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Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 1) 239

If we apply those rules to, say, phone manufacturers, we'd end up with massive, phones (as modularity takes lots of space - screws, sockets, etc.) which will be obsolete 40% of the way in to their mandated warranty period. The suppliers will have to keep massive stocks of parts, driving up the cost of each phone.

You've not really thought this one through, have you?

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 2) 239

He doesn't have to suggest an alternative - he was just making an observation. You are right, though - democracy is screwed, but it's the best option we currently have. Yes, the western world has a problem with obesity, but the #1 leader is the US.

If one doesn't understand the market they might assume all phones are built to the same standards and therefore switching manufacturers would cause them hassle.

The case is far from closed.

Comment Re:I'll let others speak for me on that account (Score 1) 102

One extension being sub-par does not make them all sub-par. That is terrible logic.

Using ADB to update your HOSTS files is ridiculous, and HOSTS protection is far from perfect. A wildcard advertising domain can not be blocked by a HOSTS file unless the HOSTS file is megabytes large just for the single wildcard domain. If you don't understand why, you really need (more) help.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 583

Hint: When you try to sum up a civil war being supported by parties ranging from the US to Iran, Israel to Russia, from France to Turkey, in a couple of paragraphs, you will undoubtedly be wrong. And you are wrong. You've missed out so many details (and confused a few terms) that it rendered your post next to useless.

You should probably fix your own ignorance before complaining about others'. Just sayin'.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 583

If you think that sums up the complexities of the area and the actors involved you have absolutely nothing of value to give to this discussion. You not only clearly don't understand why there is conflict in the region, you don't understand why external help might not always be welcome. It's incredible you are so secure in your lacking knowledge that you thought it delightfully pertinent to share just how little you know with the rest of us. Thanks for that, I guess.

Comment Re:I suspect that the "anonymous" attacks are .. (Score 1) 389

I wouldn't put it past you to conjure up fantasies like this. You seem predisposed to casting a superficial glance over a subject and then turning any analysis over to your prejudices to do the hard work. You've made that patently clear with your smearing of over 1.6 billion people because of the actions of a tiny portion thereof.

Rational people use evidence, not guesswork, in order to learn about and understand the world.

Philosophy: A route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing. -- Ambrose Bierce