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Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 579

And if you remove the rest of the world's poor people (as that's what you are referring to - poor people are more likely to commit crime than richer people, and urban minorities are more likely to be poor) their crime rates are even lower. The US does not have a monopoly on poor people. What's your point again? Or are you just trying to make excuses for a broken system?

Comment Re: Skeptical (Score 1) 579

Unless his peers are being paid by the local municipality to perform some civic duty, I'd say your question is rather specious. If some people in an organization are acting like assholes, and the rest of the organization doesn't do anything to stop them, what should someone not in the organization think of it? Cops have a duty to encourage trust between themselves and the people they police - sticking together to protect guilty cops is the exact opposite, and ends up in the situation we currently see.

Police in other countries are afforded a great deal of respect, so clearly it's not impossible.

Comment Re:Training on both sides, perhaps? (Score 1) 579

Yes, and they are openly admitted to as being something to work on, throughout the ranks of the police force. Major changes are made in the police forces concerned, and the level of professionalism increases. Compare that with the US where these cases are fought tooth and nail by the concerned police department, and little to nothing comes of them.

You are making the case against the US's police force and for the German police force's way of handling things. I don't know if that was your intention...

Comment Re:impressed again. (Score 1, Insightful) 173

You sound like a well-educated 8-year-old arguing why his country is the bestest in the world - lots of hyperbole, lots of massive (incorrect) generalizations, and dripping with conjecture. You're not making a very compulsive argument, but you are showing everyone just how ill-informed you are about the country you live in, and how quickly you will form an opinion with the scantest of evidence or opinion.

Comment Re:Yes - it worked in the Kibbutz! (Score 1) 502

My understanding is that communes like this work as long as it's small enough that everyone knows everybody else. It has to be less than approximately 150 people max. This means it works but it limits the size of the society you can have under this system. A system which can organize a larger number of people to work together will ultimately have an advantage of strength, and that's what you have a market economy for.

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