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Comment Re:Taxi company (Score 2) 193 193

"Almost certainly bad" he says, without a shred of evidence... It will not serve you to sum up all the taxi regulations around the world which Uber is falling foul of as being "almost certainly bad for the industry", as that patently isn't true. You are comparing regulations in well-functioning countries with those in fucked-up places, as if they have the same effect in both. You are not doing your argument any favours with that sort of over-simplistic nonsense.

Comment Re:So What (Score 1) 312 312

I think you'll find it's predominately poor people who are overrepresented in the crime statistics. Non-white people have generally had a harder time in the US than white people, and that continues to this day, which goes a long way to explaining their overrepresentation. Your misses-the-point-entirely-but-is-too-caught-up-in-petty-racism-to-even-realise post shows just how dangerous opinions like yours spread and persist.

Comment Re:Heres a Test (Score 1) 76 76

Then Google can teach the cars to do just that. You seem to think there are things these cars can't even conceive of, which is patently nonsense as they are trained by humans. If there is a great way to behave in a certain situation, the car can be trained to do just that, but with its far superior reaction times.

Try your test with human drivers and see how many toddler dummies you get through.

Comment Re:Good it's about time (Score 1) 76 76

And then the human driver gets lost in thought (or tired, or angry, or distracted, etc. etc.) and crashes anyway, as they are intrinsically terrible at driving.

You should heed your own advice - if anecdotal stories are not evidence, what does that make your ass-delving hypothetical situations and guesses?

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