is offset by taxes (which they ignore).
So the claim is nothing but a ruse intended to drive a political ideology. It has absolutely no bearing on useful economic analysis.

As an aside ignoring taxes is stupid because austerity reduces tax revenue and provably it always does so by several orders of magnitude more than it saves in expenses. Austerity can, as baseline mathematics, never ever achieve anythiny except to make the deficit much larger much faster.

Comment Re: Who? (Score 1) 682

Well here is mine. I invented the installable live CD. I did it first. Damn near every distro in the world uses that idea today, but I was the one who invented it. Thats just item one on a very long list. I am probably the most accomplished free software contributor on my entire continent.

And I am proud to be a feminist because its a natural and utterly inevitable logical outcome of applying a shred of rational thought to human society and the realities of power dynamics. Go ahead and mod ne down. Call me an SJW. Claim that being a fucking asshole is somehow a critical requirement to being productive (its actually the exact opposite: a major detriment). You won't hurt my feelings because "hurt feelings" is a strawman that literally never has anything to do with anything we SJWs talk about. Silencing and oppression and stereotyping does and those are far more harmful than mere hurt feelings: they are how you destroy equal opportunity de facto when it's been gained de jure.
But I am a white male and secure enough in my accomplishments that acknowledging the huge role privilege played in them doesn't scare me. It doesn't make new feel guilty or oppressed. It's just simple reality. The only feeling I get from it is an urgent to share as much of that privileges with others as I can so we don't lose talented people because the opportunity to develop their talents was brutally denied them.
Go ahead take your best advice hominem shot. Watch me not flinch.

Comment Re: Who? (Score 1) 682

The whole anti-PC culture has gotten completely out of control. Everyone is so eager to see who they can offend and whose lived experience they can utterly invalidate on no grounds whatsoever. Everybody is so keen to silence any voices that challenges their established worldview and so defensive of their status that when sombody talks of eradicating fruit juice you can't be sure if he is a diabetic or a homophobic antisemite.

Comment Re: Don't get stoned at work (Score 1) 249

Back in the late 1980s i tried to control my scalectric cars by hooking the controller cables up to the pc speaker. The idea was that by writing code to play sound at different volumes I could control the voltage to the tracks, thus car speed, and write a program to drive perfect laps. Totally failed to consider the power differentials or the RF noise from the brushes (hey I was 10 years old).
Fried the entire computer, even the old seral mouse (my first ever) was toast.

Comment Re:What's the REAL reason ... (Score 1) 104

That's true but a bit redundant - nobody has ever, in all of history, tried to make a law to prevent somebody from causing a positive externality (though, there are moves - especially online by copyright corporations to try and make laws to force you to pay for benefiting from their positive externalities, that would be just as bad as NOT preventing negative ones).

Comment Re: Sanders (Score 1) 488

I know that "socialized systems" is a meaningless term and has nothing to do with socialism either.

Check a dictionary. Socialism is defined as a system of economics where the workers own the means of production.

That's the ENTIRE definition, within Marxist philosophy it gets a rider attached - which basically comes down to "not good enough".

But that, broad, definition is all of it.
Please note that NOWHERE in the definition of socialism does the word "state" or "government" occur, it has nothing to do with them. And thus you get, for example, anarchist forms of socialism which has no government - yet make perfect logical sense (and, unlike libertarianism, an anarcho-socialist industrialized society HAS in fact existed, Andalusia in the early 20th century was exactly that).

So the following things which are commonly called "Socialist" in the USA are clearly NOT in fact socialist: public libraries, welfare states and entitlements, government services, the civil service and beaurocracies, taxation, universal healthcare -even Canadian style, big government or authoritarianism.

None of those things bear any resemblance to the definition of socialism -and neither does any significant European country today.

Now here are some things which *are* in fact socialist - and which no American would ever call that: cab drivers who own their cabs, that worker-owned, democratically managed robotics factory in Texas (coincidentally - the largest robotics factory in the USA). Co-ops, Mutual Funds, Fair Deal coffee suppliers, lawyers and doctors with their own practice, most plumbers, most electricians - in fact absolutely every one-man-business, and every partnership too (at least, until they hire staff - but if they make the staff partners then they are back to being socialist).

It rather affects your perspective on things, when you use words to mean what they ACTUALLY mean don't you ?
This is also why I say that, as much as I respect Sanders he is decidedly NOT a socialist, his policies are not in any way intended to make more businesses be owned by workers and no other policies except ONLY such policies can fairly be called "socialist" policies. And I know the man is smart enough to know that, so I presume that in calling himself a socialist he is, in fact, actively trolling the American people and their inability to open dictionaries and swallow propaganda even when that propaganda completely redefines words.
To quote Sir Terry Pratchett: If you want to find snakes, look for them behind the words that have changed their meanings.

Allowing politicians to define your terms for you is basically ASKING to get deceived.

Comment Re:Click-bait title, Kudos to HP & Carly (Score 1) 488

>I think that it was just a business decision that anyone in the same position would have made.
That was my assessment as well - right up until the moment she bragged about it, and bragged about what it was used for.
I'm not so concerned with what she did, I am very justifiably concerned with how she feels about it now.

"From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere." -- Dr. Seuss