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Comment: Re:WWJD? (Score 1) 1168

by rockout (#49378319) Attached to: Apple's Tim Cook Calls Out "Religious Freedom" Laws As Discriminatory

Obviously, the state not allowing itself to intervene is obviously not an exercise of the power of the state - it's an exercise in restraint of said power.

Obviously, that's just semantics - one could just as easily frame it as "the state is using it's power to make it more difficult for individuals to seek redress against corporations that discriminate against them." No matter how you look at it, the state is using its power to make discrimination easier.

The actual discriminatory power in this case comes from the individuals and corporations that discriminate - if there are none willing to do so, or if there are few enough and their scale is small, then it's all of no consequence. Even if said discrimination is pervasive, it is still limited to what private entities can legally do - so it's a very far cry from what government-powered discrimination can do (for example, it is not legal for corporations in the USA to summarily round up their customers and murder them in gas chambers; or to incarcerate them because they married a person of a different race).

So what? So because the corporations can't round up people and execute them, that makes this law okay? Your argument boils down to "well, at least Indiana isn't making it legal for corporations to start KILLING gay people, so we should be happy that they're only making it easier to discriminate against gay people."

Comment: Re:You don't say... (Score 3, Insightful) 606

by rockout (#49224277) Attached to: YouTube Video of Racist Chant Results In Fraternity Closure

For the millionth time, nobody disallowed these assholes their freedom of speech. You can chant whatever racist things you want to chant, and you won't go to jail for it. You won't even be forced by a court to pay a fine.

However, freedom of speech doesn't mean "I get to say whatever I want and not face any consequences from society after I say it." If you're a racist asshole, and you make your racist assholery public, expect the public to treat you like a racist asshole. There's a reason these guys are only chanting that bullshit on a bus, and not out in the open in the quad. They know they're racist assholes, and they know if they spew this bullshit in public, they'll have to face repercussions. Which they now are. Exactly the right thing happened in this case.

Comment: Re:You don't say... (Score 1) 606

by rockout (#49224225) Attached to: YouTube Video of Racist Chant Results In Fraternity Closure

No crime committed, and no one is going to jail. The non-existent "thought police" aren't arresting anyone.

Freedom of speech gives you the right to be a total asshole. However, it doesn't guarantee you the right to not be treated like an asshole when you act like an asshole. If you act like a total asshole, don't cry about "free speech!" when the rest of society treats you like one.

Comment: Re:Models compared to reality (Score 5, Informative) 279

by rockout (#49217695) Attached to: California's Hot, Dry Winters Tied To Climate Change

Bullshit. The chart came from one Dr. Roy Spencer, who is not only a climatologist who has made a career out of claiming he's right and most scientists are wrong, but is also a noted creationist ("intelligent design, as a theory of origins, is no more religious, and no less scientific, than evolutionism" is my favorite quote from him on the topic).

Here's a nice summation of how he fudged numbers in order to come up with that bogus chart:

To your point of "I may be wrong", let me say, yes.... yes you are.

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