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Comment Re:Actually, the common saying... (Score 1) 321

That's quite the non sequitur - the increase in driver complexity was most likely due to the nature of the device becoming more complex, not just the plug and play. Unless you can demonstrate that the problems you encountered were due to the PnP portions of the driver, you don't really have a case. You might as well blame it on aliens. My personal experiences are very different to yours - fiddling around with jumpers was far from ideal, and as soon as PnP hit the scene and was properly supported by enough drivers, it was a great improvement on what came before.

If you couldn't configure your internal modem, the problem lies either with you, your computer, or the modem - blaming a technology which was used to great effect by countless millions of people doesn't seem the particularly rational approach.

Comment Re:Everyone has right to self defense (Score 1) 180

No, "regulated" when discussing a group of people or a business means "subjected to regulations". Using the definition for a timepiece seems ridiculous, but I guess it's the closest definition to what you want it to mean, even if clearly incorrect in this context. The watch was "well regulated" as the pieces moved at regular intervals.

Comment Re:Remember when MS said you really like Vista... (Score 1) 318

The "Vista is shitty" meme is generally confined to forums such as these. Slashdot does not represent the OS market, but a small subset of it. The sales numbers for Vista were respectable, and after its bumpy start it was a solid product. Your personal opinion might differ.

Comment Re:Didn't Like Eich (Score 1) 187

What's "winger" about it is that it's so caught up on one thing you are really annoyed about, that you've completely missed the point, and crudely attempted to fashion a comparison to highlight your annoyance, yet fallen flat on your face as you either don't understand the argument in the first place, or are merely confused by the beliefs and values of others. Eich publicly funded an organisation which sought to deny basic human rights. You can spin that as "having an opinion" if you want, but you are lying to yourself and making your argument look abject nonsense.

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