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Comment Re:What about the minicabs and TFL? (Score 2) 91

The real-time traffic information is not real-time, so it doesn't compare. If a cabby comes up to a blocked street, they instantly know which route to take to get around it. Satnavs need time to calculate. The knowledge also improves the cabby's ability to determine the destination address, as such a fundamental understanding of the hotels, businesses, pubs, and former hotels, businesses, and pubs is amazingly useful when finding out where someone actually wants to go. Mumbling a bit of your address or using a long-closed pub as a route reference is something perfectly adequate for a Knowledge-equipped cabby, but nowhere near enough for a satnav. Seriously, these cabbies know London incredibly well, including how London used to be.

So no, London still needs black cabs and the Knowledge.

p.s. I'm very impressed you didn't slip in your usual hate-filled attack on over 1.6 billion people. You might just be growing up.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 631

Or maybe it's because people like you think making massive generalizations of 51% of the population is perfectly acceptable. Hint: It's not. Not all women think the same, just as all men don't think the same. Old-fashioned, lazy thinking such as yours is the real danger, as it festers, builds up, and becomes something ridiculously toxic, where anyone speaking against it is labeled with whatever easy badge you can pin on them in order to simply ignore the reality that maybe you are an antisocial bigoted fuck...

Women trash talk just as much as guys and are (on average) no better or worse at it. Some will be worse at it, some will be better at it, just as with guys.

Grow up. The future implores you.

Comment Re:Issue is obvious if you're not a SJW (Score 1) 631

Yes, biologically different, but still able to have a decent conversation and discuss possibly-contentious topics. This characterisation of women as verging on emotional breakdowns is fucking disgusting. We're not all identical, but there are greater differences among men and among women than there are between men and women, so getting caught up on gender is, well, pathetic.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 399

I've heard that claimed lots of times, but no-one has given a sensible answer to it. Is it to allow the citizens to rise up against the government? If so, the armed forces are in the way, and no amount of weekend warriors with no support or decent training will overcome them. If the armed forces are not going to stand in the way, then there is no need for the guns in the first place. This "we need our guns to protect our rights!" logic is bizarre. Plus, with all the screaming from various parts of the electorate, why hasn't it happened yet? And what is the signal anyway? A bunch of strangers with guns, no training, no logistical support, no common aim, no close air support, aren't going to accomplish nothing, except make for a very easy turkey shoot for whoever's up against them. Now, on the other hand, if you'd said explosives were important and not guns, I'd have to agree with you, as those are a real threat to an army (just ask anyone back from Iraq or Afghanistan what was worse - AK47s or IEDs).

Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 207

The knowledge doesn't just help the driver navigate, but gives them such an extensive knowledge that partial or even flat-out contradictory addresses can be resolved to real places, and the journey can continue. Falling drunk into the back of a black cab and muttering your street name and/or a bit or two of postcode, only to fall asleep and be woken outside your flat by a driver asking for a very fair price is simply not possible with Uber.

Comment Re:Uber is at least as good (Score 1) 207

When a GPS knows where "just of the Essex road where that pub used to be on the corner. I think it was called the Two Foxes or something", I'd concede that GPS beats those who've taken the Knowledge. Of course if you give it two addresses to navigate between it'd do fine, but that's not what makes the Knowledge so impressive - it's the fuzziness it eliminates, and its ability to rapidly update the route should something untoward happen en route.

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