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Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 227

A photo is only a picture made by a camera. You can't open up a hex editor, put in a BMP header and then mash keys and call the resulting file a photograph, as it was not taken by a camera. You can't call 3D renders photographs either, as once more they were not taken by a camera. If they had said "unlimited image storage", you'd have a point.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 227

What difference does it make? If you consider the average filesize of a photo is a meg or so compared to over a gigabyte, you can see that there is rather a large difference. As not everyone would be uploading all the photos they will ever take at once, that means Amazon would be able to gradually increase the amount of storage dedicated to this service, reaping the benefits of decreasing storage price in the process, and the ability to take advantage of newer, larger capacity drives as they become available when replacing failed/failing drives. If everyone decides to game the system by uploading thousands of times the data expected, Amazon's upgrades now have to happen a thousand times faster. Clearly one is sustainable and one isn't. There's your difference.

Comment Re:Okay... (Score 1) 196

He was rendered, though. 'Render' just means to give something to someone, in this case a prisoner to whoever extradited him. The process is "extradition", and the act is "rendering". 'Extraordinary rendition' is not the same thing as 'rendition', hence the extra word in there to highlight the difference.

Comment Re:British Airspace (Score 2) 196

You are getting somewhat confused. I can try to help:

1. Great Britain is a geographical term, meaning the largest island in the British Isles.
2. Britain is a political term synonymous with "the United Kingdom"

So yes, the government is British as it represents all of Britain (the United Kingdom). The British Army is similarly named correctly.

Comment Re:Not putting globalist propaganda all over the p (Score 1) 1825

If you think pointing out some examples of poisonous, exclusive behaviour is attacking all men, I don't think you being shielded from such staggering truths will help you. Seriously. You seem to be incredibly defensive about this. I'm a guy in technology, and I've seen some terrible behaviour, but I know that not everyone in technology (regardless of gender) is responsible. If you figured that out, your life would probably be a lot more enjoyable.

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