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Comment Re:Looking forwards (Score 1) 181

Miguel Tejada was, and is, a lying, cheating, excuse-making sack of crap. You forgot to mention the string of evidence, starting in 2005, that preceded his eventual suspension, including the one year of probation that he accepted as part of his guilty plea for lying to Congress. And to be clear, it's only Tejada that claims his testing positive for amphetamines because of Adderall; when you look at his history, it's very convenient that he developed ADHD in order to be able to fail drug tests for amphetamines - he could've been taking anything.

Don't forget that he also was exposed for lying about his age (a somewhat common practice among Dominican players in MLB in the 1990s-2000s - if you're two years younger, you can get a longer contract) in 2008, and admitted later that he'd been lying about it for his entire career. You're painting a very different picture from the reality.

Comment Re:Channeling Tracey Morgan (Score 2) 381

No, I'm saying that if an Islamaphobic site publishes some bullshit story about a "refugees throwing away food", and people are sharing that story on Facebook, they are probably douchebags.

And yes, I realize you're just trolling at this point. But maybe not; maybe you're just an idiot and legitimately don't see how those people are douchebags. Your call.

Comment Re:Uh, not sure if ISIS knows how to Internet... (Score 1) 184

Our intelligence services are getting quite lazy. No actual humint work, even on line. They just want to scrape the Internet with giant automated filters and act on every instance of "bomb" or "jihad" that they trip over.

Your lack of understanding of what US intel is currently doing is hilarious.

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

You're not looking hard enough for a new credit card company. My credit union offers a doubling of my max limit every 6 months, if I want it, and I've taken advantage of it until I'm at a max that I feel is more than enough. (it's a ridiculous number now) I too pay off every month, and my score is just barely over 700.

The system is fine. If your bank isn't offering you the service you want, go to one that does. Credit unions are a good place to start.

Comment Re:Military funding to thwart this threat? (Score 1) 273

This is just nonsense because you don't want to admit that your fabricated assertions are dead wrong. "many of them are near Russia or Russian interests" ?? Please list those that were opened after 1989, and show everyone what your definition of "many" is.

Oh, and P.S. - the US closed some bases?? Gimmie a break. I'm really not going to bother researching and listing the hundreds of installations across Europe and Japan that were closed at the end of the Cold War - you can do it yourself. I thought the quick example of 214 closed installations just in Germany would give you a clue - but I guess I was wrong.

Comment Re:Military funding to thwart this threat? (Score 4, Informative) 273

We absolutely were making similar reductions. There's a Wikipedia pagethat lists 214 former US installations in Germany alone - the vast majority of which were closed since 1991. We completely closed our base in Iceland, which at one point had thousands of Air Force and Navy personnel stationed there. And that's just scratching the surface with 5 seconds of googling. Surely you can do better than making a point based on a completely false premise.

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