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Comment Re:It's entirely backwards (Score 1) 73

The idea that the government is corrupt is common among libertarians. Much harder to understand, apparently, is that this implies that the government is a business much like any other, just with a very elite and select customer base, made up of the very people Libertarians want to grow up and be like.

Comment Re:Have you? (Score 1) 246

Most of them have the cheese up front with the deli. The trend seems to be various cheeses at the deli you can get sliced, and then a separate display of a bunch of other block cheeses you can browse. As I said, they like to locate the deli up front.

That's because the cheeses available up front in the deli are much more expensive than the ones at the back in the dairy case.

Comment I'm still hoping the feminists get (Score 1) 27

The Year of the Woman: Clinton vs Fiorina. The lady who deals with opponents by murder and who has never successfully managed anything in her life vs the lady who deals with opponents by layoff and who has, despite appearances, saved three businesses that had previously been stuck in ruts of corporate culture.

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